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  1. Situations can rely primarily on cutaneous respiration, as in the Titicaca, water ,frog and hellbender salamanders. In air, where oxygen is more concentrated
  2. Environmental effects of mainstream agriculture, particularly regarding, water ,pollution, resulting in the organic movement. One of the major forces behind
  3. They number approximately 6,500 species. Many amphibians lay their eggs in, water , Amphibians are superficially similar to reptiles, but reptiles are amniotic
  4. State in the United States with of total area: 3.19 % of the area is, water , making Alabama twenty-third in the amount of surface water , also giving it the
  5. Is" natural motion"—motion requiring no extrinsic cause. So, for example, in, water , earthy bodies sink while air bubbles rise up; in air, rain falls and flame
  6. Equations (see graph). At the scale of the wavelength of light even wavy, water ,is always smooth, so the light is reflected in a locally specular manner (not
  7. Using their entire cell membrane that is constantly immersed in water . Excess, water ,can cross into the cytosol. Amoebas have a contractile vacuole to expel excess
  8. That has allowed them to be completely independent of freestanding, water , Almost all of these frogs live in wet tropical rainforests and their eggs
  9. Challenge of producing more food for the world's growing population with fewer, water ,resources. Scientists are also realizing that water resources need to be
  10. When a fellow Sikh, Bhai Kannada, attended the troops of the enemy. He gave, water ,to both friends and foes who were wounded on the battlefield. Some enemy
  11. Buccal pumping. However, most amphibians are able to exchange gasses with the, water ,or air via their skin. To enable sufficient cutaneous respiration, the surface
  12. Natures. Eventually it was used to refer to animals that live both in the, water ,and on land. Evolutionary history The first major groups of amphibians
  13. Can cross into the cytosol. Amoebas have a contractile vacuole to expel excess, water , Food sources vary in chiropody. They may consume bacteria or other protists.
  14. And after the tail has been resorted the animals are ready to leave the, water , The material of the tail is being used for a quick growth of the legs. The
  15. By half the number of people without sustainable access to improved drinking, water ,and basic sanitation by 2015 ". Given Algeria's young population, policy
  16. As our modern elements are. " ... True alchemy never regarded earth, air, water , and fire as corporeal or chemical substances in the present-day sense of the
  17. Of fresh water resources. However, increasing pressure being placed on, water ,resources by industry, cities and the involving biofuels industry means that
  18. Tillage, a farming process which helps prevent land loss to erosion, water ,pollution and enhances carbon sequestration. Affordability The goal of modern
  19. The substitution of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for labor, water ,pollution, and farm subsidies. In recent years there has been a backlash
  20. Achilles’ temple. Every morning they fly out to sea, wet their wings with, water , and return quickly to the temple and sprinkle it. And after they finish the
  21. Of the area is water , making Alabama twenty-third in the amount of surface, water , also giving it the second-largest inland water way system in the United States.
  22. Require fresh water . A few (e.g. Fejervarya Raja) can inhabit brackish, water ,and even survive (though not thrive) in sea water , but there are no trues
  23. Very differently from typical terrestrial materials. The reflectivity of a, water ,surface is calculated using the Fresnel equations (see graph). At the scale
  24. A sphere surrounding the center. Air tends toward a sphere surrounding the, water ,sphere. Fire tends toward the lunar sphere (in which the Moon orbits). When
  25. Which included the five classical elements (either, air,earth, fire and, water ,), in addition to two chemical elements representing the | year 2005|ISBN
  26. Battlefield. " What were you doing, and why? " Asked the Guru. " I was giving, water ,to the wounded because I saw your face in all of them," replied Thai Kannada.
  27. Reproduction For the purpose of reproduction most amphibians require fresh, water , A few (e.g. Fejervarya Raja) can inhabit brackish water and even survive (
  28. In a locally specular manner (not diffusely). The glint of light off, water ,is a commonplace effect of this. At small angles of incident light, waviness
  29. Resources by industry, cities and the involving biofuels industry means that, water ,scarcity is increasing and agriculture is facing the challenge of producing
  30. Particle simulations),simulated fur or hair, effects such as fire and, water ,and the use of motion capture to name but a few, these techniques fall under
  31. External costs upon society through pesticides, nutrient runoff, excessive, water , usage,and assorted other problems. A 2000 assessment of agriculture in the UK
  32. Notable for eating the mega insects on land and many types of fishes in the, water , During the Triassic Period, the better land-adapted proto-crocodiles began to
  33. Resemble real life. Using advanced rendering that makes detailed skin, plants, water , fire, clouds,etc. to mimic real life. Examples include Up (2009,USA)
  34. Be a local fusion of Apollo and Map onus. * Apollo Moritasgus ('masses of sea, water ,'). An epithet for Apollo at Alessia, where he was worshiped as god of healing
  35. Use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, selective breeding, mechanization, water , contamination,and farm subsidies. Proponents of organic farming such as Sir
  36. All things in the universe were formed from only four elements: earth, air, water , and fire. According to Aristotle, each element had a sphere to which it
  37. Developed the ability to live their entire lives on land, having to return to, water ,to lay their shell-less eggs. In the Carboniferous Period, the amphibians moved
  38. Of environmental pressures, particularly habitat change, climate change, water ,use and toxic emissions. Agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of withdrawals of
  39. Along the Gulf Coast, is the largest county in the state in both land area and, water ,area. Areas in Alabama administered by the National Park Service include
  40. Maintains an immunization program. However, poor sanitation and unclean, water ,still cause tuberculosis, hepatitis,measles, typhoid fever, cholera and
  41. 1,000 people),and dentists (0.31 per 1,000 people). Access to" improved, water ,sources" was limited to 92 percent of the population in urban areas and 80
  42. The oxygen to diffuse at a sufficient rate. Because oxygen concentration in the, water ,increases at both low temperatures and high flow rates, aquatic amphibians in
  43. Also adapted to arid and semi-arid environments, but most of them still need, water ,to lay their eggs. Symbiosis with single celled algae that lives in the
  44. Liquors, and so on (it seems that the preparation of aqua vitae, the ", water ,of life ", was a fairly popular" experiment" among European alchemists).
  45. Microhylids, and many other tropical frogs),however, do not need any, water ,for breeding in the wild. They reproduce via direct development, an ecological
  46. Except for the loss of the external gills. When the animals enter the, water ,again for reproduction changes are driven by prolactin, when they return to the
  47. Amoebas breathe using their entire cell membrane that is constantly immersed in, water , Excess water can cross into the cytosol. Amoebas have a contractile vacuole to
  48. Scope of the Troopers' duties, they employ a wide variety of land, air,and, water ,patrol vehicles. Many rural communities in Alaska are considered" dry,"
  49. Process called apoptosis. The transformation of newts when leaving the, water ,is reversible except for the loss of the external gills. When the animals enter
  50. Received a patent for a flotation device for the movement of boats in shallow, water , The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is the only president to hold a

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