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  1. With Arena and Indra he is one of the supreme gods in the Rig Veda. The, link ,between heaven and earth, the deities and the humans, he is associated with
  2. Public transportation and thousands of rural communities of their only, link ,to the outside world. ” The US Chamber of Commerce argued that the costs of the
  3. Large narrow-body jets such as the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757. Regular ferries, link ,Anguilla and the neighboring island of Saint Martin, with a journey time of
  4. Credit and created the financial disasters that marked the 1780s. Historians, link ,those disasters to the coming of the French Revolution. The Dutch clearly lost
  5. Of the people with haplogroup O2b,speaking this language can be seen in this, link , http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2148/7/47/figure/F1 Ilia Parts (2004)
  6. As Anglican, such as the Anglican Church of Canada, due to their historical, link ,to England (Ecclesial Anglican means" Church of England" ). Some, for
  7. Evidence that abortion does not cause breast cancer. The concept of a causal, link ,between induced abortion and breast cancer is currently promoted primarily by
  8. Of shared libraries, which avoided the need for an application to statically, link ,to the libraries it used. The resulting smaller binaries used less of the
  9. An active Alaska Railroad tunnel recently upgraded to provide a paved roadway, link ,with the isolated community of Whittier on Prince William Sound to the Seward
  10. Of sources relating to the formation of the early Taoist church make the exact, link ,between the apocryphal texts and the Taoist church unclear. United States The
  11. The U. S. Congress authorized $6 million to study the feasibility of a rail, link ,between Alaska, Canada,and the lower 48. Alaska Rail Marine provides car float
  12. And produces admiration and awe. Later analytic aestheticians strove to, link ,beauty to some scientific theory of psychology (such as James Mill) or
  13. With public celebrations, which are symbolic affirmations of the ties that, link ,the Ismail Imam and his followers. Although the Jubilees have no religious
  14. Texas, which is on the Texas-Mexico border. Interstate 35 is the highway, link ,to the Dallas-Ft. Worth retroflex in northern Texas. There are two link s to
  15. The length of an existing chain already on the board. Or the tile could, link ,two chains, causing a merger of two or more chains. Since there are only seven
  16. Heard that Tibet had proved Serre's conjecture and therefore established a, link ,between Fermat's Last Theorem and the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture. Wiles
  17. Out some early work on analytic geometry, and worked on" the beginnings of the, link ,between algebra and geometry. " This in turn had an influence on the
  18. To Steinway. The Inter-Island Ferry Authority also serves as an important marine, link ,for many communities in the Prince of Wales Island region of Southeast and
  19. Madagascar in its general structure, as in flora and fauna, forms a connecting, link ,between Africa and southern Asia. East of Madagascar are the small islands of
  20. Make an action that determined whether they received a reward. This suggests a, link ,between circuits responsible for fear and also reward in anxious people. As
  21. However, exploring all n nodes of the tree in this manner would use each, link ,exactly twice: one traversal to enter the subtree rooted at that node, and
  22. And deductive reasoning, social network analysis, dynamic network analysis, link ,analysis, and brainstorming to sort through problems they face. Military
  23. Developed, causing farmers to switch to other herbicides. Some studies also, link ,widespread glyphosate usage to iron deficiencies in some crops, which is both a
  24. Be read as" born in Lucia ", which effectively severs the god's supposed, link ,with wolves (possibly a folk etymology). In literary contexts, Apollo
  25. Where a character would be used slightly differently on a terminal, link ,than on a data stream) and sometimes accidental (such as what" delete "
  26. Highways will be built in Albania in the near future: Corridor VIII, which will, link ,Albania with the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, and the north-south
  27. Abjad in question is usually considered to be the Aramaic one, but while the, link ,between Aramaic and Hiroshi is more or less undisputed, this is not the case
  28. Model attempts to classify the aphasia by major characteristics and then, link ,these to areas of the brain in which the damage has been caused. The initial
  29. Being the result of her suffering a temporary breakdown due to a brief psychic, link ,being formed between her and an alien). Others, such as 1980 Hungarian film
  30. Number-symbolism of early medieval biblical exegetes,120 stood for law. The, link ,between the Mosaic Law and Alfred's code is the 'Apostolic Letter,' which
  31. Heep, a German doctor who publicly predicted his early death on the basis of a, link ,between his steroid use and his later heart problems. As the doctor had never
  32. Is known about his philosophical views. It is thought that he represents a, link ,between the atomism of Democritus, and the skepticism of Pyrrha. Anaxarchus is
  33. He wrote a retrospective assessment of his mathematical work (see the external, link ,La Vision below). As his main mathematical achievements (" maître-thèmes" )
  34. Signature called the Cohen Modal Haplotype. This suggests a male Semitic, link ,to the Levant. Lemma tradition maintains that the Ark spent some time in Sent
  35. Palace built there by Theodoric. This choice may have been another attempt to, link ,himself with the Gothic king. With the connivance of the queen. Helices then
  36. To the UK on Noel Edmonds' The Late, Late Breakfast Show, through a live, link ,from a TV studio in Stockholm. Last performances Andersson and Slaves began
  37. Russia's via Georgia through Abkhazia along the Black Sea. However, the rail, link ,between Abkhazia and Georgia proper has been closed for a number of years
  38. His pioneering work on number theory, analytic geometry, and the, link ,between algebra and geometry, also had an influence on René Descartes's
  39. To the proximal or basal skeletal elements, the radials, which represent the, link ,or connection between these fins and the internal skeleton (e.g., pelvic and
  40. The ferries take both vehicles and the Bus line 888,which is the fastest, link ,between the two Danish capitals. Aarhus also has a free bike sharing system
  41. Currently Ella, Elbing),or near Ten kitten and Munchhausen (see external, link ,map St. Albrecht) It is recorded that his body was bought back for its weight
  42. Transformation of waters in the opposite direction to the north. Such theories, link ,the magnitude of the Circumpolar Current with the global thermohaline
  43. The same time, Juan Trippe began a crusade to create an air network that would, link ,America to the world, and he achieved this goal through his airline, Pan
  44. Examinations of victims, and further research to determine if there is a, link ,with cerebral amyloid antipathy has been commissioned. According to The
  45. He converted from Presbyterianism to Baptist beliefs. Mackenzie's faith was to, link ,him to the increasingly influential temperance cause, particularly strong in
  46. Miami Art Museum after the artist's death in 2000. This footnote provides a, link ,to a picture of the sculpture. Literature Fear and Trembling (original Danish
  47. 1978) http://www.columbia.edu/cu/augustine/arch/solzhenitsyn/harvard1978.html, link ,* The Mortal Danger: Misconceptions about Soviet Russia and the Threat to
  48. An association between abortion and breast cancer. Proponents of a causal, link ,between the two suggest that the interruption of normal breast development
  49. Gas reaches Armenia via a pipeline through Georgia. The only operational rail, link ,into Armenia is from Georgia. During Soviet times,Armenia's rail network
  50. 2,000 men, led by Barry St. Leger, would move down the Mohawk River Valley and, link ,up with Burgoyne in Albany, New York. Burgoyne set off in June, and recaptured

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