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  1. Thanks to the influence of its founders; Steve Jobs often walked around the, office ,barefoot even after Apple was a Fortune 500 company. By the time of the" 1984
  2. Won Kurosawa his second Cinema Juno" Best Film" award—and enormous box, office ,success. It remains the most acclaimed of all the artist's films set in the
  3. Away from being typecast as gangsters. Released in March 1949,it was a box, office ,success, but is generally considered one of the director's lesser achievements
  4. Region. Released in December 1958,The Hidden Fortress became an enormous box, office ,success in Japan and was warmly received by critics. Today, the film is
  5. A job in Bern, at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property, the patent, office , as an assistant examiner. He evaluated patent applications for electromagnetic
  6. That same morning,Bell's lawyer filed Bell's application with the patent, office , There is considerable debate about who arrived first and Gray later challenged
  7. Telegram indicating that he was ready. With curious onlookers packed into the, office ,as witnesses, faint voices were heard replying. The following night, he amazed
  8. Directly to roots, such as the" nouns of location" in ma- (e.g. " Desk, office ," < k-t-b" write "," kitchen" < box" cook" ). The only three genuine
  9. In which The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (pre-telecast box, office ,earnings of US$368 million) received 11 Awards including Best Picture drew
  10. Electoral College against an increasingly powerful North. Before Lincoln took, office ,in March 1861,seven slave states had declared their secession and joined to
  11. Official ruled from the city's Pretorium, a large administrative palace or, office , During the 3rd century, life in Ankara, as in other Anatolian towns, seems to
  12. Lecturer at the University of Bern. The following year, he quit the patent, office ,and the lectureship to take the position of physics docent at the University of
  13. 10 April 1997. The administrative department is not a part of the president's, office ,but manages the financial, technical and pecuniary activities of both the
  14. Of Alaska. In addition, Republican Governor Wally Nickel was elected to the, office ,for a second term in 1990 after leaving the Republican Party and briefly
  15. Saith, the film premiered in April 1961 and was an immense success at the box, office , earning more than any previous Kurosawa film. Critical reaction was equally
  16. Known as the Turbocar Bias) The Turkish State Theaters also has its head, office ,in Ankara and runs the following stages in the city: * Bulk Intro (also
  17. The financial, technical and pecuniary activities of both the president and his, office , Although Azerbaijan has held several elections since regaining its
  18. Reviews were very negative, but the film was a moderate success at the box, office , largely because of the popularity of one of its stars, Setsuko Hara. Meanwhile
  19. Until he" fully mastered machine technology ". Much of his work at the patent, office ,related to questions about transmission of electric signals and
  20. Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and other constitutional office s take, office ,in the following January. Local elections Many local office s (County
  21. Domestic flights from Tirana to Shooter and Flora began. In August 1927,the, office ,of Civil Aviation of Air Traffic Ministry of Italy purchased Adrian Aero Lloyd.
  22. First ceremonial transcontinental telephone call. Calling from the AT&T head, office ,at 15 Day Street in New York City, Bell was heard by Thomas Watson at 333 Grant
  23. Oliver Hooper, Sr. Horns by sued Alabama in court and defiantly remained in, office ,for more than a year before finally giving up the seat after losing in court.
  24. It was known between 1900 and 1925. Wave–particle duality Although the patent, office ,promoted Einstein to Technical Examiner Second Class in 1906,he had not given
  25. Cup of mercury, not water. Bell had filed the mercury application at the patent, office ,a year earlier on February 25, 1875,long before Elisha Gray described the
  26. Undertones. The film opened on January 1,1962,quickly surpassing Combos box, office ,success and garnering positive reviews. Kurosawa had meanwhile instructed Too
  27. Indistinct, voice-like sounds, but not clear speech. The race to the patent, office ,In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic telegraph and drew up a patent application
  28. Had opposed a Sunday broadcast because it would cut into the weekend box, office , On March 30, 1981,the awards ceremony was postponed for one day after the
  29. The organization's headquarters are in Washington, DC. ANSI's operations, office ,is located in New York City. The ANSI annual operating budget is funded by the
  30. The safest method of surgical abortion, and can be performed in a primary care, office , abortion clinic, or hospital. Complications are rare and can include uterine
  31. Korea and Indonesia. Based on Global Office Locations 2011,Asia dominated the, office ,locations with 4 of top 5 were in Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore,Tokyo, London and
  32. The film opened in September 1960 to positive critical reaction and modest box, office ,success. The 25-minute opening sequence, depicting a corporate wedding
  33. Over 400 motion pictures, many of them highly acclaimed, such as the 1949 box, office ,smash, Sands of Two Jim. He directed his last movie in 1961. He died in Los
  34. Became both a critical and commercial success. Nevertheless, the censorship, office ,would later decide to cut out some 18 minutes of footage, much of which is now
  35. By contrast, ceremonies honoring films that have not performed well at the box, office ,tend to show weaker ratings. The 78th Academy Awards which awarded low-budgeted
  36. December 8,1863,offered pardons to those who had not held a Confederate civil, office , had not mistreated Union prisoners, and would sign an oath of allegiance. As
  37. Was diagnosed with heart and kidney problems and died in December 1936. Patent, office ,After graduating, Einstein spent almost two frustrating years searching for a
  38. Made plans to redesign large parts of it. There was an increasing demand for, office ,buildings and new roads as the automobile became available to most common
  39. Southern states were related to slavery. Secession winter Before Lincoln took, office , seven states had declared their secession from the Union. They established a
  40. In 1844,the couple bought a house in Springfield near Lincoln's law, office , Mary Todd Lincoln worked diligently in their home, assuming household duties
  41. Governor; both were Democrats. In Alabama, the members of the Legislature take, office ,immediately after the November elections, but the statewide officials, such as
  42. Of Titanic, which generated close to US$600 million at the North American box, office ,pre-Oscars. The 76th Academy Awards ceremony in which The Lord of the Rings:
  43. Goods and was the leading Financial Center of the world. In 1602,the Amsterdam, office ,of the Dutch East India Company became the world's first stock exchange by
  44. The then-incumbent Chief Justice of Alabama, Sonny Horns by, refused to leave, office ,after losing the election by approximately 3,000 votes to Republican Perry
  45. Gave home users an additional reason to buy an Apple II—compatibility with the, office , By the end of the 1970s,Apple had a staff of computer designers and a
  46. Tokyo, London and Shanghai. Around 68 percent of international firms have, office ,in Hong Kong. In the late 1990s and early 2000s,the economies of the PRC and
  47. Of treason. After a Republican victory, but before the new administration took, office ,on March 4,1861,seven cotton states declared their secession and joined to
  48. Secessionists made clear their intent to leave the Union before he took, office ,the next March. On December 20, 1860,South Carolina took the lead by adopting
  49. Human Rights Council by the United Nations General Assembly. The term of, office ,began on June 19, 2006. A Special Envoy of the European Commission is present
  50. Home a working model of his telephone. On August 3,1876,from the telegraph, office ,in Mount Pleasant five miles (8 km) away from Brantford, Bell sent a

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