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  1. Earthly elements have its natural place. All that is earthly tends toward the, center ,of the universe,i.e. the center of the Earth. Water tends toward a sphere
  2. Is a vertical force applied at a distance forward or aft from the aerodynamic, center ,of the aircraft, causing the aircraft to pitch up or down. Control systems are
  3. Will be additional buildings such as an auditorium, R&D facilities, a fitness, center ,and a dedicated generating plant as primary source of electricity (powered by
  4. Programs in digital film making, with headquarters in Anaheim and a learning, center ,in Tokyo. Two film awards have also been named in Kurosawa's honor. The Akira
  5. Bank Wells Fargo, which includes a regional headquarters,a operation, center ,campus and a $400 million dollar data center . Nearly a dozen smaller banks are
  6. The Lenient Asks Stadium in the Sin can district of Lenient, outside the city, center , Ankara has many minor teams, playing at regional levels:
  7. Waste floating in a body of water. Oceanic debris tends to accumulate at the, center ,of gyres and coastlines, frequently washing aground where it is known as beach
  8. Who took control of Algiers in the early 16th century and turned it into the, center ,of Mediterranean piracy and privateering for three centuries, as well as
  9. File: Armada Tower Ankara. JPG|Armada Tower & Shopping Center (2002),in the, center ,and Halfback Tower (1998) in the background. File: Amman Tower Ankara.
  10. Azerbaijani animation. Azerbaijan has been since the ancient times known as a, center ,of a large variety of crafts. The archeological dig on the territory of
  11. In the manner of a book. The wires are usually bowed to bulge upward in the, center , to keep the beads pinned to either of the two sides. It is cleared when all
  12. Spoke a language somewhat closely related to Welsh and Gaelic. Ankara was the, center ,of a tribe known as the Rectorates, and Augustus upgraded it into a major
  13. War in the north,1775–1780 Massachusetts Before the war, Boston had been the, center ,of much revolutionary activity, leading to the punitive Massachusetts
  14. The horizontal axis to spin all the beads away from the horizontal beam at the, center , Sampans can be used for functions other than counting. Unlike the simple
  15. Isaac China and journals like Terrain (" fieldwork" ), and developing with the, center ,founded by Marc Age (Le Center d'anthropologist DES modes contemporaries, the
  16. Slavic cultural center , Azerbaijani-Israeli community, Kurdish cultural, center , International Talks Association, Lezgin national center " Seymour "
  17. By several names over the ages. It has been identified with the Hittite cult, center ,Annual, although this remains a matter of debate. In classical antiquity and
  18. The Algerian leader Hassan Aft became a national hero as Algiers grew into a, center ,of military power in the Mediterranean. The Ottomans established Algeria's
  19. Now the capital city of the Roman province of Galatia, Ancyra continued to be a, center ,of great commercial importance. Ankara is also famous for the Monumentum
  20. The Hindu Kush and the Indus River, with the Sulaiman Mountains being the, center , Arab Muslims brought the message of Islam to the western area of what is now
  21. Friends as active and popular, having many friends and being typically in the, center ,of action. In 1937,his father left the family, subsequently volunteering for
  22. i.e. the center of the Earth. Water tends toward a sphere surrounding the, center , Air tends toward a sphere surrounding the water sphere. Fire tends toward the
  23. Bell Laboratory ', and which eventually led to the Volta Bureau (1887) as a, center ,for studies on deafness which is still in operation in Georgetown, Washington
  24. And Western alchemy, which occurred around the Mediterranean and whose, center ,has shifted over the millennia from Greco-Roman Egypt, to the Islamic world
  25. Directions, and generate rotational forces or moments about the aerodynamic, center ,of the aircraft, and thus rotate the aircraft in pitch, roll,or yaw. For
  26. Place. All that is earthly tends toward the center of the universe,i.e. the, center ,of the Earth. Water tends toward a sphere surrounding the center . Air tends
  27. Be traced to Hellenistic Egypt. The Hellenistic city of Alexandria was a, center ,of Greek alchemical knowledge, and retained its preeminence through most of the
  28. Headquarters, a operations center campus and a $400 million dollar data, center , Nearly a dozen smaller banks are also headquartered in the Birmingham, such as
  29. Pigs. Coca, still a major crop, was also domesticated in the Andes. A minor, center ,of domestication, the indigenous people of the Eastern U. S. appear to have
  30. Including the German cultural society" Marshals ", Slavic cultural, center , Azerbaijani-Israeli community, Kurdish cultural center , International Talks
  31. A profound change in the culture of the art world, and that Warhol was at the, center ,of that shift. A pivotal event was the 1964 exhibit The American Supermarket, a
  32. Periods. Canada, the rim of the majestic hill to the south of the present city, center , stood well outside the Roman city, but may have been a summer resort. In the
  33. Parameters are the angles of rotation in three dimensions about the vehicle's, center ,of mass, known as pitch, roll,and yaw (quite different from their use as
  34. 3rd century to the 16th century, the dominant view held that the Earth was the, center ,of the universe (geocentrism). Since he was perhaps the philosopher most
  35. TT which do not use the Torsen-based system as in prior years with a mechanical, center ,differential, but with the Swedish HALDE Traction electromechanical clutch
  36. And the DRC to the east and south. The town of Cabinet is the chief population, center , According to a 1995 census, Cabinda had an estimated population of 600,000
  37. White marble long, wide,and thick, on which are 5 groups of markings. In the, center ,of the tablet is a set of 5 parallel lines equally divided by a vertical line
  38. With Darius, he used the same deployment, and again the phalanx at the, center ,pushed through with the advantage of its long pikes. Another Greek historian
  39. Now Eskişehir). In its heyday, Roman Ankara was a large market and trading, center ,but it also functioned as a major administrative capital, where a high official
  40. Risks. When the alert is triggered, a message is sent to a caregiver or contact, center ,who can respond appropriately. Technology similar to PEERS can also be used to
  41. Precipitation of per year. The driest part of the region is the semiarid, center ,of the plateau which receives an average yearly precipitation of only. However
  42. A saint. However, the persecution proved unsuccessful and in 314 Ankara was the, center ,of an important council of the early church; which considered ecclesiastical
  43. 162,000 jobs in the state. Health UAB Hospital is the only Level I trauma, center ,in Alabama. UAB is the largest employer in Alabama, with a workforce of about
  44. Develop control systems for a vehicle's orientation (attitude) about its, center ,of mass. The control systems include actuators, which exert forces in various
  45. Innovative developments in trade. During that time, the city was the leading, center ,for finance and diamonds. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the city expanded
  46. Such as the German bus and truck manufacturer MAN AG. Ankara is also the, center ,of the state-owned and private Turkish defense and aerospace companies, where
  47. 3-methylhexane and its higher homologies are chiral due to their stereogenic, center ,at carbon atom number 3. Chiral alkanes are of certain importance in
  48. Forests, climate and tundra. These areas remained very sparsely populated. The, center ,and the peripheries were mostly kept separated by mountains and deserts. The
  49. Kurdish cultural center , International Talks Association, Lezgin national, center ," Seymour ", Azerbaijani-Tatar community, Crimean Tatars society, etc. The ethnic
  50. Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (the AG Bell),a leading, center ,for the research and pedagogy of deafness. In partnership with Gardiner Hubbard

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