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  1. To my new record, I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a, lot ,of my recorded canon. Now I feel like I’m in a perfect place. My partner
  2. Troy, Cassandra,doomed prophetess and daughter of Priam, fell to Agamemnon's, lot ,in the distribution of the prizes of war. Return to Greece After a stormy
  3. Hands of officeholders, for over a thousand years. They were mostly chosen by, lot , with a much smaller (and more prestigious) group elected. Neither was
  4. Can be found in Amsterdam as well. Since Amsterdam is a multicultural city,a, lot ,of different ethnic restaurants can be found. Restaurants range from being
  5. With the helmet either on that one. CAP COM: That one we've got a, lot ,of experience with, yes. SHIRR: If we had an open visor, I might go
  6. Intentional application Philosophers (and other users of logic) spend a, lot ,of time and effort searching for and removing (or intentionally adding)
  7. Seen particularly in two fights with Hector. In Book 7,Ajax is chosen by, lot ,to meet Hector in a duel which lasts most of a whole day. Ajax at first gets
  8. Apuleius' courtroom defense. The work has very little to do with magic, and a, lot ,to do with making mincemeat of his opponents, with hilarity and panache. It is
  9. Railway in the Vale of Neath. Wallace's work on the survey involved spending a, lot ,of time outdoors in the countryside, allowing him to indulge his new passion
  10. Of maestro DI core, which was at one time filled by Vivaldi, required a, lot ,of time and work. He had to compose an oratorio or concerto at every feast and
  11. Forwards and sideways” ). In this post-industrial society, there is a, lot ,of diversity in lifestyles (“ subcultures” ). Autocracies (fluid
  12. Does (aside from the expression" quids in"—meaning having made or won a, lot ,of money). * A user of AME may hand-write the mixed monetary amount $3.24 as
  13. Destruction. The New York Times critic Vincent Candy wrote about this film:" A, lot ,of people at Cannes were outraged that the film makes no mention of Pearl
  14. Debris from the Pentagon were taken to the Pentagon's north parking, lot ,for more detailed search for remains and evidence. Investigators eventually
  15. To the arc hons and consuls of Classical Antiquity. He was annually elected by, lot ,and was responsible for the economic administration of the city, which included
  16. Grocery store and get something that performs a lot better for a whole, lot ,less money. " Health and beauty Amway's health and beauty brands include
  17. Main schools of Ancient Greek philosophy seem to originate in this region. A, lot ,of religious elements including the inspiration oracular-cult were transmitted
  18. Was routine administration and quite limited. In particular, those chosen by, lot ,were citizens acting without particular expertise. This was almost inevitable
  19. Ten months in the Hellenic calendar). The epistases, an official selected by, lot ,for a single day from among the currently presiding protein, chaired that day
  20. Became two of the main themes of Renaissance art. The movement owed a, lot ,to the increasing sophistication of society, characterised by political
  21. Clearer as the body tends to transport iodine to the thyroid gland producing a, lot ,of noise. In subtopic doses, soluble arsenic compounds act as stimulants, and
  22. Teacher without acting as a teacher. " Journalist Sebastian Hunger reports:" A, lot ,of people who knew him felt that he was the best hope for that part of the
  23. Jung; brush up my Plato; visit Ave bury, Silbury and Coventry Cathedral; spend a, lot ,of time with demolition gangs on slum clearance sites; and listen to the whole
  24. 1950 and currently in its 10th edition, is commonly found in American homes. A, lot ,of prepared food is sweetened with ascorbic acid leaving foods that are
  25. One hundred officials out of a thousand were elected rather than chosen by, lot , There were two main categories in this group: those required to handle large
  26. I'm not a religious person myself. I'm an atheist. Furthermore, I think religion serves a, lot ,of different purposes in people's lives, and I can recognize the value of that
  27. On the German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle. Kalashnikov himself observed:" A, lot ,of Soviet Army soldiers ask me how one can become a constructor, and how new
  28. And back roads to freeways and parkways) to road infrastructure (parking, lot , overpass, rest area),and from automotive terminology to public transit (for
  29. Consumers can" go to the grocery store and get something that performs a whole, lot ,better for a lot less money. " Health and beauty Amway's health and
  30. The lunar module on this flight was not equipped to land, however. " A, lot ,of people thought about the kind of people we were: 'Don't give those guys an
  31. A large inventory of words designating real estate concepts (land office, lot , outlands, waterfront,the verbs locate and relocate, betterment,addition
  32. To be able to get anywhere near to reproducing mode 7 and the CPU spent a, lot ,of time drawing approximations of mode 7 characters and graphics that in a
  33. Cathode wear. Aluminum electrolysis with the Hall-Héroult process consumes a, lot ,of energy, but alternative processes were always found to be less viable
  34. One hand behind its back ... If there had been more Southern victories, and a, lot ,more, the North simply would have brought that other hand out from behind its
  35. Yemen. The first target was the Maverick Hotel and the second was the parking, lot ,of the Glamour Hotel. The bombings were an attempt to eliminate American
  36. Cannot be happy unless women are happy too: In places like Sparta where the, lot ,of women is bad, there can only be half-happiness in society. Loss and
  37. The office holders carrying out their duties correctly? No office appointed by, lot ,could be held twice by the same individual. The only exception was the Boyle or
  38. He was the only one, ever,to serve Afghanistan, to serve Afghans. To do a, lot ,of things for Afghanistan, for Afghans. And we lost him. " (
  39. Before he had to choose his bride. Flattered, she accepted. Pygmalion spent a, lot ,of time making small clay sculptures of the goddess, claiming it was needed so
  40. 1000 drachmas was at issue),for public suits 501. The juries were selected by, lot ,from a panel of 600 jurors, there being 600 jurors from each of the ten tribes
  41. School in Leicester to teach drawing, mapmaking, and surveying. Wallace spent a, lot ,of time at the Leicester library where he read An Essay on the Principle of
  42. Reign taxes were lightened; literature, art and science were encouraged; the, lot ,of the soldiers was improved; and, for the convenience of the people, loan
  43. He appears to have private means. Narrow is a good-natured man who smiles a, lot , Before the plague came, he liked to associate with the Spanish dancers and
  44. Outside the English High School. The second reason was that Alumni was losing a, lot ,of money, and it seemed unlikely that the team could fulfil its matches for 1912
  45. The democracy were in part elected by the Assembly and in large part chosen by, lot , The assembly had four main functions; it made executive pronouncements (
  46. Unity. Just as there were rich and poor Loyalists, the Patriots were a 'mixed, lot ,', with the richer and better educated more likely to become officers in the
  47. Fog which is not found in British English at all). * The replacement of the, lot ,vowel with the strut vowel in most utterances of the words was, of,from, what
  48. Offense, it dealt with it by giving some individual (in some cases chosen by, lot ,from those affected) the right to pursue the case and collect the resulting
  49. Officials, became relatively more important, and the Assembly and selection by, lot ,less so. After about 125 BC, the eponymous arc hon, and probably the others, were
  50. 500) held office each year and about a 100 of these were elected. Selection by, lot ,(Al lot ment) Selection by lot tery was the standard means as it was regarded as

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