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  1. Storied history, but were not an official organization until 1941. Before the, force ,was officially organized, law en force ment in Alaska was handled by various
  2. And rejected ethical altruism. In politics, she condemned the initiation of, force ,as immoral and opposed all forms of collectivism and statism, instead
  3. Other investigations that were unsuccessful and abandoned. These pertain to, force , superconductivity, gravitational waves, and other research. Please see the
  4. To country, as well as within a country, depending on the specific rules in, force , In the U. S. federal court system, criminal defendants must file a notice of
  5. Are phenomenal manifestations of Will. The word" will" designated, for him, force , power, impulse,energy, and desire; it is the closest word we have that can
  6. Great trade routes and the agreements that made them possible were the driving, force ,for activities between the different areas; warlike states become states ready
  7. And development plan to increase the capabilities and efficiency of the total, force , In addition to administrative reorganization; modernization projects include
  8. Trifling or accidental, but rather understood it to be an immensely powerful, force ,lying unseen within man's psyche and dramatically shaping the world: The
  9. In politics that evil—the violation of rights—consists of the initiation of, force , " She believed epistemology was a foundational branch of philosophy and
  10. Of Labor: CNT),founded in 1910. Before the 1940s,the CNT was the major, force ,in Spanish working class politics, attracting 1.58 million members at one point
  11. Prowling hordes of armed police" –" Communism is now a counter-revolutionary, force ,"),during the Spanish Civil War. In a letter to Yvonne Dave, Orwell
  12. Ended up as one of the wealthiest men in the country. He never earned money by, force ,or fraud, and never apologized for becoming wealthy and successful. He was one
  13. Has always been noted for the fertility of its soil. 14 percent of its labor, force ,are employed in the agricultural sector. About 90 percent of Algerians live in
  14. Ferris wants from Salt. Ferris represents the group which uses brute, force ,on the heroes to achieve the ends of the looters. Dr. Robert Stapler A former
  15. Agriculture is the most significant sector, employing some 58 % of the labor, force ,and generating about 21 % of GDP. Albania produces significant amounts of wheat
  16. To encourage private sector investment in Environmental Markets are now in, force ,across the region. These focus on the provision of infrastructure to supply
  17. The requirements of human life and happiness, and held that the initiation of, force ,was evil and irrational, writing in Atlas Shrugged that" Force and mind are
  18. Is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the, force ,of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. This requires very little
  19. Of them respected the commitments made, and the issue was resolved by military, force , Independence and civil war After independence in November 1975,Angola faced a
  20. Of Britain fought against Americans in Georgia and South Carolina. In 1778,a, force ,of 800 Creeks destroyed American settlements along the Broad River in Georgia.
  21. For personal honor, for their tribe loyalty and for their readiness to use, force ,to settle disputes. As tribal warfare and internecine feuding has been one of
  22. And general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all, force ,offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion
  23. Engine performance, but could exert significant g- force s on a crew. A task, force ,of contractors, NASA agency representatives, and MSFC researchers concluded
  24. Without any particular grammatical consistency. The Civil War was a significant, force ,in the eventual dominance of the singular usage by the end of the nineteenth
  25. For some weeks. He ignored Lincoln's order to divide his troops, and possibly, force ,Lee to do the same in Harper's Ferry, and tendered his resignation, which
  26. Was celebrated in the afternoon. With these events, the Articles entered into, force ,and the United States came into being as a united, sovereign and national state
  27. That leads to altruism towards the creator or God. Kabbalah defines God as the, force ,of giving in existence. Rabbi Moshe Chief Mulatto in particular focused on the
  28. Way humans alter the Earth's ecosystems, and is considered the driving, force ,in the loss of biodiversity. Estimates of the amount of land transformed by
  29. Will of God was to bring creation into perfection and adhesion with this upper, force , Modern Kabbalah developed by Rabbi Neruda Ashley, in his writings about the
  30. Forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a potential, force ,for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and the state with a new
  31. United States. He describes the treatment of" our innocent black brothers whom, force ,and injustice have delivered into the slave-master's devilish clutches" as "
  32. Errors and therefore was in need of clarification. He gave a name to a, force ,within man which he felt had invariably precedence over reason: the Will to
  33. Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965,cases were filed in Federal courts to, force ,Alabama to properly redistrict by population both the House and Senate of the
  34. Use of ambiguous expressions Ambiguity can be used as a pedagogical trick, to, force , students to reproduce the deduction by themselves. Some textbooks give the same
  35. And Turkey, introduced several reforms intended to modernize his nation. A key, force ,behind these reforms was Mahmud Tarsi, an ardent supporter of the education of
  36. The lowlands did not have enough open grasslands to support a large housebound, force ,; for this and other reasons, the nomads who conquered states in China, India
  37. A detachment of three companies was engaged and routed at the North Bridge by a, force ,of 500 minutemen. As the British retreated back to Boston, thousands of
  38. Many analysts like Amino Baikal describe the Taliban as developing into a proxy, force ,for Pakistan's regional interests which the Taliban decline. The Taliban
  39. S home is completely legal under state law, though the federal law remains in, force , The state has an independence movement favoring a vote on secession from the
  40. Feeling/sensation),and (mood/morale). It is used to mean energy or, force , as in (electricity) and (magnetism). The term connects the practice of
  41. His failings were largely due to the absence of concepts like mass, velocity, force , and temperature. He had a conception of speed and temperature, but no
  42. And public safety The Alaska State Troopers are Alaska's statewide police, force , They have a long and storied history, but were not an official organization
  43. Of land, monocropping,organized irrigation, and the use of a specialized labor, force , particularly along the waterway now known as the Shaft Al-Farabi, from its
  44. Abortion is sometimes attempted by causing trauma to the abdomen. The degree of, force , if severe, can cause serious internal injuries without necessarily succeeding
  45. Reichenbach, worked on concepts similar to the old alchemy, such as the Odin, force , but his research did not enter the mainstream of scientific discussion. In the
  46. Through the Afghanistan Police Program, there are still problems with the, force , According to a 2009 news report, large percent of Afghan police officers are
  47. Not carry firearms. In much of the state, the troopers serve as the only police, force ,available. In addition to enforcing traffic and criminal law, wildlife Troopers
  48. City in early November, he had but 600 of his original 1,100 men. Montgomery's, force ,joined Arnold's, and they attacked Quebec City on December 31,but were
  49. Meet with his cabinet in the afternoon, and occasionally Mary Lincoln would, force ,him to take a carriage ride because she was concerned he was working too hard.
  50. In 1786,Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the failure to fund an American naval, force ,to confront the Barbary pirates, wrote to James Monroe," It will be said there

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