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  1. As a" doubtful case. " *The Prefect: The Prefect believes at first that the, talk ,of plague is a false alarm, but on the advice of his medical association, he
  2. S friends. He believes that ideas are just air, that this is no time for, talk , but for action. Global Progress is a sponsor of the Equalization of
  3. Cal Ripen, Jr., American baseball player *1962 – Craig Inborn, American, talk , show host * 1962 – Major Garrett, American journalist * 1963 – Video Kolyma
  4. Context; for example" where are you to? ", to mean" where are you ". * After, talk ,American can also use the preposition with, but British always uses to (that is
  5. Kratochvil, Czech-born American photographer * 1947 – David Letterman, American, talk , show host *1948 – Marcello Lippi, Italian football coach *1948 – Jeremy Beadle
  6. That we talk about this like rational men ". Layer and Tyson then began to, talk , while Naomi Campbell slipped out. Near-death experience In 1988,shortly
  7. In the face of all evidence. (Hume 1974:391-392) Moreover, he stresses that, talk ,of the miraculous has no surface validity, for four reasons. First, he explains
  8. Until his recent death. * Marc Stevens (radio host): voluntarism essayist, talk ,radio host, author and lawyer * Mark Thornton: economist of the Austrian School
  9. Larger protest the next day. Ginsberg travelled to Barger's home in Oakland to, talk ,the situation through. It is rumored that he offered Larger and other members
  10. Cemetery. Social and political activism Free speech Ginsberg's willingness to, talk ,about taboo subjects made him a controversial figure during the conservative
  11. Room, on which occasions the guests were to abstain from quarrels, slanderous, talk , and idle gossiping. The ordinary attire of the abbot was according to rule to
  12. Company would even consider publishing" Howl ". At the time, such “ sex, talk ,” employed in" Howl" was considered by some to be vulgar or even a form of
  13. They are often used in informal spoken media, such as soap operas and, talk ,shows, as well as occasionally in certain forms of written media, such as
  14. Nonviolence and adherence to Dharma (duty or proper behavior),and they, talk ,of his fame and conquered lands as well as the neighboring kingdoms holding up
  15. Of institution is implied. By contrast an American student at a university may, talk ,of" going to school" or" being in school ". US law students and medical
  16. On a shade of lipstick on a cigarette, but admits after the killer starts to, talk ,in 'the evil voice'- a voice used only by murderers-that he actually had no
  17. Peasant Mango, who is sitting on the ground, and he gets down on one knee to, talk ,to him. Kurosawa chooses to film this simple action in two shots rather than
  18. Professor of Logic. We are both pre-eminent in our field. I suggest that we, talk ,about this like rational men ". Layer and Tyson then began to talk , while Naomi
  19. Fredericksburg. Lincoln brought in Joseph Hooker, despite his history of loose, talk ,about a military dictatorship. The midterm elections in 1862 brought the
  20. Of speech and gait, and a smile of" inexpressible benignity ". He was known to, talk ,to himself, Another episode records that he put bread and butter into a teapot
  21. The ideal of discussing (with) as opposed to lecturing (to). This is unless, talk ,is being used as a noun; for example:" I'll have a talk with him" in which
  22. To understand what Islam has to say about how we eat, who we marry, how we, talk , We read Say yid But. He was the one who most affected our generation. But had
  23. Low, Welsh guitarist (Amen Corner) * 1948 – Dennis Prayer, American radio, talk ,show host and author * 1949 – Certain Parkas, Hungarian cosmonaut * 1950 – Sue
  24. Are communicating to the student. Alexander developed his own terminology to, talk ,about his methods, outlined in his four books. These terms were created to
  25. According to them, ended with her becoming angry with Abu Bakr and refusing to, talk ,with him for the rest of her life, she died six months later. According to them
  26. Remained a firm advocate of the federal union of the states, and rejected any, talk ,of secession. " I will die with the Union," he always insisted. Jackson was a
  27. The building was" stormed by throngs who wanted to hear him ". In Einstein's, talk ,to the audience, he expressed his happiness over the event: Emigration from
  28. 1967 – Mike Greenberg, American sportscaster * 1967 – Julie Snyder, Quebec, talk , show host and producer * 1969 – Elliott Smith, American musician (d. 2003)
  29. To). This is unless talk is being used as a noun; for example:" I'll have a, talk ,with him" in which case this is acceptable in both BRE and AME. * In both
  30. The phenomenon that has been, up to now, called inflation.... As you cannot, talk ,about something that has no name, you cannot fight it. Those who pretend to
  31. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never, talk ,to them of our own necessities but of their advantages. Smith's statement
  32. Eight city blocks. John Sculley told The Guardian newspaper in 1997:" People, talk ,about technology, but Apple was a marketing company. It was the marketing
  33. Can also use the preposition with, but British always uses to (that is,I'll, talk ,with Dave / I'll talk to Dave). The American form is sometimes seen as more
  34. Multivitamin marketed in the United States. In August 1949,after a night-long, talk , DeVos and Van Angel signed up to become distributors for Nutritive food
  35. Historian, writer,scholar (d. 1963) *1897 – John B. Gambling, American radio, talk ,show host (d. 1974) *1898 – Earl" Curly" Lam beau, American football coach
  36. Will fight to the death. Whether we like to talk to them or we don't like to, talk ,to them, they will continue to fight. So, for them, I don't think that we have
  37. As his spouse in his Who's Who entry. Subsequent gay writers saw his frank, talk ,about homosexuality as an opening to speak more openly and honestly about
  38. One finds that he was familiar with the Hellenic world but never edicts, which, talk , of friendly relations, give the names of both Antioch us of the Seleucid empire
  39. Standard usage. Use of tenses * Traditionally, BrE uses the present perfect to, talk ,about an event in the recent past and with the words already, just and yet. In
  40. And no variants of line are used in relation to waiting in turn. In BRE, people, talk , of standing in a queue, queuing up, joining the queue, sitting in a queue (for
  41. Were made by voting without any time set aside for deliberation. Jurors did, talk ,informally amongst themselves during the voting procedure and juries could be
  42. And even more comparing to the first few missions. ABC switched from the, talk ,show to a" Special Report on Apollo 13 ". Then the TV screen displayed a
  43. By particular types of people. Poirot's methods focus on getting people to, talk , Early in the novels, he frequently casts himself in the role of" Papa Poirot
  44. Uncomfortable as the night wore on, and where" The anti-Jewish flavor of the, talk ,was not to be ignored or overlooked, or put down to heavy humor or
  45. At the background of statistical noise. See also Accuracy and precision and its, talk , The Berry paradox arises as a result of systematic ambiguity in the meaning of
  46. Implemented. Lectures at OOPS LA 1997 conference and his ACM Turing Award, talk , entitled" The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet" were informed by his
  47. Asgard used to be a remnant of the Æsir gather, some coming up from HEL, and, talk , and play chess all day with the golden chessmen of the ancient Æsir, which they
  48. With but British always uses to (that is,I'll talk with Dave / I'll, talk ,to Dave). The American form is sometimes seen as more politically correct in
  49. There are groups that will fight to the death. Whether we like to, talk ,to them or we don't like to talk to them, they will continue to fight. So, for
  50. Of April, the group recorded a TV special, Dick Caveat Meets ABBA with the US, talk ,show host Dick Caveat. The Visitors,ABBA's eighth and final studio album

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