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  1. The decision) as having said," John Marshall has made his decision, now, let , him enforce it! " Whether he said it is disputed. In any case, Jackson used the
  2. There was no getting over the fact that his father had sworn to pardon him and, let ,him live in peace if he returned to Russia. The whole matter was solemnly
  3. The top of the mountain. She told the townsfolk that followed her to leave and, let ,her face her fate on her own. There, Zephyrus,the west wind, gently floated
  4. In the temple of Athena and Hephaestus, raped Medusa because he refused to, let ,her vow of chastity stand in his way. Upon discovering the desecration of her
  5. And Hinduism. Although the saying" Lee fen last even" or" Live and, let ,live" summarizes the Dutch and especially the Amsterdam open and tolerant
  6. Prize personally in Stockholm at that time, since he was afraid he would not be, let ,back into the Soviet Union. Instead, it was suggested he should receive the
  7. Mix one part of water to two of wine, : :pour it in up to the brim, and, let , one cup push the other along ... The Greek meter here is relatively simple
  8. With a javelin as it lay asleep in the undergrowth. Caparisons asked Apollo to, let ,his tears fall forever. Apollo granted the request by turning him into the
  9. Of archery, Apollo was known as After (; Ἀφήτωρ, Aphētōr, from ὰφίημι," to, let ,loose" ) or Affords (; Ἀφητόρος, Aphētoros, of the same origin)
  10. Eigenvector. On the other hand, if every endomorphic of FN has an eigenvector, let ,p (x) be an element of FX. Dividing by its leading coefficient, we get
  11. Crossings, including the problem of three jealous husbands, each of whom can't, let ,another man be alone with his wife (Problem 17); the problem of the wolf
  12. Shot, Jackson and his friend, Thomas Overton, determined it would be best to, let ,Dickinson turn and fire first, hoping that his aim might be spoiled in his
  13. Suicide; Antony fell on his own sword and into Cleopatra's arms, while she, let ,a venomous snake bite her. Having exploited his position as Caesar's heir to
  14. Style houses (small circular single roomed dwellings with a hole in ceiling to, let ,out smoke). Many of the oldest and most picturesque inhabited cottages date
  15. The latter interpretation, the queen's answer reveals her determination not to, let ,the wound opened by the killing of her father be healed through a ritual act
  16. Findings of science. She states:" Since we do not succeed in fleeing it, let ,us therefore try to look the truth in the face. Let us try to assume our
  17. Bodies as balls of fire in the sky, Anaximenes proposed that the earth, let ,out an exhalation of air that rarefied, ignited and became the stars. While the
  18. Territory falling to the Sikhs continued to obsess the Durrani's mind and he, let ,out another campaign against Sikhs towards the close of 1766,which was his
  19. The algebraically closed fields. If the field F is algebraically closed, let ,p (x) and q (x) two polynomials which are not relatively prime and let r (
  20. t) represent an arbitrary waveform that is the message to be transmitted. And, let ,the constant M represent its largest magnitude. For instance:: m (t) = M\dot
  21. That the set X contains only non-empty sets, a mathematician might have said ", let ,F (s) be one of the members of s for all s in X." In general, it is
  22. All sentient beings. This religion preaches the view of AHIMA – to live and, let ,live, thereby not harming sentient beings,i.e. uncompromising reverence for
  23. You want to give me something. But give it to your fellow-citizens instead, or, let , the immortal gods have it. All the let ters are spurious. The first nine
  24. Surface temperature, and that low atmospheric pressure would make liquid water, let ,alone a planet-girding irrigation system, impossible. Wallace originally became
  25. With a dot to distinguish them from machine instructions. Symbolic assemblers, let ,programmers associate arbitrary names (labels or symbols) with memory
  26. Needful that the Apocrypha should be translated. Therefore, whoso readers it, let ,him understand, for the spirit manifested truth; And whoso is enlightened by
  27. Sir Joseph Higgins, who himself was plotting murder and was unwise enough to, let ,Poirot discover this. Poirot even sent Miss Barnaby two hundred pounds as a
  28. Win Alcestis, the daughter of King Elias and later convinced the Fates to, let ,Admetus live past his time, if another took his place. But when it came time
  29. It is almost certain not only that at no time in his life did he ever see, let ,alone command, a Roman army, but that, throughout the twenty-three years of his
  30. Of 1895,he withdrew to join his family in Pa via, convincing the school to, let ,him go by using a doctor's note. Einstein applied directly to the
  31. He impressed his captor with his cultured demeanor and persuaded him to, let ,him go by making it plain that it was not in Milan's interest to prevent the
  32. Let p (x) and q (x) two polynomials which are not relatively prime and, let ,r (x) be their greatest common divisor. Then, since r (x) is not constant
  33. His work in Vienna, he was given leave of absence for half the year in order to, let ,him travel the world to collect musical information to include in his History
  34. Is an example of the Matthew effect. Basic results In the following discussion, let ,K (s) be the complexity of the string s. It is not hard to see that the
  35. Be then a common root of p (x) and q (x). If F is not algebraically closed, let ,p (x) be a polynomial whose degree is at least 1 without roots. Then p (x)
  36. The background is not ..." Initial sales were slow and the American publisher, let ,it goes out of print, although European editions continued to sell. After the
  37. It has no proper algebraic extension. If F has no proper algebraic extension, let ,p (x) be some irreducible polynomial in FX. Then the quotient of FX modulo
  38. Sexes. In some areas, when a daughter reached a marriageable age, her parents, let ,her lives in a small room called tune annexed to the southern wall of her house
  39. On the fire. Preoccupied with the problems of his kingdom, Alfred accidentally, let ,the cakes burn. 870 was the low-water mark in the history of the Anglo-Saxon
  40. The porphyry mineralization further benefited from the dry climate that, let ,them largely out of the disturbing actions of meteoric water. The dry climate
  41. The way we consider the world, e. g., with an attitude of" I don't know;, let ,'s seen," to better discover or reflect its realities as revealed by modern
  42. The mission mode in favor at NASA. Many engineers feared that a rendezvous —, let ,alone a docking — neither of which had been attempted even in Earth orbit
  43. Take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance;, let ,us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number?
  44. Combined gratitude and sympathy. Under a wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and, let ,me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die And I lay me down with a will. Upon the
  45. Ft (1 m) above the water, the scope is the ratio between the amount of cable, let ,out and 28 ft (9 m). For this reason it is important to have a reliable and
  46. Streets, and to steal bread. " (Le Lies Rouge) *" If the path be beautiful, let ,us not question where it leads. " *" The history books which contain no lies
  47. Latinos, king of the Latins, welcomed Aeneas' army of exiled Trojans and, let ,them reorganize their lives in Labium. His daughter Lamina had been promised
  48. Was published, and in the manifesto announcing his accession to the throne he, let ,it is very clearly understood that he had no intention of limiting or weakening
  49. Beat him, in a location out of town. *The governor: The man who decides to, let ,Alex" choose" to be the first reformed by the Ludovic technique. *Dr. Bran om
  50. Needs supposedly took the writings from Athens to Sepsis, where his heirs, let ,them languish in a cellar until the 1st century BC, when Allison of Tens

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