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  1. All over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when, again , touched,as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. " The
  2. Updated an involuntary counter, caused the computer alarms. When Armstrong, again ,looked outside, he saw that the computer's landing target was in a
  3. As one of the sport's premier competitors was over, and that he would never, again ,win any significant championships. At Wimbledon, he had an early loss in the
  4. And anthropological studies in preparation for a future book. At home in Sweden, again , five years after Peter's death, in 1730 on Strahlenberg published a new
  5. The agent or agency or particular events or states of affairs. More simply, again ,that which immediately sets the thing in motion. So take the two dominoes this
  6. Algiers lost from 30,000 to 50,000 inhabitants to the plague in 1620–21,and, again ,in 1654–57, 1665,1691,and 1740–42. French rule On the pretext of a slight to
  7. Either higher or lower than those of the corresponding straight-chain alkanes, again ,depending on the ability of the alkane in question to packing well in the solid
  8. S complete independence was rescinded in 1995,although the process can begin, again ,after a referendum. Law The Aruba legal system is based on the Dutch model.
  9. Except for the loss of the external gills. When the animals enter the water, again ,for reproduction changes are driven by prolactin, when they return to the land
  10. Session to elaborate the script of Alice in Wonderland but never came, again , For author John Grant, although the movie's character the Caterpillar
  11. Samuel M. Comer, Frank McKelvy - Vertigo With the 1959 films this category was, again ,divided in two * 1959 Black-and-White Lyle R. Wheeler, George Davis, Walter M.
  12. To an audience who booed and heckled it. After 19 years, Phaethon was performed, again , but this time it was received to the greatest ovation the opera house had ever
  13. And foes who were wounded on the battlefield. Some enemy began to fight, again ,and some Sikh warriors were annoyed by Thai Kannada as he was helping their
  14. But," nostalgia is not a fatal disease. " The American visitor" once, again ,is an alert spectator of Parisian life" and" the street noises and French
  15. Rodney's victory over Juan de Lángara in the 1780" Moonlight Battle ", and, again , after Admiral Richard Howe fought Luis de Córdova y Cordova to a draw in the
  16. The Western Roman Empire collapsed in 476 CE, the Berbers became independent, again ,in many regions, while the Vandals took control over other areas, where they
  17. Oracle here, they add something to the price offered, and if the oracle refuses, again , they add something more, until at last, the oracle agrees that the price is
  18. Guard. Lincoln directed his inaugural address to the South, proclaiming once, again ,that he had no intention, or inclination, to abolish slavery in the Southern
  19. Fall of the Empire and the East Alexander then set off in pursuit of Darius, again , first into Media, and then Parthia. The Persian king was no longer in control
  20. To his" official duty" ) was preserving the Union: Lincoln had over and over, again ,made clear that he wanted the states to emancipate the slaves (which they
  21. A plan somewhat analogous, I apprehend, to Prof. Jevon's abacus ... And, again , corresponding to Prof. Jevons's logical machine, the following contrivance
  22. And may cause cracking in the wall. The footing is dug and compressed once, again , Footing depth depends on the region and its ground frost level. The footing
  23. Until the age of Alexandria under the Ptolemies that advances in biology can be, again ,found. The first medical teacher at Alexandria, Herophilus of Chalcedony
  24. To" correct" the module's attitude. 16 months later, Lovell would once, again ,have to perform a similar manual re-alignment, under more critical conditions
  25. The festivities through 1970,after which NBC resumed the broadcasts. ABC once, again ,took over broadcast duties in 1976; it is under contract to do so through the
  26. Is not always necessary, as most of them die when the soil temperature warms up, again ,in early to late spring when other plants are still dormant and have not yet
  27. The ship moves, momentum is not conserved — the ship eventually comes to a stop, again ,when not thrusting. The player can also send their ship into hyperspace
  28. Crack dividing it. Below this crack is another group of eleven parallel lines, again ,divided into two sections by a line perpendicular to them, but with the
  29. For this. Upon Alexander's death, anti-Macedonian sentiment in Athens once, again ,flared. Jurymen the heartfelt denounced Aristotle for not holding the gods
  30. Decay product, one that was separated during purification, but emerged, again ,out of the pure actinium-227. Various tests eliminated the possibility of the
  31. Lead to a radical break in the conception of the function of art, and then, again ,in the late twentieth century with the advent of postmodernism. Clement
  32. In a motto that would become famous:" We fight, get beat, rise,and fight, again , " By March,Greene's army had grown to the point where he felt that he could
  33. But mostly did not settle in their original" habitat ", but in the cities—and, again ,above all in Luanda. As a consequence, more than half the population is now
  34. Created more than 100,000 jobs since 2003. The Afghan rugs are becoming popular, again ,and this gives many carpet dealers around the country to expand their business
  35. Kingdoms began to emerge, most notably Namibia. In 200 BCE, they were once, again ,taken over, this time by the Roman Republic. When the Western Roman Empire
  36. Northern Iraq) and defeated Darius once more at the Battle of Gaugamela. Once, again , Darius was forced to leave the field, and Alexander chased him as far as
  37. 333 BC, his first confrontation with Darius, he used the same deployment, and, again , the phalanx at the center pushed through with the advantage of its long pikes.
  38. His campaign and headed south with his army, but,while the other cities once, again ,hesitated, Thebes decided to resist with the utmost vigor. However, the
  39. Relationship between history and anthropology, influenced by Marshall Sailing (, again ,), who drew on Lévi-Strauss and Fernand Branded to examine the relationship
  40. At the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777. The Continental Congress, again ,abandoned Philadelphia, and on September 26,Howe finally outmaneuvered
  41. State government took steps to restore law and order. Courts started to work, again , The Taliban declined. Many analysts like Amino Baikal describe the Taliban as
  42. A fact that hardened Tarkovsky's resolve to never work in the Soviet Union, again , In the same year, he also arranged the opera Boris Godunov at the Royal Opera
  43. Length r in R.: 7 IF S > R THEN done measuring so GOT 10 ELSE measure, again ,: 8 R ← R − S: 9 Remainder-loop: GOT 7. E2: Is the remainder 0?: EITHER (i)
  44. When Howe moved to encircle Washington's army in October, the Americans, again ,fell back, and a battle at White Plains was fought on October 28. Again
  45. Same perception by voters of Democratic Party efforts to disenfranchise voters, again ,in 1994. In that general election, the then-incumbent Chief Justice of Alabama
  46. Mary's married sister. While preparing for the nuptials and feeling reluctance, again , Lincoln, when asked where he was going, replied," To hell, I suppose. " In
  47. Only and was eventually destroyed during the civil war of the 1990s. It is once, again ,improving, which is due to the vaccination of children, training of medical
  48. Were the Both and Barnes tribes, who were themselves divided into tribes, and, again , into subtribes. Each region of the Maghreb contained several tribes (for
  49. Faced sharp competition from British products which were suddenly available, again , Political unrest in several states and efforts by debtors to use popular
  50. The abacus with very useful modifications, it became widely used in Europe once, again ,during the 11th century Writing in the 1st century BC, Horace refers to the wax

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