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  1. In and around Luanda—by a significant number of Africans, although these, always ,remained native speakers of their local African language. #Since the Portuguese
  2. And Pashto poetry play an important role in the Afghan culture. Poetry has, always ,been one of the major educational pillars in the region, to the level that it
  3. S phenomenology, Dasein is always in a meaningful world, but there is, always ,an underlying background for every instance of signification. Thus, although
  4. Of mind and body, and part and whole. In Heidegger's phenomenology, Dasein is, always ,in a meaningful world, but there is always an underlying background for every
  5. She was accepted by the people, offering them her promise that her son will be, always ,favorable toward the city. Afterwards, Zeus secured Demos to the bottom of the
  6. For example, Mother Jones remarked that" Rand's particular genius has, always ,been her ability to turn upside down traditional hierarchies and recast the
  7. The solace of my death. It is well known that the book Oupnekhat (Upanishads), always , lay open on his table, and he invariably studied it before sleeping at night.
  8. It was a period in my life where I needed help. " He also revealed that he had, always ,hated tennis during his career because of the constant pressure it exerted on
  9. Are Indo-European languages from the Iranian languages subfamily. Persian has, always ,been the prestige language and as the main means of interethnic communication
  10. To mask it ... And the ethics which they have proposed to their disciples has, always ,pursued the same goal. It has been a matter of eliminating the ambiguity by
  11. As autoantibodies are found in conditions other than ASD, and are not, always ,present in ASD, the relationship between immune disturbances and autism remains
  12. And employ a series of photographs rather than drawings. Flip books are not, always ,separate books, but may appear as an added feature in ordinary books or
  13. Reflected Algeria's economic recovery in recent years. Agriculture Algeria has, always ,been noted for the fertility of its soil. 14 percent of its labor force are
  14. Vowels. The boundaries between the three types of segmental scripts are not, always ,clear-cut. For example, Sorani Kurdish is written in the Arabic script, which
  15. That altruism is but one possible form of love. An altruistic action is not, always ,a loving action. Word defines altruism as acting for the good of the other, and
  16. Important clue to the nature of an unknown script. Alphabetic order It is not, always ,clear what constitutes a distinct alphabet. French uses the same basic alphabet
  17. Collectivism, syndicalism or participatory economics. However, anarchism has, always ,included an individualist strain supporting a market economy and private
  18. Second ionization energy of all the alkali metals is very high, thus they, always ,form M+ cations. All the alkali metals are notable for their vigorous
  19. New movements and schools of thought emerged. Although feminist tendencies have, always ,been a part of the anarchist movement in the form of anarcha-feminism, they
  20. Complex but based on similar principles, with the antiperiplanar conformation, always ,being the most favored around each carbon-carbon bond. For this reason, alkanes
  21. Aims were in perpetuating syndicalism itself, whereas anarchists must, always ,have anarchy as their end and consequently refrain from committing to any
  22. Piece of machinery, every piece of which worked flawlessly ... We have, always ,had confidence that this equipment will work properly. All this is possible
  23. States that they can not be properly appreciated if the esoteric is not, always ,kept in mind. The prototype for this model can be found in Solos of Mendes '
  24. In Stockholm, ( Sweden). France Relations between the two countries have not, always ,been cordial due to the former French government's policy of supporting
  25. With Snowball. Meanwhile, Boxer takes up a second maxim:" Napoleon is, always ,right. " Napoleon abuses his powers, making life harder for the animals; the
  26. To the resources and surplus of the commune. Anarchist communism does not, always ,have a communitarian philosophy. Some forms of anarchist communism such as
  27. Selected to receive the special award may decline the offer. They are not, always ,presented on a consistent annual basis. Current special awards * Academy
  28. Of carbon, which has four valence electrons. The carbon atoms in alkanes are, always ,sp3 hybridized, that is to say that the valence electrons are said to be in
  29. Wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness... There was, always ,with him a wonderful purity at once childlike and profoundly stubborn. "
  30. Of Ireland and shows that mere population itself, in Ireland’s case, did not, always ,mean greater wealth and economy. The uncontrolled maxim fails to take into
  31. United States Supreme Court. In Canada, criminal cases, including appeals, are, always , styled in the form R. v. defendant, where R represents the Latin word Rex or
  32. See graph). At the scale of the wavelength of light even wavy water is, always ,smooth, so the light is reflected in a locally specular manner (not diffusely)
  33. Were cut from the final published text. In the published book, Danneskjöld is, always ,seen through the eyes of others (Deign Haggard or Hank Rear den),except for a
  34. Always true, however. In the United States federal courts, the parties' names, always ,stay in the same order as the lower court when an appeal is taken to the
  35. ਅੱਲਾਹ Allah (archaic ਅਲਹੁ in Sikh scripture) Typography The word is, always ,written without an to spell the vowel. This is because the spelling was settled
  36. S doctrine of the will. In Buddhism, however,while greed and lust are, always ,unskillful, desire is ethically variable - it can be skillful, unskillful,or
  37. Different from God. However, in his biography of Muhammad (1934),Tor Andræ, always ,used the term Allah, though he allows that this 'conception of God' seems to
  38. Pessimistic, his most-often-made statement being" Life will go on as it has, always ,gone on – that is, badly. " He spends his time turning the animals' minds to
  39. Cases twice) as the appeals work their way up the court hierarchy. This is not, always ,true, however. In the United States federal courts, the parties' names always
  40. Especially the scholastic tradition of the Catholic Church. His ethics, though, always , influential,gained renewed interest with the modern advent of virtue ethics.
  41. Ended his refusal to fight and took the field killing many men in his rage but, always ,seeking out Hector. Achilles even engaged in battle with the river god
  42. Respect to acidity or basicity because the concentration of hydroxide ions is, always ,equal to the concentration of hydronium ions. An Arrhenius base is a molecule
  43. The interior basins and river valleys are very high, but the nights are almost, always ,cool. Average precipitation is heavy, a result of the convergence of the
  44. Is whether it is perceived to be attractive or repulsive. Though perception is, always ,colored by experience, and is necessarily subjective, it is commonly understood
  45. Cases in Canada also are appealable, so the style of a criminal appeal is, always ,the same whether the appellant is the defendant or prosecution. Direct or
  46. A majority held in restraint by constitutional checks and limitations, and, always , changing easily with deliberate changes of popular opinions and sentiments, is
  47. Way as Chinese characters, to allow for mixed script writing (one syllable, always ,takes up one type-space no matter how many letters get stacked into building
  48. Somehow aesthetically satisfying cannot be art. However," good" art is not, always ,or even regularly aesthetically appealing to a majority of viewers. In other
  49. In a zigzag arrangement in diagrams or in models. The actual structure will, always ,differ somewhat from these idealized forms, as the differences in energy
  50. Standard Italian is represented in only one way. However, pronunciation cannot, always ,be predicted from spelling in cases of irregular syllabic stress. In standard

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