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  1. Septuagint. Both of these nouns are nouns derived from baptize in (βαπτίζω," I, wash ," transitive verb) which is used in Jewish texts for ritual wash ing, and in
  2. Pointing vertically upward). However, unlike other coliforms, they do not ", wash ," their faces. They defecate in the same manner as other Carnivora, though they
  3. Of the plateau, and brought visitors along a narrow shelf nearly above a dry, wash , The arch comes into view suddenly around a corner in the trail and frames the
  4. Elders; and when they come from the marketplace, they do not eat unless they, wash ,themselves (literally," baptize themselves"—βαπτίσωνται, passive or middle
  5. Planned as part of the now cancelled Habitation Module. Instead, crewmembers, wash ,using a water jet and wet wipes, with soap dispensed from a toothpaste
  6. Saying, Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they, wash ,() not their hands when they eat bread. " The other New Testament passage
  7. Light source, and furthermore the parent star causes a glare that tends to, wash ,it out. For the above reasons, telescopes have directly imaged no more than
  8. In the type of message that is being presented. Multiple light sources can, wash ,out any wrinkles in a person's face, for instance, and give a more youthful
  9. Can result in potentially fatal infections. Although patients are encouraged to, wash ,their hands, avoid sick people, and to take other infection-reducing steps
  10. Then of superstition when they ascribed the water of baptism a certain power to, wash ,away sin. Later, in his conflict with the Anabaptists, he defended the practice
  11. Were, via radio intercom: 'Pitching a bit down here ... Probably from my own, wash ,... Straightening up now on track ... Rather close to Peel Island ... Tramping
  12. As they hit each other and the cliffs. This then makes the material easier to, wash ,away. The material ends up as shingle and sand. Another significant source of
  13. Areas (such as near a lamp),where the resulting infrared interference can, wash ,out the image. There is also a technique called 'T-ray' imaging, which is
  14. Washing is meant, for example Mark 7:4 states that the Pharisees" except they, wash ,(Greek" baptize" ), they do not eat ", and " baptize" where baptism, the
  15. The metal from penetrating the pores of the sand. It is also contained in mold, wash , a paste or liquid with the same function applied to the mold before casting.
  16. All of these prayers are recited while facing the Key'bah in Mecca. Muslims must, wash ,themselves before prayer, this wash ing is called Wide. The prayer is
  17. Potassium dichromate in concentrated sulfuric acid, which is then used to, wash ,the apparatus. Sodium dichromate is sometimes used because of its higher
  18. Brake to slow K7 from approximately. Instead of refueling and waiting for the, wash ,of this run to completely subside, Campbell decided to make the return run
  19. Hands or a patient's wounds were not available. A surgeon was not required to, wash ,his hands before seeing a patient because such practices were not considered
  20. Clout which became Club in Old Welsh. The name's literal meaning is ", wash ," but probably refers to the idea of a river goddess being" the wash er" or "
  21. Chief investigator, observed that bundles floating downstream would have had to, wash ,up on the bank" within a couple of years" of the hijacking; otherwise the
  22. Run of 297.6 mph (478.9 km/h) and hence the boat being lighter, and also the, wash ,caused by his first run and made much worse by the use of the water brake.
  23. The reign of Allies, the Antoninus was a copper coin with a thin silver, wash , Influence Even after the Darius was no longer regularly issued, it continued
  24. For example, untreated toxic waste being discharged into a river where people, wash ,and fish. Notes The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the
  25. Ceylon in 1873-75. While travelling, he produced large quantities of colored, wash ,drawings in a distinctive style, which he worked up back in his studio into
  26. The oil is very slightly soluble in hot water making it easy for the oil to “, wash ,off ”. Political consequences and reforms Coast Guard report A report by the US
  27. With about 20ml (2/3 fl oz) of mouth wash two times a day after brushing. The, wash ,is typically swished or gargled for about half a minute and then spat out. In
  28. Travelling at peak speed on her return run was calm, and not disturbed by the, wash ,from the first run, which had not had time to be reflected back on the course.
  29. Water. Use reduction is cost-effective. Grey water systems reuse drained, wash ,water to flush toilets or to water lawns and gardens. Grey water systems can
  30. Of suffixation (attaching suffixes) or stem alternation. Example: * prey 'to, wash ,/ clean clothes with water and soap / detergent' is a simple imperfection
  31. California, Berkeley to study Asian culture and languages. He studied ink and, wash ,painting under Chiara Obama and Tang Dynasty poetry under Ch'en Shih-hsiang.
  32. Male partner urinate between ejaculations, to clear the urethra of sperm, and, wash , any ejaculate from objects that might come near the woman's vulva (e.g.
  33. The word order here is verb–subject–object):: In sentence (1),the verb ", wash ," is where is the root and are inflectional suffixes. The subject" the
  34. Reduced the occurrence of puerperal fever by simply requiring physicians to, wash ,their hands before attending to women in childbirth. This discovery predated
  35. New Testament passage pointed to is:" The Pharisees…do not eat unless they, wash ,(, the ordinary word for wash ing) their hands thoroughly, observing the
  36. The latter males a larger chance of conception. After mating, the female will, wash ,her vulva thoroughly. If a male attempts to mate with her at this point, the
  37. Testament contains four related words; two verbs and two nouns: * baptize in—to, wash , often a person in a ritual context As Christians of different traditions
  38. In turns as the rhyme is sung:: Whose shoe is the dirty shoe: Please go out and, wash ,your dirty shoe: And come back to school: By Monday morning *One potato, two
  39. To the structure. The PTFE material is resistant to most stains, which simply, wash ,off in the rain. If required, cleaning can be performed by abseiled. Although
  40. Of the self the verb is being done to: *ICH waste Mir die Hand. - dative (I, wash ,my hands, literally " I wash to myself the hands" ) Cf. the respective accord
  41. Most likely referring to the bats from Fear and Loathing, then proceeds to, wash ,Range off the car. Historicism is a mode of thinking that assigns a central and
  42. Of time, to four hours a day at three weeks. The normal work is to sweep or, wash ,fallout into shallow trenches to decontaminate the area. They should sleep in a
  43. In the meaning of baptize in is reflected in English Bibles rendering ", wash ," where Jewish ritual wash ing is meant, for example Mark 7:4 states that the
  44. At whose house Jesus ate," was astonished to see that he did not first, wash ,(ἐβαπτίσθη, aorist passive of βαπτίζω—literally," be baptized" ) before
  45. Correctly attributing this difference to the fact that midwives tended to, wash ,their hands more often than surgeons, and that surgeons would often go directly
  46. Wiser for this nation to devote itself to building up its own defenses, and to, wash ,its hands of the mess in Europe. He called for a" Fortress America" concept
  47. Water together. However, it is possible to collect a second or even third, wash ,with the not quite spent grains as separate batches. Each run would produce a
  48. Done to: *ICH waste Mir die Hand. - dative (I wash my hands, literally " I, wash ,to myself the hands" ) Cf. the respective accord in French:" Les infants see
  49. Airline's wastewater treatment plant recycles water used at the base of the, wash ,aircraft, process rinse water tanks, and irrigates landscape. That alone has
  50. Mary Mac's Tea Room, where every morning workers shuck bushels of corn, wash ,selected greens, and snap fresh green beans by hand, has been Atlanta's

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