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  1. Along with an excess of low-level processes. Evidence for this theory has been, found ,in functional neuroimaging studies on autistic individuals and by a brainwave
  2. And escaped. After being on the run for ten days, Booth was tracked down and, found ,on a farm in Virginia, some south of Washington D. C. After a brief fight
  3. Sets all his oil wells on fire, leaving a jeering note:" I am leaving it as I, found ,it. Take over. It's yours. " One particular burning well that resists all
  4. He is a sexual adventurer. As her motives become more clear, Lillian is, found ,to share the sentiments of many other moochers and their worship of destruction
  5. Of his day. The earliest known written evidence of a camera obscure can be, found ,in Aristotle's documentation of such a device in 350 BC in Problematic.
  6. Some alternative treatments may place the child at risk. A 2008 study, found ,that compared to their peers, autistic boys have significantly thinner bones if
  7. The name of Apollo has long been assumed in scholarship. The stones which were, found ,in front of the gates of Homeric Troy were the symbols of Apollo. The Greeks
  8. Function is hard to measure, and that executive function deficits have not been, found ,in young autistic children. A related theory—enhanced perceptual
  9. Are associated with likelihood of family financial problems; one 2008 US study, found ,a 14 % average loss of annual income in families of children with ASD, and a
  10. For non-social stimuli. For example, magnetoencephalography studies have, found ,evidence in autistic children of delayed responses in the brain's processing
  11. Some forms of ASD. Although some abnormalities in the immune system have been, found ,in specific subgroups of autistic individuals, it is not known whether these
  12. S processing of auditory signals. In the genetic area, relations have been, found ,between autism and schizophrenia based on duplications and deletions of
  13. Hospital care. A 2005 Swedish study of 78 adults that did not exclude low IQ, found ,worse prognosis; for example, only 4 % achieved independence. A 2008 Canadian
  14. The study of Rand's philosophical and literary work. In 1987 Gotten helped, found ,the Ayn Rand Society, and has been active in sponsoring seminars about Rand and
  15. And attention, relative to the general population. Sensory abnormalities are, found ,in over 90 % of those with autism, and are considered core features by some
  16. If the esoteric is not always kept in mind. The prototype for this model can be, found ,in Solos of Mendes' second century BCE work, Physika Kai Mystic (On Physical
  17. Algerian Arabic, while approximately 15 percent speak Berber dialects – mainly, found ,in the Kabyle and Chaos regions. French is widely understood, and Standard
  18. And railroads in opposition to the agrarian Democrats. William C. Harris, found ,that Lincoln's" reverence for the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the
  19. Ranking Presidents, Lincoln is ranked in the top three, often #1. A 2004 study, found ,that scholars in the fields of history and politics ranked Lincoln number one
  20. Loss of annual income in families of children with ASD, and a related study, found ,that ASD is associated with higher probability that child care problems will
  21. Defy fate itself as Troy was not meant to be destroyed yet. Finally, Achilles, found , his prey. Achilles chased Hector around the wall of Troy three times before
  22. Early examples of attempts to capture the phenomenon of motion drawing can be, found ,in paleolithic cave paintings, where animals are depicted with multiple legs in
  23. Alchemical terminology in strictly mystical writings. Another example can be, found ,in the work of Heinrich Hurrah (1560–1605) who viewed the process of
  24. Smaller, British and North American universities),anthropologists have also, found ,themselves institutionally linked with scholars of folklore, museum studies
  25. Could only recommend" three A's"—Aristotle, Aquinas,and Ayn Rand. She also, found ,early inspiration in Friedrich Nietzsche, and scholars have found indications
  26. Dinette Schuster" It is apparent ... that Proudhon Anarchism was to be, found ,in the United States at least as early as 1848 and that it was not conscious of
  27. Though few cases are handled that quickly in practice. A 2009 US study, found ,the average age of formal ASD diagnosis was 5.7 years, far above
  28. Under the principles of anarchism without adjectives. In the 1920s this form, found ,as its main proponents Violin and Sebastien Fare. The veteran Italian anarchist
  29. Equation used to study genetic evolution. An interesting example of altruism is, found ,in the cellular slime molds, such as Dictyostelium mucoroides. These protists
  30. A 2008 Canadian study of 48 young adults diagnosed with ASD as preschoolers, found ,outcomes ranging through poor (46 %),fair (32 %),good (17 %),and very
  31. Rules of reasoning. There is one volume of Aristotle's concerning logic not, found ,in the Org anon, namely the fourth book of Metaphysics. In Aristotle's
  32. Vedas (Hindu sacred scriptures),contain the same hints of alchemy that are, found ,in evidence from ancient China, namely vague references to a connection between
  33. In being based on ASCII-1963,instead of the more common ASCII-1967,such as, found ,on the ZX Spectrum computer. Atari and Malaysia computers also used ASCII
  34. People perform altruistic acts because they feel good about it ", what they, found ,was that" another part of the brain was also involved, and it was quite
  35. This ran contrary to the commonly held Platonic belief that universals were, found ,through divine illumination alone. Magnus and Aquinas were among the first to
  36. Language and face processing, and information storage; several studies have, found ,a preference for non-social stimuli. For example, magnetoencephalography
  37. A disturbance of self-referential thought. A 2008 brain-imaging study, found ,a specific pattern of signals in the cingulate cortex which differs in
  38. Spiritual progress. Christianity Altruism was central to the teachings of Jesus, found ,in the Gospel especially in the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain
  39. She also found early inspiration in Friedrich Nietzsche, and scholars have, found ,indications of his influence in early notes from Rand's journals, in passages
  40. Around the pursuit of the philosopher's stone, which he is reputed to have, found ,; his work spends a great deal of time describing the processes and reactions
  41. In the February 2007 print issue of Nature Neuroscience, researchers have, found ,a part of the brain that behaves differently for altruistic and selfish people.
  42. 68 adults who were diagnosed before 1980 as autistic children with IQ above 50, found , that 12 % achieved a high level of independence as adults,10 % had some
  43. With lust directed his sexual attentions on the youth – who refusing to yield, found ,instead himself decapitated upon an altar-omphalos of Apollo. Later versions of
  44. A proclamation of martial law in Missouri. He declared that any citizen, found ,bearing arms could be court-martialed and shot, and that slaves of persons
  45. They are charged with preserving the results of their excavations and are often, found ,in museums. In the typical scenario, archaeologists are associated with" digs
  46. Relevant to or secondary to autism's disease processes. As autoantibodies are, found ,in conditions other than ASD, and are not always present in ASD, the
  47. For idolatry. Examples of Pagan, Christian,and Jewish alchemists can be, found ,during this period. Most of the Greco-Roman alchemists preceding Cosmos are
  48. Alcohol, smoking,illicit drugs, vaccines,although no links have been, found , and some have been completely disproven. Parents may first become aware of
  49. The age of Alexandria under the Ptolemies that advances in biology can be again, found , The first medical teacher at Alexandria, Herophilus of Chalcedony, corrected
  50. Attempting to convey the perception of motion. A 5,000-year-old earthen bowl, found ,in Iran in Shari Sophia has five images of a goat painted along the sides.

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