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  1. For maximum passenger volume, in most cases without sacrificing too much, comfort ,and luggage space, though they seldom have all the amenities of long-distance
  2. Will be engaged in negotiations only to bring the incident to an end, to, comfort , passengers and to prevent loss of lives. * The plane will be shot down if it is
  3. Users felt more comfort able on a system evaluated as usable and applied that, comfort ,and trust into increased use and adoption. Help menus One of the largest issues
  4. The tunnel. The three tunnels contain of air that needs to be conditioned for, comfort ,and safety. Air is supplied from ventilation buildings at Shakespeare Cliff and
  5. Such that predicted movements lie within acceptable standards of occupant, comfort ,criteria. To ensure that all aspects of the building's performance in strong
  6. All buses on national routes are air-conditioned and offer pleasant traveling, comfort , The Croatian parliament has passed a law that no bus should be older than 12
  7. The rich man, which shows people in Hades awaiting the resurrection either in, comfort ,or torment. The author of the Book of Revelation writes about God and the
  8. Pollutants. Higher CO2 concentrations are associated with occupant health, comfort ,and performance degradation. ASHRAE Standard 62.1–2007 ventilation rates may
  9. Standard condoms will fit almost any penis, with varying degrees of, comfort ,or risk of slippage. Many condom manufacturers offer" snug" or" magnum "
  10. S death and held many funeral games in his honor. His mother Thesis came to, comfort ,the distraught Achilles. She persuaded Hephaestus to make a new armor for him
  11. Who were against the war in Vietnam were targeted because they gave" aid and, comfort ," to violent demonstrators by lending respectability to their cause.: The
  12. Made foods together to make a meal. " Home-cooking" may be associated with, comfort ,food, and some commercially produced foods are presented through advertising or
  13. A brother, Mihdí — the three lived in an environment of privilege, happiness and, comfort , Which included converting part of the home to a hospital ward for women and
  14. Of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and staff they, comfort ,me. Original (Sooner Afrikaans) One Vader: One Vader was in die heel is
  15. Dervish describes human beings as mice on a ship sent by a king to Egypt; their, comfort ,does not matter to the king. The dervish then slams his door on the group.
  16. Soundbox without making the sound box deeper at the edges, which would affect, comfort ,and playability. The result is a very balanced tone, comparable to the 00 but
  17. After the Angel Israel blows the trumpet the second time. Their level of, comfort ,while in the grave depends wholly on their level of Man or faith in the one
  18. React when forced into close confinement with people who lie outside their, comfort ,zone, since they may hold different opinions or ideals from other contestants
  19. Sparing him a broken back. ) He read from the Bible frequently, finding it a, comfort ,to him in his condition and a mainstay for his English. When Selkirk's clothes
  20. Do not have defined footwork; within the limits of the music and the, comfort ,of their fellow dancers, individuals move according to their own taste. Most
  21. In Tirol, cakes are left for them on the table and the room kept warm for their, comfort , In Brittany, people flock to the cemeteries at nightfall to kneel, bareheaded
  22. Destruction of Nineveh, it is also a positive encouragement and" message of, comfort ,for Israel, Judah,and others who had experienced the" endless cruelty" (
  23. China mail was imported but was not produced widely. Due to its flexibility and, comfort , it was typically the armor of high-ranking guards and those who could afford
  24. Of the prosthetic limb. To support improved resistance or usability, comfort ,or healing, some type of stump socks may be worn instead of or as part of
  25. Portraits, garden settings and boating scenes, but also subjects portraying the, comfort ,and intimacy of family and domestic life, as did her colleagues, Pierre-Auguste
  26. Her relationship with several nieces whom she helped educate and giving, comfort ,and aid to her husband’s brothers and sisters. Beatrix died of complications
  27. The train usually takes longer to reach a destination than a bus, and the, comfort ,is comparable. Prices also tend to be uncompetitive. Rail freight transport has
  28. In drag racing and other competitions, where speed is more important than, comfort , Automobile Powertrain In a modern car with a manual transmission the clutch is
  29. To come for a visit during the first weeks of his bereavement, so that he could, comfort ,him when his pain was at its greatest. In Atticus's large library, Cicero read
  30. The hopes and comfort s of the gospel at the very time when every other, comfort ,was about to fail me. " His disobedience caused him to be pressed into the
  31. With a single coil pickup, to a contoured body design with beveled edges for, comfort ,and a single four-pole" single coil pickup. " This" split pickup "
  32. Same (3800 Euros). Average rolling-stock age — a rough indicator of passenger, comfort ,— fell slightly from the third quarter of 2001–2 to the third quarter of 2003–4
  33. Bridges. Urban aerodynamics seeks to help town planners and designers improve, comfort ,in outdoor spaces, create urban microclimates and reduce the effects of urban
  34. 100,000 for another year on the soap. In 2008,Carla Connor turned to Liam for, comfort ,and developed feelings for him. In spite of knowing about her feelings, Liam
  35. Which allow more room for leg swings. Comfort depends on riding position. With, comfort ,bikes and hybrids, cyclists sit high over the seat, their weight directed down
  36. However, it is also capable of the renewal of life through the warmth and, comfort ,of those very same flames. The element of fire shows up in mythological stories
  37. Are standard features on utility bicycles to enhance their usefulness and, comfort , Mudguards, or fenders, protect the cyclist and moving parts from spray when
  38. Away the lives of hundreds of Mughal soldiers. There was no suitable diet or, comfort ,in the Mughal camp. At last life became unbearable at Mathurapur and hence the
  39. Logical leap or a kind of philosophical suicide in order to find psychological, comfort , But Camus wants to know if he can live with what logic and lucidity has
  40. vehicle's internal volume, allowing for increased ammunition stowage and crew, comfort , Eliminating the turret also allowed the vehicle to carry thicker armor than
  41. S corpse. He is devastated and later confesses to Kat and Albert, who try to, comfort ,him and reassure him that it is only part of the war. They are then sent on
  42. A blessing. Oil is not used in other blessings, such as for people seeking, comfort ,or counsel. In addition to the reference, the Doctrine and Covenants contains
  43. At this apparent slight, R. Hiya manifested chagrin, and R. Abbey hastened to, comfort ,him by comparing himself to the peddler of glittering wineries that always
  44. Double-triangle diamond frame of the modern bike. Further innovations increased, comfort ,and ushered in a second bicycle craze, the 1890s' Golden Age of Bicycles. In
  45. Engage in cross-dressing behavior. Some people cross-dress as a matter of, comfort ,or style. They may prefer clothing associated with the opposite sex. In this
  46. Death, his mother paid off his substantial debts, and at last she found some, comfort ,in Baudelaire's emerging fame. " I see that my son, for all his faults, has
  47. The Midland Railway in 1874. Bogies serve a number of purposes: * Ensuring ride, comfort ,by absorbing vibration and minimizing centrifugal forces when the train runs on
  48. Westminster Confession of Faith, who nevertheless functions both to govern and, comfort , She calls the Holy Ghost" divine Science or the Holy Comforter," the
  49. Users to choose thinner condoms" for greater durability, sensation,and, comfort ,", but others warn that" the thinner the condom, the smaller the force
  50. The emphasis of this kind of play. In order to ensure the maximum safety and, comfort ,for the participants certain standards of behavior have evolved, these include

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