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  1. A demented stage. In 1866 Album became the director of a private psychiatric, clinic ,in Berlitz (Prussia, today Saxony, a small town near Dresden). He was
  2. Suffered nightmares afterward). For Red Beard, to construct the gate for the, clinic ,set, Kurosawa had his assistants dismantle rotten wood from old sets and then
  3. Basic materials are taught or reviewed before the final day of tryouts. The, clinic ,gives returning cheerleaders and new cheerleaders an equal chance of becoming
  4. Three false claims of his death within a month. After transfer to a psychiatric, clinic ,specializing in alcohol-related problems, he was discharged on 7 May. On 8 May
  5. Del Ester, Uruguay,Maradona had to be rushed to the emergency room of a local, clinic , In a press conference, doctors stated that it was detected heart muscle damage
  6. Until his death from a heart attack in 1992) at the experimental psychiatric, clinic ,of La Border under the direction of Lacan's pupil, the psychiatrist Jean Our.
  7. Left Format and took up a position as professor and director of the psychiatric, clinic ,at Heidelberg University. There he established a research program based on
  8. In 1987 when Gases was 83) which chronicles an old man's journey through a, clinic , a satire of the inefficiency of clinic s and his last book (written a year
  9. That I drank and drank and drank, and they had to practically carry me into the, clinic , " After being discharged, it was recommended by doctors of Hazel den that
  10. Having entered the clinic under an assumed name, which had been advised by the, clinic ,to avoid undue publicity, was not a concern to the FBI. The letter relates the
  11. In documenting the Nursing Process * Convenient care clinic , a health care, clinic ,located in neighborhoods * Coinciding Cold and Cough, an OTC cold medication
  12. Mayo Clinic request of authorization to tell Hemingway that having entered the, clinic ,under an assumed name, which had been advised by the clinic to avoid undue
  13. Research Clinic at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The, clinic ,was organized into two divisions—a medical division and a chiropractic division
  14. NCA) as a way to hold cheerleading clinic s. In 1949,The NCA held its first, clinic ,in Huntsville, TX with 52 girls in attendance. And creating the" Spirit Stick
  15. A serious mental illness, and his mother Franziska decided to transfer him to a, clinic ,in Jena under the direction of Otto Insaner. From November 1889 to February
  16. Tower of Pisa from toppling over. *1971 – Doctors in the first Dutch abortion, clinic ,(the Mildredhuis in Arnhem) start to perform abort provocative. *1973 – The
  17. Professor George Marines cu made several science films in his neurology, clinic ,in, between 1899 and 1902. In 1924,August Lumiere recognized the merits of
  18. Foreign-trained young doctor, Yasumoto, is forced to become an intern at the, clinic ,under the stern tutelage of Doctor Nice, known as" Archive" (" Red Beard "
  19. Action types that assist in documenting the Nursing Process * Convenient care, clinic , a health care clinic located in neighborhoods * Coinciding Cold and Cough, an
  20. Of this hospital was closed in 1999 but with the West Wing remaining open for, clinic ,services, genitourinary medicine and rehabilitation treatment. Rook wood
  21. While on a visit to Moscow and, with great difficulty, was persuaded to enter a, clinic , where the doctors diagnosed tuberculosis on the upper part of his lungs and
  22. Habit until then). Kraepelin believed that by thoroughly describing all the, clinic ,'s new patients on index cards, which he had been using since 1887,researcher
  23. University of Leipzig in 1882,he worked in Wilhelm Heinrich Erb's neurology, clinic ,and in Wundt's psychopharmacology laboratory. His major work," Compendium her
  24. Novel The Insulted and Injured, it is a period film, set in a mid-19th century, clinic ,for the poor, in which Kurosawa's humanist themes receive perhaps their
  25. Meticulous collection of data over time on each new patient admitted to the, clinic ,(rather than only the interesting cases, as had been the habit until then).
  26. Various conditions diagnosed. Research continued in the B. J. Palmer research, clinic ,until B. J. Palmer's death in 1961 and the results and findings of these
  27. Hemingway's FBI file contains an agent's January 1961 letter regarding a Mayo, clinic ,request of authorization to tell Hemingway that having entered the clinic under
  28. Comes to admire his wisdom and courage, and to perceive the patients at the, clinic , whom he at first despised, as worthy of compassion and dignity. Yugo Okayama
  29. Centers of the counterculture of the 1960s. *the Berkeley Free Clinic, a free, clinic ,operating since 1969. *The Edible Schoolyard is a one acre garden at Martin
  30. To McFarland Clinic PC, central Iowa's largest physician-owned multi-specialty, clinic , and also Iowa Heart Center. Notable people * John Vincent Standoff and
  31. As part of the T4 euthanasia action. They were gassed there. At the, clinic ,in Attach itself, around 50 intellectually disabled children were injected
  32. A Clockwork Orange stage play. In it, Dr. Bran om defects from the psychiatric, clinic ,when he grasps that the aversion therapy has destroyed Alex's ability to enjoy
  33. Else in his world. It showed his everyday life as a doctor working in a small, clinic ,in the Bronx. Penny Marshall's 1990 film Awakenings, which was nominated for
  34. Discredited him. In March 1890 Franziska removed Nietzsche from the, clinic , and in May 1890 brought him to her home in Hamburg. During this process
  35. And go. ” Subject to hallucinations and feelings of persecution, he entered the, clinic ,of Dr. Daniel Jacobson. The therapy Munch received for the next eight months
  36. Undue publicity, was not a concern to the FBI. The letter relates the Mayo, clinic ,concern that" this worry was interfering with the treatments of Mr. Hemingway.
  37. Of flu-like symptoms and called in sick from work. He was treated at a local, clinic ,but was not diagnosed with any serious ailment. The discovery of his death
  38. Interviews concerning Guattari's work as director of the experimental La Border, clinic ,and his collaborations with Delete. The collection includes essays such as "
  39. Cities, for family care consultation and treatments in pediatrics, gynecology, clinic , medicine,and surgery. Ecuadorians have a life expectancy of 75 years. The
  40. Moment. RODS, and other systems like it, collect data from sources including, clinic ,data, laboratory data, and data from over-the-counter drug sales. In 2000
  41. Retribution was quick to come. They were expelled from the local health-fund, clinic ,and village synagogue. The cooperative's truck wouldn't make deliveries to
  42. Of surgical abortion, and can be performed in a primary care office, abortion, clinic , or hospital. Complications are rare and can include uterine perforation
  43. Such as" MLS W. O. R. K. S." On 17 August 2007,he conducted a youth, clinic ,in Harlem, along with other current and former MLS players. This was in advance
  44. To Basel. Over beck traveled to Turin and brought Nietzsche to a psychiatric, clinic ,in Basel. By that time Nietzsche appeared fully in the grip of a serious mental
  45. Being taken to his home in Beverly Hills. It also reported that a doctor at the, clinic ,where Haley had been taken said," The tumor can't be operated on anymore. " "
  46. Over many days. The cheerleading coach usually arranges for a cheerleading, clinic , during which basic materials are taught or reviewed before the final day of
  47. Intensive care in a Buenos Aires hospital. Scores of fans gathered around the, clinic , He was taken off the respirator on 23 April and remained in intensive care for
  48. Had isolated the chemical hexuronic acid from animal adrenal glands at the Mayo, clinic , He suspected it to be the antiscorbutic factor, but could not prove it without
  49. From the end of his playing career until undergoing gastric bypass surgery in a, clinic ,in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia on 6 March 2005. His surgeon said that
  50. Music for composers, conductors,and performers * Drum Major Academy, an annual, clinic ,for drum majors and marching band members * Dublin Metropolitan Area, an Irish

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