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  1. Hume 1974:389) And there are a number of reasons to be skeptical of human, testimony , also based on experience. If a) testimonies conflict one another, b ) there
  2. A number of records, immediate efforts to count the dead depended on the, testimony ,of witnesses and the defendants on trial at Nuremberg. While under
  3. The name of the organization and details of its structure were provided in the, testimony ,of Jamal already, who said he was a founding member of the organization and a
  4. Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate the call. Book Doubts about her, testimony ,were furthered by journalist David Brock's claims of Hill's" true motives "
  5. By Hitler that he could return to architecture after the war. During his, testimony , Speer accepted responsibility for the Nazi regime's actions: In political
  6. Witness" before the United States House Un-American Activities Committee. Her, testimony ,described the disparity between her personal experiences in the Soviet Union
  7. Aleksandr could be Paris-Alexander of Lion ", whose name is Greek. The Hittite, testimony ,reflects an early form, which may also be surmised from comparison of Cypriot
  8. Rich and varied authorial voice, its unique weaving together of personal, testimony , philosophical analysis, and historical investigation, and its unrelenting
  9. One of his defense lawyers, said: There were selective portions of al-Fadl's, testimony ,that I believe was false, to help support the picture that he helped the
  10. Been fellow members of the Communist Party. After speaking with Kazan about his, testimony ,Miller traveled to Salem, Massachusetts to research the witch trials of 1692.
  11. Of miracles. True to his empirical thesis, Hume tells the reader that, though, testimony , does have some force, it is never quite as powerful as the direct evidence of
  12. Treatment is that of the reliability of human testimony , and of the role that, testimony ,plays a part in epistemology. This was not an idle concern for Hume. Depending on
  13. Disclosure of Phillips' memo. The committee noted in its final report NASA's, testimony ,that" the findings of the Phillips task force had no effect on the accident
  14. Was heard by Sir Joseph Arnold. The hearing lasted several weeks, and included, testimony ,from Hasan Ali Shah himself. After reviewing the history of the community
  15. Passed by, and would have had he not left behind a record of his trials. The, testimony ,of this wise king was discovered in the form of magnificently sculpted pillars
  16. Levels: the trial court, which initially hears cases and reviews evidence and, testimony ,to determine the facts of the case; at least one intermediate appellate court;
  17. To Plato and other earlier philosophers, Augustine recognizes the centrality of, testimony ,to human knowledge and argues that what others tell us can provide knowledge
  18. That the" dangers, toils,and snares" of Newton's words are a" universal, testimony ," of the African American experience. In the 1960s with the African American
  19. A former employee of bin Laden. Questions about the reliability of al-Fadl's, testimony ,have been raised by a number of sources because of his history of dishonesty
  20. Augustus declared that he gave no such order. Arena, disbelieving Augustus’s, testimony ,and resentful of his attempt to subvert the trial by using his anchorites
  21. Rejoinders The criteria Hume lists in his examination of the validity of human, testimony ,are roughly upheld in modern social psychology, under the rubric of the
  22. Whitewater controversy: President Bill Clinton gives a 4½ hour videotaped, testimony ,for the defense. * 1996 – In Tasmania, Australia,Martin Bryant goes on a
  23. All the accused were executed as soon as they were captured without ever giving, testimony ,in their defense. Augustus ensured that the facade of Republican government
  24. Weight of the claims, sometimes to zero. Examples: Mandy Rice-Davies's famous, testimony ,during the Promo Affair," Well, he would say that,wouldn't he? ", is an
  25. Family had moved away from Cooperstown the prior year. Furthermore, the primary, testimony ,to the commission that connected baseball to Doubleday was that of Abner Graves
  26. Languages. It was based upon Solzhenitsyn's own experience as well as the, testimony ,of 256 former prisoners and Solzhenitsyn's own research into the history of
  27. Maintaining" I testified truthfully about my experience and I stand by that, testimony , " Hill referred the matter to the Brandeis University campus police with a
  28. Later than January 1942,the date of the Wannabe Conference. In his Nuremberg, testimony ,on April 15, 1946,Rudolf Host, the commandant of Auschwitz, testified that
  29. One man's religious miracle may be contradicted by another man's miracle—any, testimony ,relating to the fantastic is self-denunciating. (Hume 1974:393-398) Still
  30. Topic which Hume strives to give treatment is that of the reliability of human, testimony , and of the role that testimony plays a part in epistemology. This was not an
  31. Prepared through a discovery process that aids in the review of evidence and, testimony ,before it is presented to judge or jury. The lawyers involved have a very good
  32. Some jurors voted to acquit, meaning that not everybody believed Augustus’s, testimony , Then, sometime prior to September 1,22 BC a certain Capricious provided
  33. S most personal story of his conversion, underscoring the use of his personal, testimony ,with his parishioners. Dissemination Although it had its roots in England,"
  34. Temporal ellipses between actions (e.g., between the end of one character’s, testimony ,and the beginning of another’s). An instance of the wipe used as a satirical
  35. Parallel to the blinding of Tiresias after he sees Athena bathing. The literary, testimony ,of Actaeon's myth is largely lost, but Lamar Ronald Lacy, deconstructing the
  36. For the bombing. Michael Forties pleads guilty in a plea-bargain for his, testimony , *1998 – HRH Prince Al-Muhtadee Bill ah is proclaimed the crown prince of Brunei
  37. Logical perspective. Indeed, Source A may be in a position to provide personal, testimony ,to support the argument. For example, a father may tell his son not to start
  38. As certain assumptions are made, to wit: The affidavit in place of sworn, testimony ,promotes judicial economy. The lawyer is an officer of the court and knows that
  39. Apparent destruction of evidence, and forensic investigations continue, and the, testimony ,of the Chief of Police. A settlement to the class-action lawsuit was announced
  40. Thomas by a vote of 52–48. Effects Public interest in, and debate over,Hill's, testimony ,is said to have launched modern-day public awareness of the issue of sexual
  41. He helped the Americans join together. I think he lied in a number of specific, testimony ,about a unified image of what this organization was. It made al-Qaeda the new
  42. That said, he provides some reasons why we may have a basis for trust in the, testimony ,of persons: because a) human memory can be relatively tenacious; and b)
  43. And against marrying Muslim women, and limited access to the legal system (the, testimony ,of a Jew did not count if contradicted by that of a Muslim). Shimmies had to
  44. Based only upon written submissions to the trial court and not on any trial, testimony , Another situation is where appeal is by way of re-hearing. Certain
  45. Gaul had migrated there from distant islands. Some have understood Ammianus's, testimony ,as a claim that at the time of Atlantis's actual sinking into the sea, its
  46. When the commission examined the material he had submitted to support his, testimony , they found errors, including some questionable statistics. The Lancet stated
  47. Influence from the Western tradition began in earnest. The NOK culture is, testimony ,to this. The mosque of Timbuktu shows that specific areas of Africa developed
  48. 1998 – Monica Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped, testimony ,that he had an" improper physical relationship" with White House intern
  49. Alleging that Schopenhauer had pushed her. According to Schopenhauer's court, testimony , she deliberately annoyed him by raising her voice while standing right outside
  50. Is one final criterion that Hume thinks gives us warrant to doubt any given, testimony , and that is f) if the propositions being communicated are miraculous. Hume

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