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  1. Age of 23 and it was published when he was 26. Ayer's philosophical ideas were, deeply ,influenced by those of the Vienna Circle and David Hume. His clear, vibrant and
  2. The interior ", although theoretically weak; but the connotation of the field, deeply ,changed after World War II, when a wave of Anglo-American anthropologists
  3. Instantaneously by imperial ukase. It contained very complicated problems, deeply ,affecting the economic, social and political future of the nation. Alexander
  4. Through two world wars and incredible political upheavals in France, were, deeply , uncomfortable with the notion that multiple ruptures and discontinuities
  5. Are flamboyantly, almost playfully, exuberant. Johann Sebastian Bach was, deeply ,influenced by Vivaldi's concertos and arias (recalled in his St John Passion
  6. Became at Rome one of the most celebrated medical men of his time; Olympics was, deeply ,versed in Roman jurisprudence; and Metropolis was a distinguished grammarian in
  7. Up Deign, knowing that she would not be ready to join the strikers. He remains, deeply ,in love with her throughout the book, while also being a good and loyal friend
  8. Adds significantly to the Chronic mythos. The painting offers a dramatic, deeply ,psychological portrayal of the single figure of Aaron in his priestly garments
  9. River Danube (see below). Another version of Achilles' death is that he fell, deeply ,in love with one of the Trojan princesses, Polyxena. Achilles asks Priam for
  10. Spikes. Another Indian annual, A. Hypochondriacus (prince's feather),has, deeply ,veined lance-shaped leaves, purple on the under face, and deep crimson flowers
  11. Bridge as a natural extension of the forehead. The eyes typically are somewhat, deeply ,set. The unsmiling lips are usually full, but the mouth is depicted fairly
  12. Presented the inner meaning of alchemical work as a spiritual path. Jung was, deeply ,interested in the occult since his youth, participating in séances, which he
  13. What many archaeologists call the formative period, Amazonian societies were, deeply ,involved in the emergence of South America's highland agrarian systems, and
  14. And two Latin soldiers competed as to whose sword would penetrate his body more, deeply , and finally his body, according to the representation of his death, was torn
  15. The contradiction that writhed within many Western intellectuals of the time:, deeply ,held racist viewpoints' courtesy of their culture, coupled with a fascination
  16. Junior high school, he accompanied his mother by bus to her therapist. The trip, deeply ,disturbed Ginsberg — he mentioned it and other moments from his childhood in "
  17. Farragut's capture of Mobile ended defeatist jitters; the Democratic Party was, deeply ,split, with some leaders and most soldiers openly for Lincoln. By contrast, the
  18. Vaunted calm appears to have been the result of hard-fought battles, balancing, deeply , felt emotions with careful thought, a sense of responsibility, and resolute
  19. Visit Bayreuth to see Wagner's Her Ring DES Nibelungen and Parsifal, and was, deeply ,affected. In 1898, he went back to Paris to write a PhD dissertation on The
  20. Controversy surrounding their marriage remained a sore point for Jackson, who, deeply , resented attacks on his wife’s honor. With his anger over attacks about Rachel
  21. And moved to California. He traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and became ", deeply ,involved with bin Laden's plans. " A year later, on November 8,1990,the FBI
  22. e.g. archaeology). Anthropology in the United States continues to be, deeply ,influenced by the Asian tradition, especially its emphasis on culture. Boas
  23. Death, this legend as stated is unlikely. However, it is true that Albert us was, deeply ,interested in astrology, as has been articulated by scholars such as Paola
  24. To a herbivorous diet. Like other sauropods, the vertebrae of the neck were, deeply ,bifurcated; that is, they carried paired spines, creating a wide and deep
  25. It furnished the prime minister. Poland In Poland Coleslaw Ivanovski thought, deeply ,about Agrarianism and worked out an eclectic program that fit Polish conditions
  26. In a row, the Audi's were sanctioned with several negative changes that, deeply ,affected the car's performance. Namely, added ballast weights, and Champion
  27. Balzac cloaked in the drapery, looking forcefully into the distance with, deeply ,gouged features. Rodin's intent had been to show Balzac at the moment of
  28. Tale in which Bachchan starred as a young poet named Amit Malta who falls, deeply ,in love with a beautiful young girl named Pooja played by actress Rather Guitar
  29. Offshore workers, making it more feasible to outsource knowledge work. Was, deeply ,misguided. Feigenbaum was also bothered that AI researchers (and some
  30. Robert Bernstein, founder of Human Rights Watch, says that anti-Semitism is ", deeply ,ingrained and institutionalized" in" Arab nations in modern times. " Medal
  31. That she portrays in Edward Weston, and that her heroine Agnes Grey finds, deeply ,appealing. If Anne did form an attachment to Weightman, that does not imply
  32. Significantly, for the first time in over forty years, Kurosawa,for this, deeply ,personal project, wrote the screenplay alone. Although its estimated budget was
  33. In the end, Barger and the other Hell's Angels that were present came away, deeply ,impressed by the courage of Ginsberg and his companion Ken Mesa. They vowed
  34. Until finally Grant succeeded in 1865. An exceptionally astute politician, deeply ,involved with power issues in each state, he reached out to War Democrats and
  35. Woman he had lived with for so long. In his" Confessions," he expressed how, deeply ,he was hurt by ending this relationship, and also admitted that the experience
  36. Was of course utterly unfair, and I am pleased to have the chance to say how, deeply ,sorry I, and we all are for what happened to him ... So on behalf of the British
  37. Crux of descriptive psychology and theory of knowledge. The first thinker to be, deeply ,sensitive to the immense difficulties to be found here was Augustine, who
  38. Brutally gang raped his wife, which caused her subsequent death. He is left, deeply ,scarred by these events, and when he encounters Alex two years later he uses
  39. Sebastian Bach's organ-music contained a mystic sense of the eternal. Wider, deeply ,impressed, agreed to teach Schweitzer without fee, and a great and influential
  40. And unsalvageable architectural members were buried ceremoniously in several, deeply ,dug pits on the hill, serving conveniently as a fill for the artificial plateau
  41. Of the war, the Germans fielded the StG44 against the Soviets; the experience, deeply ,influenced Soviet military doctrine in the post-war years. Mikhail Kalashnikov
  42. Of reaching an entente with the Empire. The Byzantines were almost certainly, deeply ,involved in the plot. It was in their interest to stem the Lombard tide by
  43. The rise of parent organizations and the stigmatization of childhood ASD have, deeply ,affected how we view ASD, and many primary care physicians and medical
  44. Those resulting in invitations to parties, may affect the quality of life more, deeply , Communication About a third to a half of individuals with autism do not
  45. Culturally, Rodin possessed a unique ability to model a complex, turbulent, deeply , pocketed surface in clay. Many of his most notable sculptures were roundly
  46. Life was devoted to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving, deeply ,into individual freedom. Early years Albert Camus was born on 7 November 1913
  47. France. Final days, execution,and aftermath He was a powerful figure in the, deeply ,unpopular Fermi General,28 feudal tax collectors who were known to profit
  48. Under the hill played an important part in the young Alan's life, becoming ", deeply ,embedded in my psyche" and heavily influencing his later novels. He attended
  49. Detected a slight sound on his first test, the bullet may have been lodged too, deeply ,to be detected by the crude apparatus. The experimental boats were essentially
  50. Been more brilliant, he would not have been taken so seriously. Had he dug more, deeply , had he unearthed more recondite truth, had he used more difficult and

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