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  1. Trade (primarily lilies and fresh vegetables to the U. S.),spurring the, overseas ,territory to develop its tourist industry. After several failed attempts, in
  2. The border with the Peseta Central; to the south, the self-governing British, overseas ,territory of Gibraltar and the Strait of Gibraltar separate it from Africa.
  3. Beyond London and all over the world; in 2007,24 UK,37 Irish and 49 other, overseas ,supporters clubs were affiliated with the club. A 2005 report by Granada
  4. Made new enemies. The Dutch, a major enemy of Castile, invaded many Portuguese, overseas ,possessions, including Luanda. The Dutch ruled Luanda from 1640 to 1648 as Fort
  5. As part of the hippie trail. In 1973,while King Zahid Shah was on an official, overseas ,visit, Daoud Khan launched a bloodless coup and became the first President of
  6. Pursue their own interests in the form of work as rowers and in the hundreds of, overseas ,administrative positions. Further they used the income from empire to fund
  7. Small (1 %) population of whites, mainly ethnically Portuguese (as a former, overseas ,territory of Portugal until 1975,the Portuguese makeup currently the largest
  8. Afrikaans names from its livery. Similarly, South Africa's diplomatic missions, overseas ,now only display the name of the country in English and their host country's
  9. East India Company and the Dutch West India Company. These companies acquired, overseas ,possessions that later became Dutch colonies. Amsterdam was Europe's most
  10. By England in 1609,making it the oldest and most populous remaining British, overseas ,territory. Its first capital, St George's, was established in 1612 and is the
  11. Within their countries, as well as connections within Latin America and also, overseas ,flights to North America, Europe,Australia, and Asia. Just three airlines: LAN
  12. In 1972 and full ownership in 1994. International expansion Amway expanded, overseas ,to Australia in 1971,to Europe in 1973,to parts of Asia in 1974,to Japan in
  13. 2007 Aon had failed to properly assess the risks involved in its dealings with, overseas ,firms and individuals. The Authority did not find that any money had actually
  14. With local women. At that time, Portuguese women were barred from travelling, overseas ,due to superstition about women on ships, as well as the unsafe nature of the
  15. Kits and Nevis and become a separate British colony (now termed a British, overseas ,territory). Politics Anguilla is an internally self-governing overseas
  16. Two days later in the home of one of five men who were arrested. An unnamed, overseas ,buyer is believed to have been involved. Name "/JJ"> NY Times"/> Polish police
  17. Pop. 775); Canada:; Costa Rica:; Germany:; Ukraine: Anguilla () is a British, overseas ,territory and overseas territory of the European Union in the Caribbean, one of
  18. In mid-1984 was losing about a million dollars per day. Interested in Atari's, overseas ,manufacturing and worldwide distribution network for his new computer, Tramiel
  19. Or to another destination in the other country while carrying passengers from, overseas , In the 1990s," open skies" agreements became more common. These agreements
  20. Is found predominantly in Mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan and in, overseas ,Chinese populations. Taoism is found mainly in Mainland China, Taiwan,Malaysia
  21. Of the adjoining mainland—and may be extended to include the Caribbean Diaspora, overseas , Armed forces Once known as the Gibraltar of the West, the defense of Bermuda
  22. Brunei, and Bruneians wishing to study to become doctors must attend university, overseas , However, the Institute of Medicines had been introduced at the University
  23. Such as India and Malaysia. Sikhism is found in Northern India and amongst, overseas ,Indian communities in other parts of Asia, especially Southeast Asia.
  24. Taxes to Portuguese men (known as casinos, or " married men" ) who ventured, overseas ,and married local women. With Albuquerque's encouragement, mixed marriages
  25. British overseas territory). Politics Anguilla is an internally self-governing, overseas ,territory of the United Kingdom. Its politics take place in a framework of a
  26. Approve any changes to the Constitution of Bermuda. Bermuda now exists as an, overseas ,territory of Britain, but it is the oldest British colony. In 1620,a Royal
  27. As the CMF or Militia),and Australian Imperial Forces were formed to serve, overseas , and *Post-1947,when a standing peacetime regular infantry force was formed
  28. The UK after it made more than $7 million worth of" suspicious" payments to, overseas ,firms and individuals. The UK's Financial Services Authority stated that the
  29. Most visited city in the United States, welcoming over 35 million domestic and, overseas ,visitors per year. Atlanta is home to many cultural institutions and exhibits
  30. district's agriculture depends. Much as Andalusia profited from the Spanish, overseas ,empire, the region suffered greatly from its loss and from the end of
  31. West; Colombia to the northwest; and Venezuela, Suriname,Guyana and the French, overseas ,department of French Guiana to the north. It shares a border with every country
  32. Relatively mild winter and spring climate, the south of Spain is attractive to, overseas ,visitors–especially tourists from Northern Europe. While inland areas such as
  33. Rich:; Germany:; Ukraine: Anguilla () is a British overseas territory and, overseas ,territory of the European Union in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of
  34. In Northern Ireland. Israel Australia New Zealand You can also dial from, overseas ,to test if your (CPN) Caller ID number is being passed on to New Zealand.
  35. The difficulty of overland travel via the United States, around Cape Horn or, overseas ,from Asia. Nearly all travel and freight to and from the region occurred via
  36. A boom in production. Following a few successful adaptations of anime in, overseas ,markets in the 1980s,anime gained increased acceptance in those markets in the
  37. To Diana Rash wan, this was" apparently as a result of the merger of the, overseas ,branch of Egypt's jihad (Egyptian Islamist Jihad, or EIC) group, led by
  38. Duke not from the royal family, and the first Portuguese title landed, overseas , For some time he was known as The Terrible, The Great, The Caesar of the East
  39. Continuing to sell health and accident policies. In the 1970s Combined expanded, overseas ,despite being hit hard by the recession. In 1982,after 10 years of stagnation
  40. Gas production account for nearly half of its GDP. Substantial income from, overseas ,investment supplements income from domestic production. The government provides
  41. Upon their marriage. Excluding those princesses who have married into, overseas ,Roman Catholic royal families, only one member of the Royal Family (that is
  42. The beginning of the 20th century. In 1951,the colony was designated as an, overseas ,province, called Overseas Province of Angola. Portugal had a presence in Angola
  43. From 1968 onwards. Ever since Portugal handed over sovereignty of its former, overseas ,province of Angola to the local independence groups (MPA, UNITA, and FNMA)
  44. Rejected the authority of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them from, overseas ,without representation, and then expelled all royal officials. By 1774 each
  45. Has traditionally meant the punishment of criminals by deporting them to an, overseas ,penal colony. ) In AME, the word transport is mainly used only as a verb
  46. Which separates Spain from Morocco, and the Atlantic Ocean. The small British, overseas ,territory of Gibraltar shares a three-quarter-mile land border with the
  47. That they are U. S. citizens or an inability, particularly of people, overseas , to distinguish Canadian English and American English accents. People of U. S.
  48. Communities in Bangladesh, Pakistan,Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bali. Many, overseas ,Indians in countries such as Burma, Singapore and Malaysia also adhere to
  49. NP"> Benin"/>} } Bermuda (officially, the Bermudas or Homers Isles) is a British, overseas ,territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. Located off the east coast of the United
  50. And mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, as well as, overseas ,through the Australia Network and Radio Australia. Founded in 1929 as the

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