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  1. Cases that go to trial are carefully prepared through a discovery process that, aids ,in the review of evidence and testimony before it is presented to judge or jury
  2. To the flight crew. This imagery is used for everything from navigational, aids , Search and Rescue, and target acquisition. ESM/WAS Electronic support measures
  3. And target acquisition. ESM/WAS Electronic support measures and defensive, aids ,are used extensively to gather information about threats or possible threats.
  4. They usually also have a peep sight (rear sight) built into the string which, aids ,in a consistent anchor point. Modern compound bows automatically limit the draw
  5. Composting, the nutrients contained in them are returned to the soil. This, aids ,in preventing soil degradation. Human fecal matter and urine have high
  6. Of extensions. In the simplest mechanical extensions, there are no mechanical, aids ,attached to the fingerboard extension except a locking nut for the" E" note.
  7. A bond between old and new concrete (typically a type of polymer). * Pumping, aids ,improve pumpability, thicken the paste and reduce separation and bleeding.
  8. But a collection of evolved responses, sickness behavior, by the body which, aids ,the clearing of infection. Such aspects of illness can include lethargy
  9. Glove is used, provided with a ridge which is used to draw the string. Release, aids ,Archers using compound bows most commonly use a release aid to hold the string
  10. Charting changes in the groups. While much more resource-intensive, the format, aids ,in a clearer distinction between what changes can be attributed to individual
  11. Of pollination. Most bees are fuzzy and carry an electrostatic charge, which, aids , in the adherence of pollen. Female bees periodically stop foraging and groom
  12. With warm summers and mild winters. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, aids ,in moderating the city's temperatures. As a result Algiers usually does not
  13. In combat, nearly knocking the villain to his death. Robin shows mercy and, aids ,Two-Face, but is taken hostage when the villain pulls a gun. Batman is able to
  14. Assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and dental therapists –, aids ,in providing oral health services. Overview Dental surgery and treatments
  15. To the pilot (hence the nickname). From the late 1950s onward, visual landing, aids ,such as optical landing system have provided information on proper glide slope
  16. Of the first products to allow other game companies to develop games or game, aids ,for their work. Companies such as Green Knight and Pagan Publishing earliest
  17. Is routine to screen for middle ear problems and hearing loss; low gain hearing, aids ,or other amplification devices can be useful for language learning. Early
  18. Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (MORT) and DMORT-WMD, and other, aids ,such as temporary housing to speed civil recovery. On an individual scale, one
  19. Replacement and transplant of fetal retinal cells. Adaptive techniques and, aids ,Mobility Many people with serious visual impairments can travel independently
  20. Developers writing in C are encouraged to conform to the standards, as doing so, aids ,portability between compilers. History and outlook The first standard for C was
  21. Dyebath is used. The very fine particle size gives a large surface area that, aids ,dissolution to allow uptake by the fiber. The dyeing rate can be significantly
  22. The activity of brewer's yeast over less desirable microorganisms, and hops, aids ,in" head retention ", the length of time that a foamy head created by
  23. Come too close over the right to use these limited resources. Wallowing also, aids ,the skin in regulating body temperatures. Elephants have difficulty in
  24. Rabbinic sages, blue is the color of God's Glory. Staring at this color, aids ,in mediation, bringing us a glimpse of the" pavement of sapphire, like the
  25. There as well. As a whole, the programs at Cooley are part of a curriculum that, aids ,individuals in overcoming the exceptional obstacles to their educational and
  26. The law, and lawyers and judges tend to use these treatises as only" finding, aids ," to locate the relevant cases. In common law jurisdictions, scholarly work is
  27. Pressure or movement on his face or head. In many cases, the phantom limb, aids ,in adaptation to a prosthesis, as it permits the person to experience
  28. Of life in Heaven, a source of detachment from the material world which, aids ,in one's relationship with God. Celibacy is designed to" consecrate
  29. Primary characteristics present in most sharks is the heterosexual tail, which, aids , in locomotion. Body covering Chondrichthyes have toothlike scales called
  30. English and modern North American archers who do not use mechanical release, aids , ) The mechanical release holds the string by retaining it by some form of gate
  31. Claudius Marcellus is said to have taken back to Rome two mechanisms used as, aids ,in astronomy, which showed the motion of the Sun, Moon and five planets. Cicero
  32. For example, the function of eating is to acquire nutrients (which ultimately, aids ,survival and reproduction),but the immediate cause of eating is hunger (
  33. Considered to be true birds). They facilitate flight, provide insulation that, aids ,in thermoregulation, and are used in display, camouflage,and signaling. And
  34. Cement and mortar, lime,limestone (usually used in the steel industry) and, aids ,in production in the glass industry. It also has chemical and optical uses as
  35. The professor to stop her mad brother, Shi'AR Emperor D'Ken, and he instantly, aids ,her by deploying his X-Men. When Jean Grey returns from the Savage Land to tell
  36. To sunburn and skin cancers. Classification in humans Glasses and other vision, aids , large-print materials and CCTV, as well as bright but angled reading lights
  37. Watergate Scandal: U. S. President Richard Nixon announces that top White House, aids ,H. R. Alderman, John Ehrlich man and others have resigned. *1975 – Fall of
  38. Can then be displayed on screen as recognizable text. * Standalone reading, aids ,integrate a scanner, optical character recognition (OCR) software, and speech
  39. From the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (JST),and other study, aids , Continuing revelation Under the Church's doctrine of continuing revelation (
  40. Particularly Aloe vera are used in alternative medicine and in the home first, aids , Both the translucent inner pulp and the resinous yellow Alvin from wounding
  41. For example — the primary target of antidepressant drugs and many dietary, aids ,— comes exclusively from a small brain stem area called the Safe nuclei.
  42. To spoken verbal communication, typically relies on both words, visual, aids , and non-verbal elements to support the conveyance of the meaning. Oral
  43. Stormy nighttime conditions with zero visibility, and lack of electronic homing, aids ,at the recovery bases. Only one landed intact; it came down in the Soviet Union
  44. Important roles in the human body. The hydrochloric acid present in our stomach, aids ,in digestion by breaking down large and complex food molecules. Amino acids are
  45. That the chapter divisions were later additions - for commentary, or as, aids ,to rote memorization - and that the original text was more fluidly organized.
  46. Hobby and toy stores sell dice, miniatures,adventures, and other game, aids ,related to D&D and its game offspring. In popular culture D&D grew in
  47. Painted white for improved offshore visibility, they serve as navigation, aids , In Scandinavia, they are called Hummel in Swedish and Hummel in Finnish, and
  48. The activity of brewer's yeast over less desirable microorganisms, and hops, aids ,in" head retention ", the length of time that a foamy head created by
  49. Simple graphics can be of benefit to users with some residual vision. Other, aids ,and techniques Blind people may use talking equipment such as thermometers
  50. Is equal to many fertilizers and manures purchased in garden stores. Humane, aids ,in the conservation of fresh water by avoiding the usage of potable water

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