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  1. Often in more muted form. Unusual social development becomes apparent early in, childhood , Autistic infants show less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at
  2. Acacia Pedro Maria of Spain (1908–1975),a deaf-mute as the result of a, childhood ,operation, he renounced his rights to the throne in 1933 and became Duke of
  3. Was writing before he died. The novel was an autobiographical work about his, childhood ,in Algeria. Summary of absurdism Many writers have addressed the Absurd, each
  4. Sense of Catholic morality later in works. Christie wrote little of Poirot’s, childhood ,though in Three Act Tragedy she writes that he comes from a large family with
  5. And owner by inheritance of the world's the largest copper mining empire. He is a, childhood ,friend, and the first love, of Deign Haggard. A child prodigy of exceptional
  6. Estimated at 3.7 per 1,000,Asperger syndrome at roughly 0.6 per 1,000,and, childhood ,disintegrative disorder at 0.02 per 1,000. The number of reported cases of
  7. And valence. High prenatal exposure to PAH is associated with lower IQ and, childhood ,asthma. The Center for Children's Environmental Health reports studies that
  8. Language development. Whereas autism itself is often called autistic disorder, childhood ,autism, or infantile autism. In this article, autism refers to the classic
  9. Athena's parentage involves some of her more mysterious (a sea god),and a, childhood ,friend of Athena. In every case, Athena kills Dallas, accidentally,and thereby
  10. Him as being a" father figure" to Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's, childhood ,friend and former business manager, Perry Rogers, sued Graph for $50,000 in
  11. Austrian males. Also in 1966,Schwarzenegger had the opportunity to meet, childhood ,idol Reg Park, who became his friend and mentor. The training paid off and, in
  12. The Big Four furnishes possible information about Poirot's birth or at least, childhood ,in or near the town of Spa, Belgium:" But we did not go into Spa itself. We
  13. Of the Wentworth Viscounts. Lovelace was often ill, dating from her early, childhood , At the age of eight she experienced headaches that obscured her vision. Her
  14. At age 8 years. Although the symptoms of autism and ASD begin early in, childhood , they are sometimes missed; years later, adults may seek diagnoses to help them
  15. Temalpouhkeh ", who were students dedicated to take the accounts of skies, from, childhood , Unfortunately the Nepohualtzintzin and its teaching were among the victims of
  16. Forehead, and the bases of his fingers were hairless. He spent his early, childhood ,like other Arab children of the time among the Bedouins who called themselves
  17. Is much more obvious than it is to the English speaker who has learned since, childhood ,to ignore it. Allophones of English may be noticed if the 'light' of leaf is
  18. Unveiled an official English Heritage Blue Plaque at his birthplace and, childhood ,home in Warrington Crescent, London,later the Colonnade hotel. To mark the
  19. The trip deeply disturbed Ginsberg — he mentioned it and other moments from his, childhood ,in" Kaddish ". This is followed soon by the line" with mother finally ******.
  20. With whom he shared books and ideas. Bronson Alcott later reflected on his, childhood ,at Spindle Hill:" It kept me pure ... I dwelt amidst the hills ... God spoke
  21. And Aphrodite Pan demos (" Common" Aphrodite). Adulthood Aphrodite had no, childhood ,: in every image and each reference she is born as an adult, nubile,and
  22. On the party platform, and second on Lincoln's life story, emphasizing his, childhood ,poverty. The goal was to demonstrate the superior power of" free labor "
  23. A graduate of the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. Tchaikovsky spent his, childhood ,in Brevets. He was described by childhood friends as active and popular
  24. He shot the film The Mirror, a highly autobiographical film drawing on his, childhood ,and incorporating some of his father's poems. Tchaikovsky had worked on the
  25. Auburn, New York, for four years in the United States Congress. Abner spent his, childhood ,in Auburn and later was sent to Cooperstown to live with his uncle and attend a
  26. Was recorded on 5 June 1723 at Kirkland. Though few events in Smith's early, childhood ,are known, Scottish journalist and Smith's biographer John Rae recorded that
  27. Problems affect about two-thirds of individuals with ASD at some point in, childhood , These most commonly include symptoms of insomnia such as difficulty in falling
  28. Unbalanced, blocked or stagnant. It is believed that through birth or early, childhood , a“ weakness” in one of the five elements develops until it impedes the flow
  29. 1947 to spring 1948,he was in a hospital with tuberculosis. Many themes of his, childhood ,- the evacuation, his mother and her two children, the withdrawn father, the
  30. To grow faster than usual, followed by normal or relatively slower growth in, childhood , It is not known whether early overgrowth occurs in all autistic children. It
  31. Institute. Tchaikovsky spent his childhood in Brevets. He was described by, childhood ,friends as active and popular, having many friends and being typically in the
  32. Summer of 1931,Delete worked in a local canning factory and collaborated with, childhood ,friend Mark Scorer (later Chairman of the University of California, Berkeley
  33. An amiable of a brother ". Agatha described herself as having had a very happy, childhood , While she never received any formal schooling, she did not lack an education.
  34. Only briefly lived in Monmouth shire, the Welsh people Wallace knew in his, childhood ,considered him to be English, and because Wallace himself consistently referred
  35. And in #259 (Dec. 1984),she reveals to Parker the extent of her troubled, childhood , Other notable issues of the DeFalco-Frenz era include #252 (May 1984),with
  36. In the classroom, tolerance in schools, physical education/recess, and early, childhood ,education. The teachings of William Every Channing a few years earlier had
  37. Play. The disturbance must not be better accounted for by Rest syndrome or, childhood ,disintegrative disorder. ICD-10 uses essentially the same definition. Several
  38. Off in a future state who have lived in the belief of doctrines inculcated from, childhood , and which are to them rather a matter of blind faith than intelligent
  39. Publicly funded education programs to privately funded health insurance. After, childhood , key treatment issues include residential care, job training and placement
  40. Until 1876. The Wallace's had three children: Herbert (1867–1874) who died in, childhood , Violet (1869–1945),and William (1871–1951). Financial struggles In the
  41. Time, the boy also studied calligraphy and Kendo swordsmanship. Another major, childhood ,influence was Halo Kurosawa,Akira's older brother by four years. In the
  42. His father's civil service commission was still active, and during Turing's, childhood ,years his parents travelled between Hastings, England and India, leaving their
  43. Early days Ampere was born in Lyon, France on 20 January 1775. He spent his, childhood ,and adolescence at the family property at Poleymieux-au-Mont-d'Or near Lyon.
  44. Although the rise of parent organizations and the stigmatization of, childhood ,ASD have deeply affected how we view ASD, and many primary care physicians and
  45. Tchaikovsky Award. In 1996 the Andrei Tchaikovsky Museum opened in Brevets, his, childhood , town. A minor planet,3345 Tarkovskij, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila
  46. Infantry regiment. Camus and his mother lived in poor conditions during his, childhood ,in the Court section of Algiers. In 1923,the bright boy was accepted into
  47. To Alfred in 891 is undoubtedly authentic. The story that he himself in his, childhood ,was sent to Ireland to be healed by Saint Modena, though mythical, may show
  48. Agatha Christie published two autobiographies: a posthumous one covering, childhood ,to old age; and another chronicling several seasons of archaeological
  49. Saving ephemera from his daily life – correspondence, newspapers,souvenirs, childhood ,objects, even used plane tickets and food – which was sealed in plain cardboard
  50. To all of humanity. Education Born in Kaysersberg, Schweitzer spent his, childhood ,in the village of Gunsmith, Alsace (), where his father, the local

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