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  1. Of the order Asparagus. * The flowers of Asparagus are of a general, type ,among the limited monocots. Compared to Lilies, they usually have plain
  2. Country to country. The nature of an appeal can vary greatly depending on the, type ,of case and the rules of the court in the jurisdiction were the case was
  3. In the model. For example, we show the model for a simplified ANOVA with one, type ,of treatment at different levels.: S_ = S_ + S_\, \! So, the number of degrees
  4. Has ever been published. Each of the families that is written in boldface, type ,below is accepted as a valid clade. By contrast, the relationships between
  5. Dalai Lama * Dharma Nyasa — Nature's tendency to produce a perfect, type ,Jainism The fundamental principles of Jainism revolve around the concept of
  6. Flowers are in the main not particularly distinctive, being of a general 'lily, type ,', with six sepals, either free or fused from the base. The order is thought to
  7. Complete mathematical assignments using a braille-writer and Ne meth code (a, type ,of braille code for mathematics) but large multiplication and long division
  8. Models of computation: A computer (or human" computer" ) is a restricted, type ,of machine, a " discrete deterministic mechanical device" that blindly follows
  9. The first was to compensate for the latter, with Nature trying to preserve a, type ,of balance. Similarly, Aristotle believed that creatures were
  10. Hebrew Bible. Unicode has a code point reserved for Allah, = U+FDF2. Many Arabic, type ,fonts feature special ligatures for Allah. Usage in Arabic Pre-Islamic Arabia
  11. Epilepsy, with variations in risk of epilepsy due to age, cognitive level, and, type , of language disorder. *Several metabolic defects, such as phenylketonuria, are
  12. Are not regarded as science at all in modern times. He placed emphasis on the, type ,(s) of soul an organism possessed, asserting that plants possess a vegetative
  13. The name of the root chain * If there are multiple side chains of the same, type , use prefixes such as" DI-" and" TRI-" to indicate it as such, and number
  14. Pumped through the ponds. Alga culture on a large scale is an important, type ,of aquaculture in some places. Meyer is commonly used as a soil conditioner.
  15. Terms of this kind give rise to vicious circle fallacies. Other terms with this, type ,of ambiguity are: falsifiable, true,false, function,property, class,relation
  16. Deal with territorial issues and Indian claims. Nevertheless, the confederation, type ,of national government proved to be too weak and in 1789 it was replaced with a
  17. Standing male youths which first appear in the archaic period in Greece. This, type ,served certain religious needs and was first proposed for what was previously
  18. Marisa Tarkovskaya and actor Anatolia Solzhenitsyn all died from the very same, type ,of lung cancer, Vladimir Sharon, sound designer in Stalker, is convinced that
  19. Appealing, including even whether there is a right of appeal from a particular, type ,of decision, can vary greatly from country to country. The nature of an appeal
  20. Are many type s of stop-motion animation, usually named after the, type ,of media used to create the animation. Computer software is widely available to
  21. Chicken Run and The Adventures of Mark Twain. * Cutout animation is a, type ,of stop-motion animation produced by moving 2-dimensional pieces of material
  22. Can be observed in his depictions from the almost static formal Hours, type ,in early archaic period to the representation of motion in a relative
  23. Hydrogen does become metallic, and it behaves like an alkali metal. This, type ,of hydrogen is known as metallic hydrogen. Hydrogen is sometimes considered to
  24. To create the animation. Computer software is widely available to create this, type ,of animation. * Puppet animation typically involves stop-motion puppet figures
  25. Other genera in the order, such as Romania and Aphyllanthes, have the same, type ,of secondary growth but confined to their underground stems. *
  26. In two teams, each trying to grab and hold a goat carcass. Afghan hounds (a, type ,of running dog) originated in Afghanistan and was originally used in the sport
  27. Thomas Jefferson had encouraged a French alliance, and guns such as de Dallier, type ,were used, playing an important role in such battles as the Battle of Saratoga.
  28. Multiple two-sample t-tests would result in an increased chance of committing a, type ,I error. For this reason, ANOVAs are useful in comparing two, three or more
  29. Randall concludes that," he was conservative in his complete avoidance of that, type ,of so-called 'radicalism' which involved abuse of the South, hatred for the
  30. Month Appellation in northwest Greek calendars, but it can explain only the Doric, type ,of the name, which is connected with the Ancient Macedonian word" Ella" (
  31. Group I metabolomic glutamate receptors (glue) in the pathogenesis of one, type ,of autism, Fragile X. Some data suggest an increase in several growth hormones;
  32. Are often at the tip of the stem and are mainly of a rather generalized 'lily, type ,', with six sepals and up to six stamens. The orders which have been separated
  33. Thought to be depictions of Apollo. The adaptation of a standard recognizable, type ,for a long time, is probably because nature gives preference in survival of a
  34. In several ways: motive, plot,character. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the latter, type ,of ambiguity with notable effect in his novel The Great Gatsby. All religions
  35. Of Dense 3. JPG|Great Mosque of Dense, famous building made from banco,a, type ,of adobe An adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience; it may
  36. Due to their similarity to each other. In England," Claridge's was the, type ,most used in the 1840s and 50s" with materials manufactured through a
  37. For a long time, is probably because nature gives preference in survival of a, type ,which has long been adopted by the climatic conditions and also due to the
  38. Common (see image). It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden toy. The, type ,of abacus shown here is often used to represent numbers without the use of
  39. Based in SEU d'Urgell, has owned Andorra. Before 1095,Andorra did not have any, type ,of military protection and the Bishop of Urgell, who knew that the Count of
  40. Problem. This process will terminate only when it comes to the direction of, type ,(C) i.e., STOP ". See more at Post–Turing machine Alan Turing's work
  41. S reaction to ambiguous situations and the Modes of Leadership they use,the, type ,of creativity, Kirton (2003) and how they relate to others. Music In music
  42. Error checking if desired. Eight-bit machines (with octets as the native data, type ,) that did not use parity checking typically set the eighth bit to 0. The code
  43. The vast majority of the human population labored in agriculture. The, type ,of agriculture they developed was typically subsistence agriculture in which
  44. Dots: they are evenly spaced and create flat areas of color. Dots of this, type , used in halftone printing, were originally used in comic strips and newspapers
  45. In the next stage, the scientists asked the participants some questions about, type ,and frequency of their altruistic or helping behaviors. They then analyzed the
  46. Corded keyboards have a handful of keys (one per digit per hand) to, type ,by 'chords' which produce different letters and keys. * Expanded keyboards
  47. As a whole. He wanted the universe to be eternal and unchanging, but this, type ,of universe is not consistent with relativity. To fix this, Einstein modified
  48. Environment. A study of injuries in the martial arts showed that while the, type ,of injuries varied considerably from one art to the other, the differences in
  49. Apollo Photos, Boeotia alone. The last stage in the development of the Hours, type ,is the late archaic period (520-485 BC),in which the Greek sculpture
  50. Atlantic Ocean Merchant marine: country comparison to the world: 128 * by, type ,: cargo 1,passenger/cargo 2,petroleum tanker 2,roll on/roll off 1 *

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