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  1. ABA),developmental models, structured teaching, speech and language therapy, social ,skills therapy, and occupational therapy. And is well-established for improving
  2. Is a tendency which rejects the use of violence in the struggle for, social ,change. Its main proponents included Leo Tolstoy, Dorothy Day, Ammon Tenancy
  3. The subgenus cortex/septal region. These structures are intimately related to, social ,attachment and bonding in other species. Altruism, the experiment suggested
  4. Thought that syndicalism was revolutionary and would create the conditions of a, social ,revolution, while Latest did not consider syndicalism by itself sufficient.
  5. Jean IARD treated him with a behavioral program designed to help him form, social ,attachments and to induce speech via imitation. The New Latin word autism us (
  6. Respond less to their own name. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from, social ,norms; for example, they have less eye contact and turn taking, and do not have
  7. And whose main contemporary currents are anarcho-primitivism and, social ,ecology. Anarcho-pacifism is a tendency which rejects the use of violence in
  8. Developed communication skills in later years. Most children with autism lack, social ,support, meaningful relationships, future employment opportunities or
  9. Disorders (PDD),which are characterized by widespread abnormalities of, social ,interactions and communication, and severely restricted interests and highly
  10. Of 1848,during which ten countries had experienced brief or long-term, social ,upheaval as groups carried out nationalist uprisings. After most of these
  11. Symptoms total, including at least two symptoms of qualitative impairment in, social ,interaction, at least one symptom of qualitative impairment in communication
  12. To say all were equal in color, size,intellect, moral developments, or, social , capacity ', but they 'did consider all men created equal—equal in certain
  13. As" anarchists" ) advocate stateless societies as the only moral form of, social ,organization. Overview There are many types and traditions of anarchism, not
  14. X testing. As new genetic tests are developed several ethical, legal,and, social ,issues will emerge. Commercial availability of tests may precede adequate
  15. Symptom of restricted and repetitive behavior. Sample symptoms include lack of, social ,or emotional reciprocity, stereotyped and repetitive use of language or
  16. And only what he wishes" and where" business transactions alone produce the, social ,order. " Mutualist anarchism is concerned with reciprocity, free association
  17. Between autistic brains and behavior. The first category focuses on deficits in, social ,cognition. The empathizing–systemizing theory postulates that autistic
  18. And Q&A sessions, she often took controversial stances on political and, social ,issues of the day. These included supporting abortion rights, opposing the
  19. Grouped in two main historical traditions, individualist anarchism and, social ,anarchism, which have some different origins, values and evolution. The
  20. Wing of anarchism emphases negative liberty,i.e. opposition to state or, social ,control over the individual, while those in the social wing emphasize positive
  21. Theory of autism. Neither category is satisfactory on its own;, social ,cognition theories poorly address autism's rigid and repetitive behaviors
  22. Living together. " This is distinguished from modern approaches, beginning with, social ,contract theory, according to which individuals leave the state of nature
  23. Ethology (the study of animal behavior),and more generally in the study of, social ,evolution, altruism refers to behavior by an individual that increases the
  24. Must be prior to age three years, with delays or abnormal functioning in either, social ,interaction, language as used in social communication, or symbolic or
  25. And behavior therapy early in life can help children acquire self-care, social , and job skills, and often improve functioning and decrease symptom severity
  26. Opposition to state or social control over the individual, while those in the, social ,wing emphasize positive liberty to achieve one's potential and argue that
  27. Repetitive behaviors, while the non social theories have difficulty explaining, social ,impairment and communication difficulties. A combined theory based on multiple
  28. Of Proudhon, Blanquists, Philadelphes, English trade unionists, social ists and, social ,democrats. Due to its links to active workers' movements, the International
  29. Endured fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency of anarchism as a mass, social ,movement has been represented by anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalism
  30. Sections. Anarchist communism proposes that the freest form of, social ,organization would be a society composed of self-managing communes with
  31. Influenced by radical individualism, believing anarcho-communist is the best, social ,system for the realization of individual freedom. Most anarcho-communists view
  32. Or abnormal functioning in either social interaction, language as used in, social ,communication, or symbolic or imaginative play. The disturbance must not be
  33. Behaviours among animals have been ideologically opposed to the sociological, social ,Darwinist concept of the" survival of the fittest ", under the name of "
  34. Issues include residential care, job training and placement, sexuality, social , skills,and estate planning. Prognosis There is no known cure. Most autistic
  35. Have reported diagnoses of autism in children due to a loss of language or, social ,skills, as opposed to a failure to make progress, typically from 15 to 30
  36. Connectivity of the default network, a large-scale brain network involved in, social ,and emotional processing, with intact connectivity of the task-positive network
  37. Egoists while some anarcho-communists are also individualists. Anarchism as a, social ,movement has regularly endured fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency
  38. Aberrant activation in the brain differ depending on whether the brain is doing, social ,or non social tasks. In autism there is evidence for reduced functional
  39. Property rights),and she considered laissez-faire capitalism the only moral, social ,system because in her view it was the only system based on the protection of
  40. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired, social ,interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These
  41. Reclamation Social anarchism rejects private property, seeing it as a source of, social ,inequality, and emphases cooperation and mutual aid. Collectivist anarchism
  42. Instead supporting laissez-faire capitalism, which she believed was the only, social ,system that protected individual rights. She promoted romantic realism in art.
  43. To enroll at Petrograd State University, where she studied in the department of, social ,pedagogy, majoring in history. At the university she was introduced to the
  44. About the future generation, focuses on how society could achieve an altruistic, social ,framework. Ashley proposed that such a framework is the purpose of creation
  45. Becomes apparent early in childhood. Autistic infants show less attention to, social ,stimuli, smile and look at others less often, and respond less to their own
  46. Syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a potential force for revolutionary, social ,change, replacing capitalism and the state with a new society, democratically
  47. Tend to continue through adulthood, although often in more muted form. Unusual, social ,development becomes apparent early in childhood. Autistic infants show less
  48. Bureaucratically, and at times, violently resisted protests for electoral and, social ,reform. George Wallace, the state's only four-term governor, was a
  49. Rocking—to high functioning individuals who may have active but distinctly odd, social ,approaches, narrowly focused interests, and verbose, pedantic communication.
  50. Used ethnic slurs, told jokes that ridiculed blacks, insisted he opposed, social ,equality, and proposed sending freed slaves to another country. Defenders

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