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  1. In Ahab's name, to the elders and nobles who lived near Na both. They are to, arrange ,a feast and invite Na both. At the feast, false charges of cursing God and Ahab
  2. For divers competing at this level is not so much the DD, but how they, arrange ,their list. Once the more difficult rounds of dives begin it is important to
  3. The Chambray Mountains also grew more and more effective. Castro attempted to, arrange ,a general strike in 1958,but did not get support from Communists or labor
  4. Meanwhile, continued to insist on a domestic future for her, and he tried to, arrange ,for her to be married at the age of fifteen. They fought about the issue
  5. Participants contribute to keys. The simplest and most obvious solution is to, arrange ,the N participants in a circle and have N keys rotate around the circle, until
  6. With John Marcia and hired his childhood friend Marco Rico to play piano and, arrange ,for the orchestra. When he became successful in television, he kept the
  7. Though the exact mechanism is still a topic of discussion. The Homeric poems, arrange ,word in the line so that there is an interplay between the metrical ictus—the
  8. And contact the callers several days ahead of the show's Wednesday taping to, arrange ,the segment. The caller speaks briefly to a producer before being connected
  9. Nine years. Augustine's mother had followed him to Milan, and he allowed her to, arrange ,a society marriage, for which he abandoned his concubine. It is believed that
  10. Contributed distillation to Western Europe. The attempts of alchemists to, arrange ,information on substances,to clarify and anticipate the products of
  11. Returned to the studio in Hollywood in March 1975,but Parker's attempts to, arrange ,another session toward the end of the year were unsuccessful. In 1976,RCA sent
  12. Trouble in Getting to Sulla Follow. *There are many examples of creatures who, arrange ,themselves in repeating patterns, such as the" Two and for walkers, who march
  13. Matchups with their substitutions: the manager of the fielding team trying to, arrange ,same-handed pitcher-batter matchups, the manager of the batting team trying to
  14. Sophisticated graphical user interface may be used to create the animation and, arrange ,its choreography. Another technique called constructive solid geometry defines
  15. Physics at Oxford University, visited Germany in the spring of 1933 to try to, arrange ,positions in England for some young Jewish scientists from Germany. He spoke to
  16. Usually to Pad stow. Swansea in particular has several boat companies who can, arrange ,boat trips to north Cornwall, which allow the traveler to pass by the north
  17. Was expecting. Eventually this caused LTCM to fold, and their creditors had to, arrange ,a bail-out. More controversially, officials of the Federal Reserve assisted in
  18. Guards, and tackles. Defense The rules do not constrain how the defense may, arrange ,itself (other than the requirement that they must remain one yard behind the
  19. Were enthusiastic, and on 1 October 1933 Director Fetcher was instructed to, arrange ,for a second period of enrollment. By January 1934,the second year of the CCC
  20. Same-handed pitcher-batter matchups, the manager of the batting team trying to, arrange ,opposite-handed matchups. With a team that has the lead in the late innings, a
  21. Stars, and so on. Within each magnitude class, Bayer made no attempt to, arrange ,stars by relative brightness. Bayer did not always follow this rule; he
  22. As canon Diego de Acebo, Bishop of Osman on a diplomatic mission to Denmark, to, arrange , the marriage between the son of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and a niece of
  23. Requested of Charles Dreyfus, his Jewish constituency representative, that he, arrange ,a meeting with Weizmann, during which Weizmann asked for official British support
  24. For his own band were new compositions as well. It became more common to, arrange ,sketchy jazz combo compositions for big band after the bop era. After 1950,the
  25. Been issued, but now a bench warrant is issued, authorizing the tip staff to, arrange ,for the arrest of the individual, and imprisonment until the date and time the
  26. Son was also sickly. Acting decisively, Alexander Melville Bell asked Bell to, arrange ,for the sale of all the family property, conclude all of his brother's affairs
  27. Tyson Hallowell (1846–1924),a curator from Chicago who visited Paris to, arrange ,exhibitions at the large Interstate Expositions of the 1870s and 1880s.
  28. Of the shares. At the time a country ceases to be a member, the Bank shall, arrange ,for the repurchase of such country's shares by the Bank as a part of the
  29. Testament. In 1608,he went to Scotland with George Home,1st Earl of Dunbar to, arrange ,for a union between the churches of England and Scotland. He so pleased King
  30. That led him to take her literally. However, Alia/The Baron decides to, arrange ,an accident for Duncan, seeing him as too dangerous. Duncan, as a mental, sees
  31. Plants, as described in. Miller was impressed, and from then on started to, arrange ,the garden according to Linnaeus' system. Linnaeus also traveled to Oxford
  32. For almost all the seventh and eighth centuries. Æthelberht was able to, arrange ,a meeting in 602 in the Severn valley, on the northwestern borders of Wessex
  33. In 1987,Portugal, under pressure from the Chinese authorities agreed to, arrange ,the return of its colony of Macau by 1999,with an agreement roughly equal to
  34. Began writing while traveling England and Scotland. In 1898,Carnegie tried to, arrange ,for independence for the Philippines. As the end of the Spanish American War
  35. Was discovered and named mendelevium in honor of D. I. Mendeleev, the first to, arrange ,the elements in a periodic manner. Most recently, the synthesis of element 118
  36. Or word. Devices with many switches (such as a computer keyboard) usually, arrange ,these switches in a scan matrix, with the individual switches on the
  37. The Women's Disc Golf Association exists to encourage female players and, arrange ,women's tournaments. A http://www.pdga.com/documents/2007/06demographics.pdf
  38. With congress blocking further contra aid, the Reagan administration sought to, arrange ,funding and military supplies by means of third countries and private sources.
  39. At the beginning of each half-inning, the nine players on the fielding team, arrange ,themselves around the field. One of them, the pitcher, stands on the pitcher's
  40. Is also the same as the number of integers overall. This is because we, arrange ,things such that for every integer, there is a distinct odd integer: ... −2 →
  41. Is dependent on its fletching. The arrow's manufacturer (a" Fletcher" ) can, arrange ,fletching to cause the arrow to rotate along its axis. This improves accuracy
  42. However, Hasan Ali Shah continued to aid the British, hoping that they would, arrange ,for his safe return to his ancestral lands in Persia, where many members of his
  43. The brother-in-law of the Sultan of Rum, launched a fleet and attempted to, arrange ,a joint siege of Constantinople with the Achenes. Alexios overcame this
  44. As do the main principles of tactics. On the march, each soldier knows how to, arrange ,necessary comforts for himself and to spare his strength; but on the other hand
  45. Domitian's private affairs were more successful in 70. Vespasian attempted to, arrange ,a dynastic marriage between his youngest son and the daughter of Titus, Julia
  46. His. *Raoul: Raoul is the man who agrees, for a fee of ten thousand francs, to, arrange , for Lambert to escape. He introduces Lambert to Gonzales. *Dr. Richard: Dr.
  47. It is possible that the reason Alfred travelled through Hungary was to, arrange ,the travel of Edward the Exile's family to England. Another possibility is
  48. Shiraz in order to speak to the governor of Far's to intervene on his behalf and, arrange ,for safe passage out of German. With the governor having interceded, Hasan Ali
  49. Produced the show, he could purchase the latest and best sound equipment and, arrange ,the microphones his way; the logistics of mic placement had long been a hotly
  50. Said that they had lettering on their undersides. This encouraged Crossing to, arrange ,to lift the clapper bridge, but no inscription was found. However, he did locate

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