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  1. Ceremony and replaced with the flag of the United States to signify the, transfer ,of sovereignty from the Republic of Hawaii`i to the United States. *1914 – World
  2. Universal tendency among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to, transfer ,to every object those qualities with which they are familiarly acquainted, and
  3. Βαῖνειν (" to pass" ); this etymology corresponds here to an absence of heat, transfer , Conversely, a process that involves heat transfer (addition or loss of heat
  4. Occur directly; instead the amino acid is first activated by attachment to a, transfer ,RNA molecule through an ester bond. This aminoacyl-tRNA is produced in an
  5. By hot days and cool nights, the high thermal mass of adobe levels out the heat, transfer ,through the wall to the living space. The massive walls require a large and
  6. For example, an adiabatic boundary is a boundary that is impermeable to heat, transfer ,and the system is said to be adiabatically (or thermally) insulated; an
  7. Air (convection) before they warm through to the interior and begin to, transfer ,heat to the living space. After the sun sets and the temperature drops, the
  8. Towards a nonnegative change in entropy. One opposite extreme—allowing heat, transfer ,with the surroundings, causing the temperature to remain constant—is known as
  9. Of continuous formula The definition of an adiabatic process is that heat, transfer ,to the system is zero, \delta Q=0. Then, according to the first law of
  10. Here to an absence of heat transfer . Conversely, a process that involves heat, transfer ,(addition or loss of heat to the surroundings) is generally called diabetic.
  11. Allergy or intolerance. Cross-reactivity is common with peach allergens (lipid, transfer ,proteins) and tree nut allergens. Symptoms range from local symptoms (e.g.
  12. It is used by kinases as the source of phosphate groups in their phosphate, transfer ,reactions. Kinase activity on substrates such as proteins or membrane lipids
  13. Labor experience got Löffler a position on a union-backed newspaper,a, transfer ,to its Washington bureau, then three years as a correspondent covering Congress
  14. By 2 AA batteries, and can also be used with a power adapter. It provides data, transfer ,at 2400 bit/s, and can also send and receive fax messages at 9600 and 4800
  15. S capital, which had been in Site until the 1900 legislation mandated its, transfer ,to Juneau (the actual move took place in 1906,after initial questions arose)
  16. Propel the spaceship, or they can heat up a thrusting gas; they can also, transfer ,their energy to a fluid and generate electricity through a magneto hydrodynamic
  17. Harrier Jump Jet and F-35B take off and land vertically using powered lift and, transfer ,to aerodynamic lift in steady flight. A pure rocket is not usually regarded as
  18. Considerable interest in the development of new energy sources; and technology, transfer ,from oil into renewable energy and other industries is under way. The "
  19. Value for alpha radiation is generally attributable to the high linear energy, transfer ,(LET) coefficient, which is about one ionization of a chemical bond for every
  20. Or an caloric process is a thermodynamic process in which the net heat, transfer ,to or from the working fluid is zero. Such a process can occur if the container
  21. Be caused by the magnetic fields of the AB components interacting with the mass, transfer , The radio emissions may be created by magnetic cycles similar to sunspots, but
  22. Blade inside a cylinder. It was turned by hand, and could also be used to, transfer ,water from a body of water into irrigation canals. The Archimedes screw is
  23. Mask in December 1197. Following Andrew's victory, the king was obliged to, transfer ,the government of the Duchies of Croatia and Dalmatia to Andrew. In the
  24. Aquaculture" is used to describe the integration of monocultures through water, transfer , All of these materials are selected for a variety of reasons, including design
  25. Different species in proximity of each other, connected by nutrient and energy, transfer ,through water. Ideally, the biological and chemical processes in an IATA system
  26. Martin Lowry independently recognized that acid-base reactions involve the, transfer ,of a proton. A Brønsted-Lowry acid (or simply Brønsted acid) is a species
  27. Oil strategy, and in this base, as the banks were ready to an effective, transfer ,of their financial resources to the strategic goals, development strategy was
  28. Genetic fingerprinting *Separation of restricted genomic DNA prior to Southern, transfer , or of RNA prior to Northern transfer . Agarose gels are easily cast and handled
  29. Jeeps, trucks,etc.) professional training, military organization, technology, transfer , licensed military hardware production and other services. Due to help from
  30. Diverse materials being thermally managed is required. The materials used to, transfer ,and reject heat from the heat source in electronics are often anisotropic. Many
  31. The sun sets and the temperature drops, the warm wall will then continue to, transfer ,heat to the interior for several hours due to the time lag effect. Thus, a
  32. Equipment. Azerbaijan approved the CFE flank agreement in May 1997. The, transfer ,of the property of the 4th Army (except for part of the property of the 366th
  33. Arms to Armenia in 2008-2009. According to Andrews, the weapons in this latest, transfer ,include 21 tanks,12 armored vehicles, five other battle machines, a great
  34. Complement subset of caloric processes being processes where net heat, transfer ,does not diverge regionally such as in an idealized case with mediums of
  35. Empties) their outer valence shells. Name reusch20070716/> For example,a, transfer ,of a single electron between atoms is a useful approximation for bonds that
  36. Places and goods can be acquired only by means of a voluntary – contractual –, transfer ,of its property title from a previous to a later owner. This is the root of
  37. Subgiant star at a later evolutionary stage. The paradox can be solved by mass, transfer ,: when the more massive star became a subgiant, it filled its Roche lobe, and
  38. All share common structural features specialized for ATP binding and phosphate, transfer , ATP in complexes with proteins, in general, requires the presence of a
  39. Liquor and tobacco taxes, gaming (pull tabs) taxes, tire taxes and fuel, transfer ,taxes. A part of the revenue collected from certain state taxes and license
  40. University, eventually graduating from there in economics. One reason for the, transfer ,was to be closer to his coach, Grandmaster Season Furman, who lived in
  41. Concepts (interchangeable parts, tool-path control via machine tools and jigs, transfer ,of skill to the equipment, allowing use of semi-skilled or unskilled machine
  42. governor's request, the state government chose to drop this name and instead, transfer ,the Royal Adelaide Hospital name to the proposed facility. In addition, major
  43. Demanded his extradition from India. The British refused and only agreed to, transfer ,Hasan Ali Shah’s residence to Calcutta, where it would be more difficult for
  44. It is often called the" molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy, transfer , ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. It is produced by
  45. This endeavor is not crowned with success for the bee, it allows the orchid to, transfer ,its pollen, which will be dispersed after the departure of the frustrated male
  46. Which was granted to Andrew's younger son, Coloman. However, Andrew denied to, transfer ,the agreed territories to Duke Lesser I who made an alliance with Prince
  47. LM). It was also the first space docking of two vehicles with an internal crew, transfer ,between them. For ten days, the astronauts put both Apollo spacecraft through
  48. And acupuncture suggests that acupuncture performed near the time of embryo, transfer ,increases the live birth rate, although this effect could be due to the placebo
  49. Were handed to India, the ratification of the treaty are exchanged to make the, transfer ,official. *1964 – Vietnam War: A coup d'état replaces Dong Van Mind with
  50. Restricted genomic DNA prior to Southern transfer , or of RNA prior to Northern, transfer , Agarose gels are easily cast and handled compared to other matrices and

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