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  1. Drew up his own little accounts, for the day-to-day running of the estate, payment ,of the workforce, production of crops, the sale of produce, the use of animals
  2. Conversely, the cost of screening and diagnosis and the challenge of obtaining, payment ,can inhibit or delay diagnosis. It is particularly hard to diagnose autism
  3. Their religion under their own jurisdiction as long as they maintained tax, payment ,and relocated to the suburbs. In 1119,he retook Server, Tudejen, Castellón
  4. To make annual offerings to the Athenian deities Athena and Erectness in, payment ,for the Athenian olive-wood of which the statues were made. Upon the refusal of
  5. Tax (the" pizza" ), which exempted them from military service, and also from, payment ,of the Aka alms tax required of Muslims. In return, dhimmis were granted
  6. The 1970s the Olympic rules required that competitors be amateurs. Receiving, payment ,to participate in an event disqualified an athlete from that event, as in the
  7. Expensive route, and the corporation retained the right to demand Barret's, payment , The decision by the Illinois Supreme Court has been cited by numerous other
  8. And Asia. American Airlines Vacations is the only travel company that allows, payment ,with Advantage miles (or one world miles). The current president of American
  9. A standard contract for an author will usually include provision for, payment ,in the form of an advance and royalties. An advance is a lump sum paid in
  10. Were to pay in cash, reduced the total to $312,421.24. North American declined, payment , noting that they had ferried three previous Grumman LMs to the Moon (Apollo
  11. Not receive direct compensation for labor (through sharing of profits or, payment ,) but would have free access to the resources and surplus of the commune.
  12. The class action suit. The settlement included a $15 million USD payment . This, payment ,was then divided by one third, the first of which was attorney and legal fees.
  13. Be said that it was democracy was not viable without it. Only then in fact was, payment ,for assembly attendance, the central event of democracy (Similarly for the
  14. Under strong pressure from Silicon, the Roman senate consented to promise its, payment , But three months later, Stilicho and the chief ministers of his party were
  15. His return to the UK, Wallace spent 18 months in London living on the insurance, payment ,for his lost collection and selling a few specimens that had been shipped back
  16. Announced that the government of Canada was offering a one-time ex gratia, payment ,of $20,000 as the compensation package for Agent Orange exposure at CFB
  17. Administrative positions. Further they used the income from empire to fund, payment ,for office holding. This is the position set out by the anti-democratic pamphlet
  18. Is,$2.00 per book - the book will need to sell 1000 copies before any further, payment ,will be made. Publishers typically withhold payment of a percentage of
  19. Approved; hence, he was not a formal member of the Bureau, did not receive, payment , could not participate in meetings, and could not submit papers. Still Cauchy
  20. The Isle of Man and the Western Isles to Scotland in return for a monetary, payment , Norway retained only Orkney and Shetland in the area. In 1284,Alexander
  21. In fact, The Wealth of Nations includes the following statement on the, payment ,of taxes:" The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support
  22. Mr. Alcott's ... paternal instincts were too strong for him. " When the final, payment ,on the farm was owed, Sam May refused to cover his brother-in-law's debts, as
  23. Mostly foreign journalists) and all of them were eventually released upon, payment ,of ransom. Ce's Driven and cameramen Jimmy Incarnation and Angelo Alderman were
  24. Silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as, payment ,for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and
  25. In systematic atrocities. Abdul Rashid Dos tum allowed crimes as a perceived, payment ,for his troops. For civilians there was little security from murder, rape and
  26. Which, according to the 2009 Warhol biography, Pop,The Genius of Warhol, was, payment , for coming up with the idea of the soup cans as subject. For his first
  27. Intertwined in popular usage. * Arminianism denies Jesus' substitutionary, payment ,for sins – Both Arminius and Wesley believed in the necessity and sufficiency
  28. Mughal and promised to pay a heavy war indemnity.1011 The question of prompt, payment ,of war indemnity of elephants and cash became a source of friction between the
  29. Book from the former Cistercian abbey St. Urban near Pfeiffer mentioning the, payment ,of two Batten for an itinerant Alford player from the Calais. 17th-19th
  30. Singh’s successor Chakradhwaj Singh (Spangling,1663–1670) was against any, payment ,at all on principle. He shouted out from his throne: -" Death is preferable to
  31. To meet Hank Rear den in the night and hand him a bar of gold as an" advance, payment ," to encourage Rear den to persevere in his increasingly difficult situation.
  32. King. A few days later, the king of Hormuz was met by an envoy demanding the, payment ,of tribute to shah Ismail I from Persia. He was sent back with the answer that
  33. And decrees to be adjoined to the apostolic letters, and sometimes about the, payment ,of the emoluments and other contingencies. Their opinion about questions
  34. Of educated scribes and officials who were granted estates by the pharaoh in, payment ,for their services. Pharaohs also made land grants to their mortuary cults and
  35. Jenny and Billy play along. Jimmy is abruptly sobered up when Berwick demands, payment ,for the whiskey as well as for the damage to her property. Totally broke, he
  36. The Courts in the class action suit. The settlement included a $15 million USD, payment , This payment was then divided by one third, the first of which was attorney
  37. Copies before any further payment will be made. Publishers typically withhold, payment ,of a percentage of royalties earned against returns. In some countries, authors
  38. Stated that other ancient Monmouth shire boroughs were to contribute towards the, payment ,of the member. In consequence of this clause Abergavenny on various occasions
  39. Passed entrance exams at Harvard University, though when the college requested, payment ,of tuition fees for the first two years which he had successfully challenged by
  40. Amount is not known. Notably, this was introduced more than fifty years before, payment ,for attendance at assembly meetings. Running the courts was one of the major
  41. Which they then fixed. " The only crime that could not be compensated with a, payment ,of money is treachery to a lord," since Almighty God adjudged none for those
  42. Of colonial rights, and Lieutenant Governor Andrew Oliver called for the direct, payment ,of colonial officials (until then the purview of the colonial assembly, and a
  43. Which fall under various disqualifying classifications or may subject the, payment ,amount to civil garnishment. Cost of living The cost of goods in Alaska has
  44. Of the Panelists by pretending to support Pauli and then turning against him (, payment , one supposes, for Sardinia). Pauli was convicted in absentia, a warrant was
  45. For consumption on farm, and there was only a small portion left over for the, payment ,of taxes, dues,or trade. In subsistence agriculture cropping decisions are
  46. For the tea lost in the Boston Tea Party (the British never received such a, payment ,). The fourth Act was the Quartering Acts of 1774,which allowed royal
  47. Royalties are payable. And advance may be paid in two lump sums: the first, payment ,on contract signing, and the second on delivery of the completed manuscript or
  48. Limited to one-third of the net estate (i.e. the assets remaining after the, payment ,of funeral expenses and debts),providing for every member of the family by
  49. Internal government, however,was handed over to the Chauhan rulers upon the, payment ,of a heavy tribute to the conquerors. Ajmer then remained laudatory to Delhi
  50. Which the flopped player exchange boosted 2002–03 season result) and the tax, payment ,of 2002–03 season was rescheduled. In 2004–05 season Roma made a net income of

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