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  1. India in 1778 that France had entered the war, British military forces moved, quickly ,to capture French colonial outposts there, capturing Pondicherry after two
  2. Music downloads for $0.99 a song and integration with the iPod. The service, quickly ,became the market leader in online music services, with over 5 billion
  3. The stage for Cornwallis to invade North Carolina. Cornwallis' victories, quickly ,turned, however. One wing of his army was utterly defeated at the Battle of
  4. Acceptable. The mixture is molded by the frame, and then the frame is removed, quickly , After drying a few hours, the bricks are turned on edge to finish drying. Slow
  5. Into zones controlled by rival armed political groups. The superpowers were, quickly ,drawn into the conflict, which became a flash point for the Cold War. The
  6. It required that he consult chess books and work diligently. Karol improved so, quickly ,under Botvinnik's tutelage that he became the youngest Soviet National Master
  7. Macedonian military titles were conferred upon Persian units. The Macedonians, quickly ,begged forgiveness, which Alexander accepted, and that evening he held a great
  8. S revolutionary religious ideas. This style, known as Maria art, was, quickly , and thoroughly erased after Akhenaten's death and replaced by the traditional
  9. Every morning they fly out to sea, wet their wings with water, and return, quickly ,to the temple and sprinkle it. And after they finish the sprinkling, they clean
  10. Enable it to dig through the extremely hard crust of a termite or ant mound, quickly , avoiding the dust by sealing the nostrils. When successful, the aardvark's
  11. Of themselves. For instance, Gōzō Soda described using ate mi in a brawl to, quickly ,down a gang's leader. Others consider ate mi, especially to the face, to be
  12. Capable of carrying out his architectural dreams for the new Germany. Speer, quickly ,became part of Hitler's inner circle; he was expected to call on Hitler in the
  13. Twenty years later, Christianity and monotheism had taken its place. Ankara, quickly ,turned into a Christian city, with a life dominated by monks and priests and
  14. Two years later in The Congregationalist, to commemorate the Fourth of July. It, quickly ,caught the public's fancy. Amended versions were published in 1904 and 1913.
  15. Also credited with the invention of the metal detector in 1881. The device was, quickly ,put together in an attempt to find the bullet in the body of US President James
  16. Egypt When Alexander destroyed Tyre, most of the towns on the route to Egypt, quickly ,capitulated,except Gaza. The stronghold at Gaza was built on a
  17. Breach in the enemy's cohesion, Philip ordered his troops to press forward and, quickly ,routed his enemy. With the rout of the Athenians, the The bans were left to
  18. Throne of Blood, regardless of the liberties it takes with its source material, quickly ,earned a place among the most celebrated Shakespeare adaptations. Another
  19. In lifestyles (“ subcultures” ). Autocracies (fluid organizations) adapt, quickly ,to changes. Information can substitute most of the material resources (see
  20. And Florida. At the beginning of the war he urged a naval blockade, which would, quickly ,damage the colonists' trading activities. Black Americans African
  21. Burqa for women and the opening of a number of co-educational schools, quickly ,alienated many tribal and religious leaders. Faced with overwhelming armed
  22. When they return after finishing studies they can move their nation forward and, quickly ,catch up with the rest of the world. Crime and law enforcement The National
  23. On the Gulf Coast, Count Bernardo de Gálvez, the Spanish governor of Louisiana, quickly ,removed the British from their outposts on the lower Mississippi River in 1779
  24. His new religion and artistic style. After his death, the cult of the Ten was, quickly ,abandoned, and the subsequent pharaohs Tutankhamen, Ay, and Horsemen erased all
  25. Called" wool block" is common in Angora rabbits and should be treated, quickly , Sometimes they are shorn in the summer as the long fur can cause the rabbits
  26. Of Macedon. When news of the revolts in Greece reached Alexander, he responded, quickly , Though his advisors advised him to use diplomacy, Alexander mustered the
  27. Started arriving in Antigua and Barbuda in large numbers during the 1670s. Very, quickly , they grew into the largest racial/ethnic group. Their entry into the local
  28. Liver for a period of tens of years. As a result, after the cancer cells were, quickly ,killed by alpha particles from 225Ac,the radiation from the actinium and its
  29. Specialist nurses and psychologists. Prognosis Most cases of MND progress quite, quickly , with noticeable decline occurring over the course of months. Although symptoms
  30. Portrayed with strongly comic undertones. The film opened on January 1,1962, quickly , surpassing Combos box office success and garnering positive reviews. Kurosawa
  31. In Europe and Latin America. In Latin America in particular" The anarchists, quickly ,became active in organizing craft and industrial workers throughout South and
  32. The attack. On September 15,Howe landed about 12,000 men on Lower Manhattan, quickly ,taking control of New York City. The Americans withdrew north up the island to
  33. Stake following the much publicized Torn! Torn! Torn! Debacle, Kurosawa moved, quickly ,to a new project to prove he was still viable. To his aid came friends and
  34. Put into commercial production, as the most promising of their patents were, quickly ,bought up by the Swedish company Electrolux to protect its refrigeration
  35. Players. Playing style Early in his career, Agassi would look to end points, quickly , typically by inducing a weak return with a deep, hard shot, and then playing a
  36. Out in Karabakh, Azeris did not surrender their brief independence of 1918–20, quickly , or easily. As many as 20,000 Azerbaijani soldiers died resisting what was
  37. By many commentators to be among the director's strongest works. Kurosawa, quickly ,moved on to his next project, Red Beard. Based on a short story collection by
  38. That time). The film received positive critical reaction and became a big hit, quickly ,making back the money invested in it and providing the studio with a product
  39. Of these organizations was the Federation Opera Regional Argentina ... it grew, quickly ,to a membership of nearly a quarter of a million, which dwarfed the rival
  40. Nine weeks, with Kurosawa determined to show he was still capable of working, quickly ,and efficiently within a limited budget. For his first work in color, the
  41. In 1858,Cyrus West Field laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable (it, quickly ,failed). *In 1865 Brunel's ship the SS Great Eastern laid the first
  42. Dismissed on the basis of one death. However, as more and more deaths, quickly ,ensue, it becomes apparent that there is an epidemic. Authorities, including
  43. Is unstable at room temperature with respect to the trioxide: Such materials, quickly ,disproportionate to the starting materials. Aluminum (II) Very simple Al (
  44. Short Yamamoto work, again about the poor and destitute. The film was shot, quickly ,(by Kurosawa's standards) in about nine weeks, with Kurosawa determined to
  45. To merge. This means that the cores of the planets could have formed relatively, quickly , Surface features Most asteroids outside the big four (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta
  46. Not usually food animals, the horse (including donkeys and ponies) and dog, quickly ,filled essential production roles on western-hemisphere farms. The potato
  47. Only a few weeks behind schedule and opened in Tokyo in April 1980. It, quickly ,became a massive hit in Japan. The film was also a critical and box office
  48. To completed diagnosis and assessment, though few cases are handled that, quickly ,in practice. A 2009 US study found the average age of formal ASD diagnosis was
  49. Suicide attempt proved unsuccessful and the director's health recovered fairly, quickly , with Kurosawa now taking refuge in domestic life, uncertain if he would ever
  50. Stepped gable façades, which is the common Dutch Renaissance style. Amsterdam, quickly ,developed its own Renaissance architecture. These buildings were built

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