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  1. Visits Declared at his apartment to prove her humanity by showing him a family, photo , Dropping the photo to the floor, Rachael leaves in tears after Declared
  2. JPG|Apollo 14 landing site, photo graph by PRO. File: Apollo14LRO2. PNG|Later, photo ,of landing site taken by PRO. File: Ap14 flag. Ogg|Shepard and Mitchell erect a
  3. American political humor after it was made famous by humorist Bennett Cerf. The, photo ,itself was prized by Goldwater for the rest of his life, and recently sold for
  4. Was required to keep their office blinds pulled down. Cast and crew had to have, photo ,ID badges with the movie's fake working title Diesel to go anywhere near the
  5. Telemann on a" Dancing Queen" shoot for the teenage magazine Bravo. On the, photo , every ABBA-member held a giant initial letter of his/her name. After the
  6. And the Southwest United States seen on the return journey File: Apollo 11, photo , map. PDF|Map showing landing site and photo s taken File: First Man on Moon 1969
  7. Lunar horizon and called in excitement to the others, taking a black-and-white, photo ,as he did so. In the ensuing scramble Andes took the more famous color photo
  8. Say that it was likely an image of" a bear with a severe case of mange. " The, photo ,was taken near the town of Ridgeway, Pennsylvania,in the Allegheny National
  9. And posed for some of his sculptures. In 1974, she Bar dot appeared in a nude, photo ,shoot in Playboy magazine, which celebrated her 40th birthday. Animal welfare
  10. Are also increasingly taking over the process of photo finishing as digital, photo ,printers become commonplace. The world's first computer printer was a 19th
  11. In highly monotonous program engines such as video creation software and, photo ,processing. In the case where a portion of the CPU is super scalar and part is
  12. 11 mission. 40th anniversary events On July 15, 2009,Life. Com released a, photo ,gallery of previously unpublished photo s of the astronauts taken by Life
  13. Image would have thrown post-mission photo analysts into confusion over how the, photo ,was taken. However, the self-timer was misplaced during the EVA and the plan
  14. The professional creative market, there is Aperture for professional RAW-format, photo ,processing; Final Cut Studio, a video production suite; Logic, a comprehensive
  15. 南 航 空). File: VM 5485 China Post Office car at Zhengzhou Train Station. JPG|A, photo ,that shows text on both sides of a China Post vehicle (thanks to the open door
  16. Akira Oriya short bio, interviews,and, photo ,gallery at the Square Haven People Database Epsilon Ursa Majors (ε UMA, ε
  17. Agency is Bella (news agency). Minor news agencies exist. Belgium's major, photo ,agencies are Isopod and Photo News. Important distributors in Belgium are AMP
  18. Became one of baseball's most famous and widely circulated photo graphs. The, photo ,won the Pulitzer Prize. Death Shortly after he attended the Yankee Stadium
  19. Of Auschwitz II. File: Auschwitz Resistance 282 cropped. JPG|Surreptitious, photo ,taken by a member of the Sonderkommando, women undressed and sent to gas
  20. Image: Amoxicillin rash 11 hours after 17th dose. JPG|Eight hours after first, photo , individual spots have grown and begun to merge. Image: Amoxicillin rash 26
  21. His apartment to prove her humanity by showing him a family photo . Dropping the, photo ,to the floor, Rachael leaves in tears after Declared demonstrates that her
  22. Sharon is widely viewed as a war hero who saved Israel from defeat in Sinai. A, photo ,of Sharon wearing a head bandage on the Suez Canal became a famous symbol of
  23. Online marketing suite. At PhotoShop World 2011,Adobe unveiled a new mobile, photo ,service. Carousel is a new application for iPhone, iPad and Mac that uses
  24. His camera and photo graphed President Kennedy. When Kennedy received the, photo , he returned it to Goldwater, with the inscription," For Barry Goldwater –
  25. Band several times in the past few years, including the 2002 Jammy Awards. A, photo ,of the performance can be seen here. The co-authored All music page for stoner
  26. Manila (Woman without a Veil,1952),in her appearances at Cannes and in many, photo ,shoots. Bar dot also brought into fashion the choucroute (" Sauerkraut" )
  27. Group member's first name: Agatha, Björn, Benny and Anti-fraud. During a promo, photo , Benny flipped his" B" horizontally for fun, and from 1976 onwards the first
  28. Male borzoi, beloved of E. J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic. There exists a, photo ,of the Captain and his dog outside his cabin on the ship. The Dog was not
  29. Earth as the spacecraft headed for the Moon (now known as" The Blue Marble, photo ,"). Image: Ap17 Schmitt falls. Ogg|Astronaut Harrison Schmitt falls while on a
  30. With old teammates from the 1923 Yankee team and posed for photo graphs. The, photo ,of Ruth taken from behind, using a bat as a cane, standing apart from the other
  31. 17 Saturn V awaits launch. Image: The Earth seen from Apollo 17. JPG|Apollo 17, photo , of the Earth as the spacecraft headed for the Moon (now known as" The Blue
  32. Amoxicillin rash 26 hours after 17th dose. JPG|Twenty-three hours after first, photo , the color appears to be fading, and much of rash has spread to confluence.
  33. SC, is named after him and uses the title of" Hickory Log" for its Annual, photo ,book. * The section of U. S. Route 74 between Charlotte, North Carolina and
  34. Damned; a limited number of which were deliberately printed with a, photo ,of Eddie and the Hot Rods on the back of the album cover, rather than The
  35. Kournikova were reported to have been engaged in 2000 after a reporter took a, photo ,of them together in a Florida restaurant where Sure supposedly asked Kournikova
  36. Shifting robot can even display an individual's hairstyle and skin color if a, photo ,of their face is projected onto the 3D Mask. Korea KITSCH researched and
  37. Photo as he did so. In the ensuing scramble Andes took the more famous color, photo , later picked by Life magazine as one of its hundred photo s of the century.
  38. Photo portrait of his family (NASA Photo AS16-117-18841). The reverse of the, photo ,is signed by Duke's family and bears this message:" This is the family of
  39. Staff photo grapher at the Traveler when he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his, photo ,sequence of the sinking of the SS Andrea Doris in July 1956. Herald
  40. According to Sorry Sturgeon. When Edgily' mound (to the left in the, photo ,) was excavated in 1874,the finds supported Beowulf and the sagas. They showed
  41. Originated from a stencil that artist Shepard Fairly had created based upon a, photo ,of Andre the Giant that Fairly had found in a newspaper. *Capcom's video game
  42. For his wealth in Old Norse sources. On gen eow's barrow (to the right in the, photo ,) has not been excavated. Early studies into Scandinavian sources/analogues
  43. The Moon, both of which he photo graphed. The most famous is a plastic-encased, photo ,portrait of his family (NASA Photo AS16-117-18841). The reverse of the photo
  44. Part of their standard equipment, such an image would have thrown post-mission, photo ,analysts into confusion over how the photo was taken. However, the self-timer
  45. Countries, the weapon is known simply as the" Kalashnikov" or" AK ". The, photo ,above at right illustrates the differences between the Type 2 milled receiver
  46. Marine Corps' PBJ-1 patrol bomber and the United States Army Air Forces' F-10, photo , reconnaissance aircraft. Design and development The B-25 was a descendant of
  47. Woman without a Veil) (1952) in her appearances at Cannes and in many, photo ,shoots. With Bar dot identified as the original Cannes bathing beauty. Bikini
  48. Xerographic process and laser printers as a charge leakage barrier layer of the, photo ,drum. In the automotive industry, h-BN mixed with a binder (boron oxide) is
  49. In the thousands (1200 to 4800dpi). They will give you acceptable quality, photo ,prints of images with 140-200ppi resolution, and high quality prints of images
  50. Among Canova's heroic compositions, his Perseus with the Head of Medusa (, photo , right) appeared soon after his return from Germany. The moment of

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