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  1. The strangest experiences of my life. He was sort of pissed off that I didn't, pick ,it up ". In the end, Dylan rejected the idea of recording the album with a band
  2. Team was awarded the first pick in the 1966 NFL Draft as well as the final, pick ,in each of the first five rounds. The Falcons drafted All-American Linebacker
  3. Would go into the shade on the other side of the field and sleep; she could, pick ,the wool that stuck to the branches and bark of the trees. Psyche did so and
  4. Funk fingers ", an approach popularized by Tony Kevin. Picking techniques The, pick ,(or plectrum) is used to obtain a more articulate attack, for speed, or just
  5. The Sacramento River in 1849. With a little intelligence, I can reach down and, pick ,up big nuggets of gold. And as long as I can do that,I'm not going to let any
  6. Able to learn Dutch within a comparatively short time. Native Dutch speakers, pick ,up written Afrikaans even more quickly, due to its simplified grammar, whereas
  7. Thumb (by plucking, slapping,popping, tapping,or thumping),or by using a, pick , The bass guitar is similar in appearance and construction to an electric
  8. Hoping Eros would pick them instead. Eros was still heartbroken and did not, pick ,them and they fell to their deaths at the base of the mountain. Psyche searched
  9. With a phased-array antenna located in the left-front nose radome that could, pick ,up localized deviations in earth's magnetic field that is normally used to
  10. Pick and roll, in which a player sets a pick and then" rolls" away from the, pick ,towards the basket. Screens and cuts are very important in offensive plays;
  11. Pick. The two plays are combined in the pick and roll, in which a player sets a, pick ,and then" rolls" away from the pick towards the basket. Screens and cuts are
  12. Rock, pick s are also used in other styles. Jazz bassist Steve Swallow uses a, pick ,for upbeat or funky songs while Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters uses one for a
  13. For example for any (even infinite) collection of pairs of shoes, one can, pick ,out the left shoe from each pair to obtain an appropriate selection, but for an
  14. Ship in motion with 1 or 2 asteroids in the playfield, allowing the player to, pick ,off as many 1,000 point UFOs as possible. This led to experienced players being
  15. Anime as well as broadening Japanese cultural understanding. Viewers may also, pick ,up on Japanese terms either within or related to anime, though at times those
  16. Ronnie Lott, Charles Haley, and Jerry Rice. He also traded a 2nd and 4th round, pick ,in the 1987 draft for Steve Young. His success with the 49ers was rewarded with
  17. Palm-muting is commonly done while using a pick , but can also be done without a, pick , as when doing down-strokes with the thumb. One prominent example of the
  18. Mountain and did as Psyche described her entry to the cave, hoping Eros would, pick ,them instead. Eros was still heartbroken and did not pick them, and they fell
  19. Displayed to deter others. If someone did manage to escape, the SS would, pick ,10 people at random from the prisoner's block and starve them to death.
  20. Tuning. " As the name suggests, it is usually played with a guitar-style, pick ,(that is, a single one held between thumb and forefinger),unlike the
  21. Granted ownership to Rankin Smith Sr. The expansion team was awarded the first, pick ,in the 1966 NFL Draft as well as the final pick in each of the first five
  22. Up into uncountable many orbits under G. Using the axiom of choice, we could, pick ,a single point from each orbit, obtaining an uncountable subset X of S with the
  23. Michael Pick) in exchange for wide receiver Tim Dwight and the fifth overall, pick ,(used on running back Ukrainian Tomlinson). Co-founder of Home Depot Arthur
  24. And asked him to pick a woman to marry. She told him that if he did not, pick ,one, she would do so for him. Not wanting to be married, he begged her for more
  25. Attack, for speed, or just personal preference. Although the use of a, pick ,is primarily associated with rock and punk rock, pick s are also used in other
  26. On his shield, an able man, had a quick eye as well as a strong hand, and could, pick ,what way was straightest among crooked things, was the shining figure and the
  27. Polygon it may be possible to define the exterior angle, but one will have to, pick ,an orientation of the plane (or surface) to decide the sign of the exterior
  28. Because all three have to be performed in the same key, limiting the ability to, pick ,a comfortable key for each singer. Critic Rex Reed noted that" The score of
  29. The NFL. In 1991,the Falcons drafted Brett Favre as the thirty-third overall, pick , During his rookie season, he played in two games where he amassed a record of
  30. Marry. Aphrodite agreed and went that very night to Pygmalion, and asked him to, pick ,a woman to marry. She told him that if he did not pick one, she would do so for
  31. String is plucked or pick ed first, or,in a metal or hardcore punk context,a, pick ,may be scraped along the sides of the strings. The fretting hand can also be
  32. And upstrokes, or with all down strokes for a more consistent attack. The, pick ,is usually held with the index and thumb, with the up-and-down plucking motion
  33. Returns home from some drunken party and envisioning him, as he stoops down to, pick ,up a rock in the darkness, accidentally pick ing up a fresh turd instead. He is
  34. Cuts next to him, is a screen or pick . The two plays are combined in the, pick ,and roll, in which a player sets a pick and then" rolls" away from the pick
  35. Associated with conventional magnetic pick ups. Since optical pick ups do not, pick ,up high frequencies or percussive sounds well, they are commonly paired with
  36. A drone after each strum or twice in each action (" double thumbing" ), or to, pick ,out additional melody notes in what is known as" drop-thumb. " Pete Seeger
  37. Technique for decades. Sting also uses palm-muting; but often does so without a, pick , using the thumb and first finger to pluck. Fretting techniques The fretting
  38. Of the popular BBC show Top Gear for NBC. In December 2008,NBC decided not to, pick ,up the show. 2009 to present On February 21, 2009,a day after his Los
  39. Else on the network complains. If another machine has that address, it will, pick ,another address, and keep trying until it finds a free one. On a network with
  40. Orchestrated a trade with the San Diego Chargers, acquiring the first overall, pick ,(which was used on quarterback Michael Pick) in exchange for wide receiver
  41. All-American Linebacker Tommy Obis from the University of Texas with the first, pick ,of the draft, making him the first-ever Falcon. The league also held the 1966
  42. Cost 10 pesos per person to ride, but they are not private. The driver will, pick ,up more passengers as long as seats are available, and will transport them to
  43. Problems the country faces today, found that a wide margin of respondents would, pick ,Bill Clinton. Clinton received 41 % of the vote, while former President George
  44. Making small clay sculptures of the goddess, claiming it was needed so he could, pick ,the right pose. As he started making the actual sculpture he was shocked to
  45. Anting that is as yet not fully understood. Here birds rest on ant nests, or, pick , and drop ants onto their wings and feathers; this may remove ectoparasites.
  46. In the defender's way such that the teammate cuts next to him, is a screen or, pick , The two plays are combined in the pick and roll, in which a player sets a pick
  47. Babies and the chimpanzees who make abstract paintings would bother to, pick ,one up. ": :- Cut-Ups: A Project for Disastrous Success *:" I Am the Artist
  48. And character of an upright bass. Palm-muting is commonly done while using a, pick , but can also be done without a pick , as when doing down-strokes with the thumb
  49. Bear to do the latter? We must yield to the divine will, he says; we cannot, pick ,and choose and accept only what we can understand. But we must still seek to do
  50. Ireland and Wales. The Lions generally select international players; they can, pick ,uncapped players available to one of the four Home Unions, but in years this

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