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  1. Racism and discrimination in housing, education,policing, criminal justice and, employment ,; crime, poverty and substance abuse. One of the most serious and long-standing
  2. Education. African Americans are still underrepresented in government and, employment , In 1999,the median income of African American families was $33,255 compared
  3. With France in 1543. The Peace of Crêpy in September 1544 deprived him of this, employment , but he had won a considerable reputation, and when Charles was preparing to
  4. Enabling the eye to enjoy variety with ease; (5) intricacy, which provides, employment ,for our active energies, leading the eye on" a wanton kind of chase "; and (6
  5. Confirm the Golden Bull and supplement it with a provision that prohibited the, employment ,of non-Christians and also authorized the Archbishop of Esztergom to punish the
  6. To total income, the reallocation of resources during recessions would increase, employment ,in consumption sections. In addition, the initial booms also cause resource
  7. The manufacture of metal armor in Europe has dominated the technology and, employment ,of armor. Armour drove the development of many important technologies of the
  8. Of Pyrrhonism or the excessive principles of skepticism is action, and, employment , and the occupations of common life. These principles may flourish and triumph
  9. Grounds of religious liberty. The NAE felt that the regulation of the internal, employment ,of churches was" ... an improper intrusion of the federal government. "
  10. Home with their father Patrick. None of the four had any immediate prospect of, employment , It was at this point that Charlotte came across Emily's poems. They had been
  11. Creed. This bold attempt is entirely factitious and verbal, and it is only his, employment ,of various terms not generally used in such a connection (axiom, theorem
  12. Was charged with interpreting the 1990 law with regard to discrimination in, employment , Its regulations narrowed" substantially limits" to" significantly or
  13. Included in the right of contract is the right to contract oneself out for, employment ,by others. Unlike anarcho-communists, anarcho-capitalists support the liberty
  14. Expositions of the global arms industry. A large percentage of the, employment ,in Ankara is provided by the state institutions; such as the ministries
  15. Terms, conditions,and privileges of employment . Covered entity can refer to an, employment ,agency, labor organization, or joint labor-management committee, and is
  16. As exemplified by bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols. The housing and, employment ,crisis in most of Western Europe led to the formation of communes and squatter
  17. By increased cultivation in Egypt and India. Meanwhile, the war created, employment ,for arms makers, ironworkers,and British ships to transport weapons. Name
  18. Avoid this risk. And such researchers claim to have documented a sharp drop in, employment ,among individuals with a disability after passage of the Act. Others believe
  19. Others, such as Rothbard, do not express a preference either way but justify, employment ,as a natural occurrence in a free market that is not immoral in any way. Law
  20. Access to medical care in the U. S. generally is mediated by income level and, employment ,status. As a result, African Americans, who have a disproportionate occurrence
  21. Respective governments. The veteran soldiers thus looked for other forms of, employment , often becoming mercenaries. Free Companies would often specialize in forms of
  22. Priest. Non-parochial priests may earn their living by any vocation, although, employment , by educational institutions or charitable organizations is most common. Priests
  23. Aimed" to set to learning (as long as they are not useful for some other, employment ,) all the freeborn young men now in England who have the means to apply
  24. The National Association of Evangelicals testified against the ADA’s Title I (, employment ,) provisions on grounds of religious liberty. The NAE felt that the regulation
  25. And excommunicated the king's major dignitaries because Andrew insisted on the, employment ,of Jews and Muslims in his administration. Nevertheless, upon Andrew's request
  26. Whilst engaged in writing in his spare time, Garner attempted to gain, employment ,as a teacher, but soon gave that up, believing that" I couldn't write and
  27. Of un employment relief. Some have suggested that this was Sargon's original, employment ,for the king of Fish, giving him experience in effectively organizing large
  28. Chambers of the Stuttgart Labor Court, a notary’s office, a tax office and an, employment ,agency. It is seat of the Ostalbkreis district office, of the Allen Deanery of
  29. A system of applied scientific research relating to the design, manufacture and, employment ,of artillery weapon systems although, in general, the terms ballistics and
  30. Civil Rights Act of 1964 that banned discrimination in public accommodations, employment , and labor unions, and the Voting Rights Act (1965),which expanded federal
  31. Has brought benefits but at a cost. On the one hand it has provided much-needed, employment ,for the local people, has increased the demand and value for suitable
  32. There has been a growing trend towards part-time (which includes casual), employment , increasing from 11.6 % of the workplace in 1991,to over a third today. The
  33. Most uncomprehending critics had always been the workers whose liberation from, employment ,they were trying to secure. " These critics assert that people from the Third
  34. Agriculture accounted for only 20 % of net material product and 10 % of, employment ,before the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. Armenian mines produce copper
  35. Help the UK climb its way out of the recession because of its high levels of, employment , abundance of skilled workers, and an increase in the average weekly earnings.
  36. Change as urbanization increased. New industries emerged and agricultural, employment ,was substantially reduced. Education was extended nationwide, raising the
  37. Any lawsuit on a federal level in the United States, affecting ultimately the, employment ,eligibility of individuals in an online environment. In February 2010,a
  38. This was during one of Poirot’s numerous retirements, or before she entered his, employment ,is unknown. In The Agatha Christie Hour, she was portrayed by British actress
  39. First half of the 20th century, in the USA, Jews were discriminated against in, employment , access to residential and resort areas, membership in clubs and organizations
  40. Most children with autism lack social support, meaningful relationships, future, employment , opportunities or self-determination. Although core difficulties tend to persist
  41. Stated in the book Voices From the Edge: About the importance of making, employment ,opportunities inclusive, Shirley Davis, director of global diversity and
  42. Compared to the national average of 19.8 %. Economy South Australia's largest, employment ,sector is health care and social assistance, surpassing manufacturing in SA as
  43. With higher probability that child care problems will greatly affect parental, employment , US states increasingly require private health insurance to cover autism
  44. In the programming languages community there is a corollary known as the full, employment ,theorem, stating there is no perfect size-optimizing compiler. Chain rule for
  45. Hill alleges that it was during these two periods (i.e., during her, employment ,at ED and EEOC) that Thomas made sexually provocative statements. Although
  46. And pollution challenges, these policies are often also designed to stimulate, employment ,and reduce import dependence and energy security concerns. Adopted in March
  47. Compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions,and privileges of, employment , Covered entity can refer to an employment agency, labor organization, or joint
  48. Class across the United States. Unprecedented access to higher education and, employment ,in addition to representation in the highest levels of American government has
  49. The company, becoming the superintendent of the Pittsburgh Division. His, employment ,by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company would be vital to his later success. The
  50. Limiting or classifying a job applicant or employee in an adverse way, denying, employment , opportunities to people who truly qualify, or not making reasonable

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