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  1. Trail '72. " One afternoon about three days ago the publishers showed up at my, door ,with no warning, and loaded about forty pounds of supplies into the room: two
  2. Team. ) * In AME, the use of the function word out as a preposition in out the, door ,and out the window is standard to mean" out through ". For example, in AME
  3. Down categories of world music and rock music and black music. We leave a, door ,open to communicate with each other's traditions. And it's changed our lives
  4. To late Norman or transitional work. The triforium (open arcade) above the, door ,is unique in Scottish medieval architecture. It is flanked by twin towers
  5. On the south side of the cloister, was the refectory, with its lavatory at the, door , On the eastern side there are remains of the dormitory, raised on a vaulted
  6. Would come to his grave in peace. As his mother crossed the threshold of the, door ,on her return, the youth died, and " all Israel mourned for him. " (1 Kings
  7. From life as well as other sculptors, I determined…to make the sculpture on the, door ,of figures smaller than life. " The Gates of Hell comprised 186 figures in its
  8. Sign Script, and Sis. None have reached widespread usage yet, but the, door ,is open for future acceptance. ASL and Baby Sign In recent years, researchers
  9. Deliberately annoyed him by raising her voice while standing right outside his, door , Marque alleged that the philosopher had assaulted and battered her after she
  10. Secretly spawned a" competitor" called See Games, headed by Nolan's next, door ,neighbor Joe Keenan, to circumvent pinball distributors' insistence on
  11. The two policemen promptly beat Alex. Dazed and bloodied, Alex collapses at the, door ,of an isolated cottage, realizing too late that it is the house he and his
  12. Plan view – Plaster – Picturesque – Plenum cable – Plinth – Plot plan – Plug, door ,– Pocket door – Porch – Portakabin – Portal de Sent Antoni – Portal frame –
  13. See Below. * A300C4: Convertible freighter version, with a large cargo, door ,on the port side. First delivered to South African Airways in October 1982. *
  14. Blocked, and in a very well-planned and well-executed ambush, even the" back, door ," will have been closed by the time the ambush is sprung. The published
  15. First part means the good in the hereafter. Khalil means intimate friend. The, door ,referred to here is the door to the mosque of Muhammad. When the fever
  16. Which he sent to Albert on 31 October 1517 and traditionally nailed to the, door ,of Castle Church in Wittenberg. Albert forwarded the theses to Rome, suspecting
  17. Its leaders. 2006 *February 3 - Suspected Abu SAAF gunmen knocked on the, door ,of a farm in Pitiful, Mindanao and opened fire after asking residents if they
  18. Furnaces, was converted into a killing factory by placing a gas-tight, door ,on the morgues and adding vents for Zyklon B and ventilation equipment to
  19. Of Abingdon. The newly elected abbot was to put off his shoes at the, door ,of the church, and proceed barefoot to meet the members of the house advancing
  20. Large proportion of the defeat of Germany and Austria must also be put at their, door , " Matthias Wentzel has suggested that the decisive transfer of Jewish
  21. Early 1990s,British Indie band Five Thirty carried with them on tour a front, door ,which they alleged had belonged to Crowley. The door was placed prominently on
  22. The hereafter. Khalil means intimate friend. The door referred to here is the, door ,to the mosque of Muhammad. When the fever developed he directed Abu Bakr to go
  23. Sciences and to discoveries or improvements in chemistry. He had opened the, door ,to technological awards, but had not left instructions on how to deal with the
  24. False door is a ' door to the Afterlife '. According to the archaeologists,the, door ,was reused in a structure in Roman Egypt. Ancient Greek and Roman The Greek god
  25. And store-room above. Between this building and the church, opening by one, door ,into the cloisters, and by another to the outer part of the monastery area, is
  26. They are load bearing and have low structural strength. When placing window and, door ,openings, a lintel is placed on top of the opening to support the bricks above.
  27. And expanded. The third theater space, to be operated jointly with next, door ,Mosque, will open in late 2009 or early 2010. Other theaters are: Royal
  28. The Alcott family put The Hillside up for rent and moved to Boston. There, next, door , to Peabody's book store on West Street, Bronson Alcott hosted a series based
  29. At which he might entertain guests and strangers. This permission opening the, door ,to luxurious living, the council of Aachen, AD 817,decreed that the abbot
  30. Doormaker, which is" autos" in Hungarian (from" auto ", meaning door ). A, door ,is featured in the coat-of-arms the family acquired. Albrecht Dürer the Younger
  31. Of Islam is sufficient. Let no Door of the Mosque remain open, except the, door ,of Abu Bakr The good referred in the first part means the good in the hereafter
  32. File: Stackpole-155Sansome. JPG|Ralph Stackpole's sculpture group over the, door ,of the San Francisco Stock Exchange; (Timothy L. Plunger,1930) File: PRR S1
  33. Between 1479 BC and 1458 BC, the longest of any woman. It believes the false, door ,is a ' door to the Afterlife '. According to the archaeologists, the door was
  34. To Juno Tami, Takeshi Piano and Takashi Mike—were able to pass through the, door ,that Kurosawa was the very first to open. His career boosted by his sudden
  35. In a protest against the trial of Anthony Burns. A group had broken down the, door ,of the Boston courthouse, but guards beat them back. Alcott stood forward and
  36. With them on tour a front door which they alleged had belonged to Crowley. The, door ,was placed prominently on stage during their gigs. Crowley has also had an
  37. Souring the previously cordial Lombard-Frankish relations and opening the, door ,to an alliance between the Empire and the Franks against the Lombards, a
  38. Meaning door maker, which is" autos" in Hungarian (from" auto ", meaning, door , ). A door is featured in the coat-of-arms the family acquired. Albrecht Dürer
  39. In a much later interpolated detail, Ares put the youth Electron by his, door ,to warn them of Helios' arrival, as Helios would tell Hephaestus of Aphrodite
  40. Intermission to join Lincoln's coachman for drinks in the Star Saloon next, door , The now unguarded President sat in his state box in the balcony. Seizing the
  41. Lych-gate of Bray Church, Berkshire; and a 1487 inscription on the belfry, door ,at Piddletrenthide church, Dorset; and in Scotland a 1470 inscription on the
  42. For the Egyptian Culture Ministry claimed it had unearthed a large red granite, door ,in Luxor with inscriptions by User, a powerful adviser to the 18th dynasty
  43. Germany during the later 16th century. Post-Renaissance classicism Aedicula, door ,surrounds that are architecturally treated, with pilasters or columns flanking
  44. Which was at the top of a ladder with a ferocious chained dog guarding the, door , There,Alexander's wife and cousin (or half-sister, as the daughter of Jason
  45. Apollo CSM is shown next to an LM, with the CSM's nose pointed at the" front, door ," of the LM rather than at its top docking port. The CSM is trailing rocket
  46. Plaster – Picturesque – Plenum cable – Plinth – Plot plan – Plug door – Pocket, door ,– Porch – Portakabin – Portal de Sent Antoni – Portal frame – Portcullis –
  47. May Sinclair, in 1913,said that the slamming of Helen Huntingdon's bedroom, door ,against her husband reverberated throughout Victorian England. Anne's heroine
  48. In the third-floor TTY room, causing Dr. Haggerty to burst through the TTY, door ,to halt the practice until Dr. Haggerty fixed the APL interpreter bug. Several
  49. Albanians, for example, The Onyx is just a few steps from the hero's front, door , and in Peace Olympia is separated from Athens by a few moments' supposed
  50. Were the" dark cells "; these cells had only a very tiny window, and a solid, door , Prisoners placed in these cells would gradually suffocate as they used up all

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