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  1. Compassion for all living things. Jainism prescribes a path of non-violence to, progress ,the soul to this ultimate goal. Jains believe that to attain enlightenment and
  2. And Uzbekistan in the north. As of 2011,two other railway projects are in, progress ,with neighboring nations, one is between Heart and Iran while another is to
  3. Fresnel was the son of an architect, born at Bogie (Sure). His early, progress ,in learning was slow, and he still could not read when he was eight years old.
  4. Economic ties and structures are slowly being replaced. An obstacle to economic, progress , including stepped up foreign investment, is the continuing conflict with
  5. Writings state that the soul is immortal and after death it will continue to, progress ,until it attains God's presence. In Bahá'í belief, souls in the afterlife will
  6. His tolerance and his especially his moderation" in his preference for orderly, progress , his distrust of dangerous agitation, and his reluctance toward ill digested
  7. 2010,there were 35 airports and one heliport. The country has also been making, progress ,in developing its telecoms sector. Nonetheless, it still faces problems. These
  8. Causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. While these statistics are tragic, progress ,is being made. It was reported in 2006 that nearly 60 % of the population lives
  9. With the larger function, and generally seemed to assume a Victorian idea of, progress ,rather than the idea of non-directional, multilineal cultural development
  10. Traditional sectors such as agriculture in the economy. This steady economic, progress ,has earned Armenia increasing support from international institutions. The IMF
  11. This period included important novels on the dehumanizing aspects of scientific, progress , most famously Brave New World, and on pacifist themes (for example, Eyeless
  12. Believe that artificial intelligence will ultimately transcend the limits of, progress , Ray Surreal has used Moore's law (which describes the relentless
  13. 20 % in Epilepsy. Depression does not necessarily increase as the symptoms, progress , and in fact many patients report being happy with their quality of life
  14. Of agriculture has played a major role in human history, as agricultural, progress ,has been a crucial factor in worldwide socio-economic change. Division of labor
  15. This effectively leaves most PLS patients with a normal life span. PLS can, progress ,to ALS, decades later. Complications Emotional lability Around a third of all
  16. Sectors; and ongoing rehabilitation work in the earthquake zone. Continued, progress ,will depend on the ability of the government to strengthen its macroeconomic
  17. To" improved sanitation ". According to the World Bank, Algeria is making, progress ,toward its goal of" reducing by half the number of people without sustainable
  18. Progress past the first trimester. The vast majority of those that do not, progress ,are lost before the woman is aware of the conception, Between 15 % and 30 % of
  19. The development of the Continental Army was always a work in, progress , and Washington used both his regulars and state militia throughout the war.
  20. So far conducted, and by the rapid exhaustion of the national resources without, progress ,". In the spring of 1863,Lincoln was optimistic about a group of upcoming
  21. Countries, often referred to as the Green Revolution, was closely tied to, progress ,made in selecting and improving crops and animals for high productivity, as
  22. Aikido practitioners (commonly called aikido outside of Japan) generally, progress ,by promotion through a series of" grades" ( KYU),followed by a series of "
  23. Due to a loss of language or social skills, as opposed to a failure to make, progress , typically from 15 to 30 months of age. The validity of this distinction
  24. Is proclaimed by the enemy, there can be no change of allegiance during the, progress ,of hostilities on the part of a citizen of the occupied country (R v German (
  25. Familiar with the state of Azerbaijani armed forces. Robbins pointed to the, progress ,made in the NATO-Azerbaijan relations, saying that the successful
  26. Advise on the award of the project to a general contractor, and review the, progress ,of the work during construction. They typically review subcontractor shop
  27. Be possible to overcome the limitations gradually, accelerating the spiritual, progress , Christianity Altruism was central to the teachings of Jesus found in the
  28. Or bombing. Speer was aware of these activities, and inquired as to their, progress , At least one original memo from Speer so inquiring still exists, When David
  29. Free Banking advocates see themselves as coming directly from Hayek's later, progress , especially his work The Denationalization of Money, while the Lombardians
  30. Republicans who thought it was bad because it hurt white people and blocked, progress , Finer argues that Lincoln was a moderate in the middle, opposing slavery
  31. Afghan nation was able to build democratic structures over the years, and some, progress ,was made in key areas such as governance, economy,health, education,transport
  32. Connection there was also the point that I was anxious to prove that spiritual, progress ,did not depend on religious or moral codes, but was like any other science.
  33. Idea from the Greeks, but it could have been the other way around. Significant, progress ,in alchemy was made in ancient India. Will Durant wrote in Our Oriental
  34. Races. " These pseudo-scientific theories concerning race, civilization,and ", progress ," had become quite widespread in Europe in the second half of the 19th century
  35. Energy resources brighten its long-term prospects. Azerbaijan has begun making, progress ,on economic reform, and old economic ties and structures are slowly being
  36. S initial work on the harmonic telegraph had entered a formative stage with, progress ,it made both at his new Boston" laboratory" ( a rented facility) and
  37. Are some foreign capital inflows, but no robust foreign investment. Despite, progress ,since the Soviet era, the unemployment rate still hovers near 30 % and there
  38. Of the WTO (World Trade Organization). The nation is making substantial, progress ,in privatizing ownership of what used to be State Owned industries under the
  39. To be State Owned industries under the former Soviet system. Despite marked, progress , Armenia still suffers from a large trade imbalance and is still largely
  40. Specialists, specialist nurses and psychologists. Prognosis Most cases of MND, progress ,quite quickly, with noticeable decline occurring over the course of months.
  41. The sense of urgency to support the military was no longer a factor. No, progress ,was made in Congress during the winter of 1783 - 84. General Henry Knox, who
  42. A benign indifference ", in The Stranger),and every vision he had for its, progress ,(e.g. vanquishing the" adolescent furies" of history and society, in The
  43. Research as bird biology is to aeronautical engineering? By the 1980s,however, progress ,in symbolic AI seemed to stall and many believed that symbolic systems would
  44. Usage of these terms can sometimes overlap. Only 30 to 50 % of conceptions, progress ,past the first trimester. The vast majority of those that do not progress are
  45. London. His first two pupils were" deaf mute" girls who made remarkable, progress ,under his tutelage. While his older brother seemed to achieve success on many
  46. Slowly raising standards and pruning suppliers that did not comply. Yearly, progress ,reports have been published since 2008. In 2010,workers in China planned to
  47. And came by every day to be briefed by Speer and the building supervisor on the, progress ,of the renovations. After one of these briefings, Hitler invited Speer to lunch
  48. Typically spread. If restricted to one side of the body they are more likely to, progress ,to the same region on the other side of the body before progress ing to a new
  49. That it existed only on the margins of society. " It found a reversal of this, progress ,since 2000. It aimed to investigate the problem, identify the sources of
  50. Is proclaimed by the enemy, there can be no change of allegiance during the, progress ,of hostilities on the part of a citizen of the occupied country (R v German (

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