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  1. Technologies are typically 100 to 200 kiloamperes; state-of-the-art smelters, operate ,at about 350 a. Trials have been reported with 500 a cells. The Hall-Heroult
  2. north-eastern Arabia, Muthanna in Paris, Mazhur bin ADI, Harmala and Selma to, operate ,under the command of Khalid along with their men. In about third week of March
  3. Town and running just south of the downtown business district. The C&NW used to, operate ,a branch to Des Moines. This line was removed in the 1980s when the Spine Line
  4. Airlines (PAL) was officially founded on February 26, 1941,its license to, operate ,as an airliner was derived from merged Philippine Aerial Taxi Company (PATCH)
  5. Numbers. The electronics of the memory and arithmetic units could store and, operate ,on 60 such numbers at a time (3000 bits). The AC power line frequency of 60
  6. Run entirely automatically through an entire problem. An operator was needed to, operate ,the control switches to set up its functions, much like the electromechanical
  7. With their belief in natural boundaries beyond which not even their gods could, operate , Friedrich Nietzsche, in Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks, claimed
  8. Objects and events are visible, but sometimes amateur astronomers also, operate ,during the day for events such as sunspots and solar eclipses. Amateur
  9. After negotiations, some companies like Amway, Avon,and Mary Kay continued to, operate ,through a network of retail stores promoted by an independent sales force.
  10. Located on the isle of Zealand). The fastest ferries in the world (100 km/h), operate , up to 10 times daily from the port of Aarhus to the port cities of Sjællands
  11. Flights and gave each government the authority to nominate carriers to, operate ,routes. Bilateral agreements are based on the" freedoms of the air ", a group
  12. That can transform raster images into text symbols; some of these tools can, operate ,on streaming video. For example, the music video for pop singer Beck Hansen's
  13. In Pakistan-administered Kashmir during the 1999 Margin War and continues to, operate ,there with tacit approval of Pakistan's Intelligence services. Many of the
  14. To become more democratic and less authoritarian. Its reaction was to, operate ,a number of changes without substantially changing its character. Parliamentary
  15. And the same may be said of many hundreds more agencies across the globe that, operate ,in Asia from headquarters elsewhere. Some of the most innovative and perhaps
  16. Are connected to pseudonyms, by the fact that they may conceal or reveal, or, operate , somewhere in between like a mask that can establish identity. For example, Jim
  17. Newer formations to support its international requirements and effectively, operate ,in mountainous and other rugged terrain, but it must do this without affecting
  18. Chemical and metallurgical industries, which in the early 1990s continued to, operate ,as inefficiently as they had in the Soviet era. Air quality is extremely poor
  19. Thrust than propellers, and are efficient at higher altitudes, being able to, operate ,above. They are also much more fuel-efficient at normal flight speeds than
  20. Simulation was a" plugs-out" test to determine whether the spacecraft would, operate ,nominally on (simulated) internal power while detached from all cables and
  21. Defined the logical function. The control logic functions, which only needed to, operate ,once per drum rotation and therefore did not require electronic speed, were
  22. The Atlantic Ocean),Generals George Crook and William W. Averell were to, operate ,against railroad supply lines in West Virginia, and Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P.
  23. For example, weak piping networks mean that 12 % of sanitation plants in China, operate ,at utilization levels of below 60 %. This depletion of scarce water resources
  24. Intervention was the requirement that individuals obtain charters in order to, operate ,banks and what he believed to be the illegality of issuing private money, which
  25. Substantial public transit systems. In addition to buses, Calgary and Edmonton, operate ,light rail transit (LRT) systems. Edmonton LRT, which is underground in the
  26. On the farm. Direct consumption includes the use of lubricants and fuels to, operate ,farm vehicles and machinery; and use of gas, liquid propane, and electricity to
  27. Horowitz to Site R. The National Military Command Center (NMCC) continued to, operate ,at the Pentagon, even with smoke getting into the facility. Engineers and
  28. Of Bavaria, raised Babelsberg to the status of a city, giving it the right to, operate ,lower courts, enclose itself with a wall and hold markets. The wall was built
  29. From Loudoun County, Virginia to New York City; it would continue to, operate ,its Virginia offices. That evening, over 750 employees at Dulles alone received
  30. And require an entrance fee, which is not excessive in most cases. Casinos, operate ,on both Mount Parish, some from downtown Athens, ( accessible by car or cable
  31. Flights with Albania until 1960. During 1960–1978,several airlines ceased to, operate ,in Albania due to the impact of the politics, resulting in a decrease of influx
  32. By bilateral agreements between countries, which designate specific carriers to, operate ,on specific routes. The model of such an agreement was the Bermuda Agreement
  33. For either helicopters and/or fixed-wing aircraft; commercial enterprises, operate ,two additional air facilities. Helicopter pads are available at 27 stations;
  34. By the Government of India. In return, the airline was granted status to, operate ,international services from India as the designated flag carrier under the name
  35. The Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway companies, operate ,railway freight across the province. Health care As with all Canadian provinces
  36. 23 of foreign capital. To the same date,98 non-bank credit organizations, operate ,in the republic along with banks. Growth of real money incomes of population
  37. Because Pakistani officials would not allow more than a handful of them to, operate ,in Pakistan and none in Afghanistan; and that the Afghan Arabs were almost
  38. Members. Locally municipal governments and school boards are elected and, operate ,separately. Their boundaries do not necessarily coincide. Municipalities where
  39. Is based on Portuguese and customary law but is weak and fragmented, and courts, operate ,in only 12 of more than 140 municipalities. A Supreme Court serves as the
  40. Of whether rates are below their natural levels. Thus, businesses are forced to, operate ,as though rates were set appropriately, because the consequence of a single
  41. To write with an alphabet. In sign languages, however,several channels, operate ,simultaneously—hand shape, often with the two hands operating independently
  42. In the year immediately following September 11; al-Qaeda continues to, operate ,through unregulated banks, such as the 1,000 or so hawaladars in Pakistan, some
  43. 1913 he was presented with a pedal piano, a piano with pedal attachments (to, operate ,like an organ pedal-keyboard). Built especially for the tropics, it was
  44. As it was the only air carrier. It became the first airline in the world to, operate ,sustained regular jet services on 15 September 1956 with the Tupolev Tu-104.
  45. Of their markets while producing a fleet that is relatively economical to, operate ,and maintain. Compare Southwest Airlines and their reliance on a single
  46. Competitive low-cost carriers proliferate. Although many countries continue to, operate ,state-owned or parasitical airlines, many large airlines today are privately
  47. Oil. Elf Oil, Texaco,ExxonMobil, Agip, Petrobras,and British Petroleum also, operate ,in the country. With produced annually. The largest fields in Block Zero are
  48. That jurisdiction's highest appellate court. Appellate courts nationwide can, operate ,by varying rules. Institutional titles Many U. S. jurisdictions title their
  49. And water). In 1981 a Canadian company converted a 1981 Chevrolet Impala to, operate ,using ammonia as fuel. Ammonia engines or ammonia motors, using ammonia as a
  50. School systems in that city are counted in the above numbers: both of them, operate ,according to Saskatchewan law. For many years the provincial government has

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