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  1. Goal. (Thus Aristotle first suggested a reciprocal or circular causality as a, relation ,of mutual dependence or influence of cause upon effect). Moreover, Aristotle
  2. First law of motion. His theory of may also attempted to provide a quantities, relation ,between the weight and velocity of a moving body, resembling the concept of
  3. Premises? " He explains that the ideal situation is when one grasps that a ", relation ,holds between the terms, which would allow for absolute, universal certainty. "
  4. Sisters. Despite her father's nationality as a" New Yorker" and her aunt's, relation ,to the Pierpont Morgans, Agatha never claimed United States citizenship or
  5. Moldova, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu). Despite legislative revisions in, relation ,to elections and party financing, corruption either persists or has re-emerged
  6. Making her happy was to inflict physical cruelties as she directed. The kind of, relation ,was altogether new to me; and it was because of this, intensified as it was by
  7. Once while suspended in the air, isolated from all. The body is unnecessary; in, relation ,to it, the soul is its perfection. In itself, the soul is an immaterial
  8. Related to this is lexicostatistics, which attempts to determine the degree of, relation ,between a set of languages by comparing the percentage of basic vocabulary (
  9. Corresponded with Charles Babbage on many occasions, including socially and in, relation ,to Babbage's Difference Engine and Analytical Engine. Babbage was impressed by
  10. According to Aristotle, if a universal exists, either as a particular or a, relation , then there must have been, must be currently, or must be in the future
  11. Carrier wave. AM works by varying the strength of the transmitted signal in, relation ,to the information being sent. For example, changes in the signal strength can
  12. Confirm that he must have observed the inclination of the celestial sphere in, relation ,to the plane of the Earth to explain the seasons. The demographer and
  13. Nepohualtzintzin. This was a basic number to understand,7 times 13,a close, relation ,conceived between natural phenomena, the underworld and the cycles of the
  14. Makes asymmetry equivalent to antisymmetry plus reflexivity. Examples The, relation ," x is even, y is odd" between a pair (x, y ) of integers is antisymmetric:::
  15. In the long-standing relation ship between Alleged and Gide and damaged the, relation ,with Van Rysselberghe. This was possibly his only sexual liaison with a woman
  16. For a glider to maintain its forward air speed and lift, it must descend in, relation ,to the air (but not necessarily in relation to the ground). Some gliders can
  17. N is some integer n0,\ell ranges across all (integer) values satisfying the, relation ,0 \LE \ell \LE n_0-1. For instance, the n 1 shell has only orbitals with \ell 0
  18. Which are neither symmetric nor antisymmetric (e.g., the " preys on ", relation ,on biological species). Antisymmetry is different from asymmetry. According to
  19. In astronomy, he tried to describe the mechanics of celestial bodies in, relation ,to the Earth. In physics, his postulation that the indefinite (or ape iron)
  20. Or movement or rest. Representing the current understanding of causality as the, relation ,of course and effect, this covers the modern definitions of" cause" as either
  21. Of inclusion of Israeli parts in them. Tensions between Algeria and Morocco in, relation ,to the Western Sahara have been an obstacle to tightening the Arab Maghreb
  22. A relation can be both symmetric and antisymmetric (e.g., the equality, relation ,), and there are relation s which are neither symmetric nor antisymmetric (e.
  23. Forbidden under law at the time. Only in the 20th century was Amsterdam's, relation ,to Catholicism normalized, but despite its far larger population size, the
  24. To state specifically and in detail what one did and for what reason, often in, relation ,to commission of a crime. Allocation is sometimes required of a defendant who
  25. And painting and in creating hands-on works of art. Value judgment Somewhat in, relation ,to the above, the word art is also used to apply judgments of value, as in such
  26. Speed and lift, it must descend in relation to the air (but not necessarily in, relation ,to the ground). Some gliders can 'soar' - gain height from updrafts such as
  27. Causes to actual effects. Essentially, causality does not suggest a temporal, relation ,between the cause and the effect. Optics Aristotle held more accurate theories
  28. Excitement may be said to express angst. Angst was probably first discussed in, relation ,to popular music in the mid- to late 1950s that was popular amongst the nuclear
  29. Issues, the general strike or antimilitarism. A central debate concerned the, relation ,between anarchism and syndicalism (or trade unionism). Latest and Monte
  30. That all things have a universal form, which could be either a property, or a, relation ,to other things. When we look at an apple, for example, we see an apple, and we
  31. Experience of the mysterious. Art provides a way to experience one's self in, relation ,to the universe. This experience may often come unmotivated, as one appreciates
  32. In X, \ R (a, b ) \and a \NE b \Right arrow \not R (b, a ). The usual order, relation ,≤ on the real numbers is antisymmetric: if for two real numbers x and y both
  33. Argued that the relation between the subject and object is ambiguous, as is the, relation ,of mind and body, and part and whole. In Heidegger's phenomenology, Dasein is
  34. The level of altruism, love for one another. Ashley focused on society and its, relation ,to divinity. Sikhism Altruism is essential to the Sikh religion. In the late
  35. Empire. Among the scripts in modern use, the Hebrew alphabet bears the closest, relation ,to the Imperial Aramaic script of the 5th century BC, with an identical letter
  36. Order of the natural numbers is another example of an antisymmetric, relation , Plaster Crowley (; 1875–1947),born Edward Alexander Crowley, and also known
  37. Type of ambiguity are: falsifiable, true,false, function,property, class, relation , cardinal, and ordinal. Mathematical interpretation of ambiguity In mathematics
  38. Templar have also argued that the predictive and explanatory power of ACT in, relation ,to the Global Financial Crisis has reaffirmed its status and, perhaps,cast
  39. Only two means to compare, the t-test and the ANOVA F-test are equivalent; the, relation ,between ANOVA and t is given by F = t2. *Factorial ANOVA is used when the
  40. As an integral part of the human condition. Martin Heidegger argued that the, relation ,between the subject and object is ambiguous, as is the relation of mind and
  41. Mth Already 01 On This Day in Canada ---- In mathematics, a binary, relation ,R on a set X is antisymmetric if, for all a and b in X: if R (a, b ) and R (b
  42. The blockbuster film The Terminator, saying its" vision of the future and the, relation ,between man and its destiny is pushing the frontier of cinema as an art ". He
  43. S current 'Statement of Professional Responsibility' clearly states that" in, relation ,with their own government and with host governments ... no secret research, no
  44. Of Pythagoras who believed that behind every object there was a mathematical, relation ,which led to the order. Finally, in classical Greece the new theories asserted
  45. Dominate those of computation. For such an online algorithm, a recurrence, relation ,is required between quantities from which the required statistics can be
  46. Best-known of these are the following: * Hermann Miller (1906) argued for a, relation ,between Semitic and the Indo-European languages. This proposal was accepted by
  47. Is antisymmetric. Partial and total orders are antisymmetric by definition. A, relation ,can be both symmetric and antisymmetric (e.g., the equality relation ),and
  48. Sense to non-signers once it is explained * Opaque: Meaning has no apparent, relation ,to the sign itself The majority of signs are opaque, and non-signers cannot
  49. Pauling, Mulliken and others noted that the consequence of Heisenberg's, relation ,was that the electron, as a wave packet, could not be considered to have an
  50. Agnosticism as a framework for thinking about the nature of belief and their, relation ,to revealed truths. Some nonreligious people, such as author Philip Pullman

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