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  1. Whether the Alemannic had been previously neutral, they were, certainly ,further influenced by Caracalla to become thereafter notoriously implacable
  2. To a thin rod or stick based on the hollow socket at its base. The jewel, certainly ,dates from Alfred's reign. Although its function is unknown, it has been often
  3. See someone practicing injustice and do not set him right, Allah will almost, certainly ,visit them all with severe punishment. " Another narration goes," If they see
  4. Because he is retired in Chapter One of Peril at End House (1932). He is, certainly ,retired at the time of Three Act Tragedy (1935) but he does not enjoy his
  5. Form Απέλλων is more archaic, derived from an earlier *Απέλjων. The name is, certainly ,cognate with the Doric month name Απέλλαιος and the Doric festival απελλαι.
  6. Such ideas. Thomas Jefferson had tried to bring a French mechanic (almost, certainly ,Blanc) and his methods to America in 1785,but the project never went anywhere
  7. Other artists and his personal staff. If Hitler had had any friends at all, I, certainly , would have been one of his close friends. " First Architect of the Third Reich
  8. Opinion in 1962,the United States may still have reached the Moon, but almost, certainly ,it would not have been accomplished by the end of the 1960s,President Kennedy
  9. 1975,the Portuguese makeup currently the largest non-African population, with, certainly , more than 100,000,a number that has been constantly increasing from the 2000s
  10. Garner himself rejects such a description, informing one interviewer that" I, certainly ,have never written for children" but that instead he has always written purely
  11. Painted on the side of them. These buses are not for tourists only, but are, certainly ,the nicest and most uniform of the bus systems. These buses travel the tourist
  12. Elections were the first since 1992 and were described as only partly free but, certainly ,not as fair. A White Book on the elections in 2008 lists all irregularities
  13. Of the church of St Ambrose outside Milan. Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, certainly ,did not found religious orders, though he took an interest in the monastic life
  14. Is shown by the insertions which he made in his translation of Gropius. He, certainly ,corresponded with Elias III, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, and possibly sent a
  15. Third concept, although his definitions of right, acute,and obtuse angles are, certainly ,quantitative. Measuring angles Two angles are sometimes called congruent if
  16. Must be yet the more pleasing to me, inasmuch as in my philosophizing I have, certainly ,not been under its influence emphasis added. For up till 1818,when my work
  17. Christie was by now heartily sick of him it is difficult to assess. There is, certainly ,a case for saying that Crooked House (1949) and Ordeal by Innocence (1957)
  18. With Neoplatonic metaphysical ideas. However implausible this is, it is, certainly ,the case that Aristotle's rigid separation of action from production, and his
  19. Indeed the first antipope. Novation (d. 258),another third-century figure, certainly ,claimed the See of Rome in opposition to Pope Cornelius, and if Natalie and
  20. For the Athenians, Burkert notes, Athena was simply" the Goddess ", he Thea, certainly ,an ancient title. Athena Parthenon: Virgin Athena never had a consort or
  21. There is much uncertainty about the composition of those audiences. They were, certainly ,huge, with seating for at least 10 000 at the Theatre of Dionysus, but it is
  22. Considered to be a member of the Austrian School, and he stated that," I, certainly ,have a great deal of affinity with Austrian economics and I have no objections
  23. Have exaggerated, but it is possible that he did write 94 operas. While Vivaldi, certainly ,composed many operas in his time, he never reached the prominence of other
  24. Speech. According to Fest in his biography of Speer," Goldhagen's accusation, certainly ,would have been more convincing" In Inside the Third Reich, published before
  25. Earliest natural historian whose work has survived in some detail. Aristotle, certainly ,did research on the natural history of Lesbos, and the surrounding seas and
  26. Him by the sculptural decoration of the Parthenon, in which he must almost, certainly ,have taken a share under the direction of Phidias. He is said to be the most
  27. Solzhenitsyn's case,it's not racial. It has nothing to do with blood. He's, certainly ,not a racist; the question is fundamentally religious and cultural. He bears
  28. Isolated ridge formed its acropolis. Though some masonry in the ruins is, certainly ,pre-Roman, the Suda's identification of it with China, famous as a treasure
  29. And 5 months, and that he died on the stage while being crowned victor. He was, certainly ,alive after 345 BC, for Describes mentions him as alive in that year. He was
  30. Official language is probably more extended than elsewhere in Africa, and this, certainly ,applies to its use in everyday life. Moreover, and above all, the proportion of
  31. Only in this context. Use of the term to describe writers, for example, is, certainly , valid,but less common, and mostly restricted to contexts like criticism.
  32. By the implication of commercialism. Applications While diagramming is, certainly ,a recreation first, there are ways in which anagrams are put to use, and these
  33. And his wealth. And if I had to take a Khalil from my followers, I would, certainly ,have taken Abu Bakr, but the fraternity of Islam is sufficient. Let no Door of
  34. Life. Many consider Augustus to be Rome's greatest emperor; his policies, certainly ,extended the Empire's life span and initiated the celebrated Pax Romana or Pax
  35. Stepped in to prevent Lathers from sacking Jerusalem. News of this slaughter, certainly ,spread rapidly throughout Judea, exemplified by the Pusher on Isaiah 4Q161
  36. The hope of reaching an entente with the Empire. The Byzantines were almost, certainly ,deeply involved in the plot. It was in their interest to stem the Lombard tide
  37. Chapter 42 we read of the Hereunder, a tribe, certainly ,located in the region that later became Thuringia. Tacitus stated that they
  38. Analysis, there is no assumption of a normal distribution and, certainly ,no assumption of independence. On the contrary, the observations are dependent!
  39. Then by the living. What Archaeology tells us About the Chico Road: Astronomy, certainly ,played an important role in Chico culture, as it is visible in the north-south
  40. S former governor Thesis was implicated in Amalaric's murder," and was, certainly ,its prime beneficiary. " As for Carotid, in Gregory's words she died on the
  41. Regular and recognized position within the empire's borders. His demands were, certainly ,grand — the concession of a block of territory 200 miles long by 150 wide
  42. Possess the sobriquet" Pius" until after his accession to the throne. Almost, certainly , he earned the name" Pius" because he compelled the Senate to deify his
  43. In the Cypriot tribute-list of Esarhaddon of Assyria (668 B. C.). It, certainly ,maintained strong Phoenician sympathies, for it was its refusal to join the
  44. What degree he actually wielded political power, and over what area, but it is, certainly ,possible that he ruled some part of England. Because Ambrosia and Northern
  45. 16 seats). The elections however have been described as only partly free but, certainly ,not fair. A White Book on the elections in 2008 lists up all irregularities
  46. Is strong medicines. However, as he explains; this is not the ideal way, and, certainly , not the long-term. Thus, to make his point very clear, and show the extreme
  47. And the various Mycenaean states of Greece mention a region undoubtedly Asia, certainly ,in Anatolia, including if not identical to Lydia. These records are
  48. Giving us much information as to the usual style of Armaments, who was almost, certainly ,a progressive and original artist. It is safer to judge him by the sculptural
  49. Who were all Greek. Roman civilization Hellenized extensively. Ancient Greek, certainly ,evidences early and rich uses of the name. The first continental use of Asia is
  50. Ready" ( held" battle" combined with fans" ready" ). In any case is almost, certainly ,of Germanic and not of Latin origin. It is the name of many historical

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