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  1. Of consent, but a number of those jurisdictions (including Kuwait),it is a, defence , if the accused can show that he or she reasonably believed the victim was over
  2. Been reached with Turkish company Abelson on the production of some types of, defence , output in Azerbaijan, specifically the latest types of weapons' sights. These
  3. Purchase of long-range rockets from two Chinese companies, the minister of the, defence , industry has said. Other arms deals were signed with Turkey. Turkish Defense
  4. Consulted Russia prior to announcing its endeavors to deploy a new missile, defence , system in Central Europe – a criticism that was soon proven to be largely
  5. Of early warning and surveillance systems as well as regionally controlled, defence , systems. During Spring 2006 reports about negotiations between the United
  6. Executed as soon as they were captured without ever giving testimony in their, defence , Augustus ensured that the facade of Republican government continued with an
  7. A shipbuilder based in Bremen, Germany * STN Atlas Electronic GmbH was a German, defence , company producing electronics until 2003 * Atlas Electronic GmbH, a
  8. A single unified service branch. Some 8,000 men serve in the air force and air, defence , force. Azerbaijan is holding talks with either the People's Republic of China
  9. And rear of the ambush position (blocking force),and thus provide all round, defence , Care must be taken by the ambush commander to ensure that fire from any weapon
  10. Of Catholicism, and was among the princes who met to concert measures for its, defence , at Essay in July 1525. His hostility towards the reformers, however,was not
  11. Established in Athens was used for many purposes, not all relating to the, defence , of members of the league. It was from tribute paid to the league that Pericles
  12. 26 October 899) was King of Wessex from 871 to 899. Alfred is noted for his, defence , of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of southern England against the Vikings, becoming
  13. And estuaries. Burial system At the center of Alfred's reformed military, defence , system was a network of fortresses, or Burns, distributed at strategic points
  14. Support to the rest of the defense force. This is the maritime element of the, defence , force,and is divided into four units: **Flotilla - the flotilla is the
  15. Military As a dependency of the UK, the UK is responsible for its military, defence , although there are no active garrison or armed forces present. Geography
  16. Of deism and theism, Darwell Stone's and E. L. Mascall's Thomism and, defence , of Catholic orthodoxy, and Kenneth Kirk's Moral Theology. Outside England, one
  17. And Barbuda Regiment - this is the infantry unit and fighting arm of the, defence , force. *Service and Support Unit - established in 1997,this provides
  18. Institution, the Defense Science and Technology Organization, and other, defence , technology organizations such as BAE Systems Australia and Lockheed Martin
  19. Hickory Dock and the fishtailing of an electricity bill, although in her, defence , she was worried about strange events surrounding her sister at the time. Poirot
  20. Forces number 56,840 men in the land forces,7,900 men in the air force and air, defence , force,and 2,200 men in the navy. In addition, there are 300,000 former service
  21. Haughton's Paper on the Bee's Cell, And on the Origin of Species. Wallace's, defence , of the Origin on the topic of evolution of the hexagonal bee cell. * 1863:
  22. Chambers. Wallace's very public advocacy of spiritualism and his repeated, defence , of spiritualist mediums against allegations of fraud in the 1870s damaged his
  23. Were designed for several roles, including as high seas battleships, coastal,defense, ships,and long-range cruisers. The rapid evolution of warship design in the
  24. To protect against raids. Normally, the bishop of Hereford would have led the, defence , in the absence of an Earl of Hereford, but in 1049 the incumbent,Æthelstan
  25. And numerous other firms are located. Exports to foreign countries from these, defence , firms have steadily increased in the past decades. The IDEA in Ankara is one of
  26. Believed the victim was over the age of consent. However, where such a, defence , is provided, it normally applies only when the victim is close to the age of
  27. Itself seems to have been ridiculous, and the spirited and triumphant, defence , spoken by Apuleius is still extant. This is known as the Apologia (A Discourse
  28. Learning in Wessex, Abels contends, was to Alfred's mind as essential to the, defence , of his realm as the building of the Burns. As Alfred observed in the preface to
  29. SIPRI, only $1.473 billion was spent in that year. KISS also suggests that the, defence , budget in 2009 was $1.5 billion. Azerbaijan has its own Defense Industry, which
  30. Anarcho capitalism. * Robert Paul Wolff, In Defense of Anarchism, influential,defense, of anarchism within contemporary analytical philosophy. Wolff is not an
  31. According to the materials published by WikiLeaks in December 2010,Azerbaijani, defence , minister Safer Abide claimed that in January 2009 during his visit to Moscow
  32. Whole. Defense industry Adelaide is home to a large proportion of Australia's, defence , industries,which contribute over A$1 billion to South Australia's Gross State
  33. Until it was shattered by Garry Kasparov (14). In 1978,Karpov's first title, defence , was against Kirchner, the opponent he had defeated in the 1973–75 Candidates '
  34. Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Azerbaijan actively cooperate on, defence , institutional reforms and have developed practical cooperation in many others
  35. UNITS, whose stronghold is in southern Angola, bordering to Namibia. The, defence , pact allowed Angolan troops to use Namibian territory when attacking Jonas
  36. Alfred's reformed Ford nor his Burns alone would have afforded a sufficient, defence , against the Vikings; together, however,they robbed the Vikings of their major
  37. They joined in prayers and psalms. Great Lava, Mount Pathos The necessity for, defence , from attacks (for monastic houses tended to accumulate rich gifts),economy
  38. To the king. In 1489, he returned to service in North Africa, as commander of, defence , in the fortress of Gracious, an island in the river Luck near the city of
  39. Held by western European nations to discuss potential future ballistic missile, defence , programs. In the end, the council recommended deployment of early warning and
  40. MAN AG. Ankara is also the center of the state-owned and private Turkish, defence , and aerospace companies, where the industrial plants and headquarters of the
  41. Of the country, and partly for the purpose of increasing its power for, defence , and attack. The existence of serfdom was tackled boldly, taking advantage of a
  42. Systems that are sold worldwide for applications in medical, communications,defense, automotive, food and wine processing and industrial sectors. The revenue of
  43. Of reassessment reorganization and restructuring, as the future of Armenia's, defence , needs a revised force structure and unit mix. Clearly, the army must maintain
  44. 1976 the Fraser government reinstated God Save the Queen for royal, vice-regal,defense, and loyal toast occasions, and made plans to conduct a national poll to find a
  45. Troops are still serving in Afghanistan. Despite the rise in Azerbaijan's, defence , budget,which now doubles Armenia's entire state budget, the armed forces
  46. This provides administrative, logistic and engineer support to the rest of the, defence , force. This is the maritime element of the defense force, and is divided into
  47. Of Ukraine, Belarus and Pakistan. Along with other contracts, Azerbaijani,defense, industries and Turkish companies, Azerbaijan will produce 40 mm revolver grenade
  48. Honey bee cells could have evolved through natural selection. Another notable, defence , of the Origin was" Creation by Law ", a review Wallace wrote in 1867 for The
  49. Southward and in deadly earnest, began his third siege of Rome. Apparently, defence , was impossible; there are hints, not well substantiated, of treachery; surprise
  50. To South Australia's Gross State Product. Seventy-two percent of Australian, defence , companies are located in Adelaide. The principal government military research

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