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  1. That many booms and busts are caused by the allocation of resources from, consumption ,to investment; entrepreneurs invest funds in sectors inconsistent with
  2. Cookware has not been shown to lead to aluminum toxicity in general, excessive, consumption , of antacids containing aluminum compounds and excessive use of
  3. Of consumption and production. The study found that agriculture and food, consumption ,are two of the most important drivers of environmental pressures, particularly
  4. Chromated copper Senate (CCA). In 2007.50 % of the 5,280 metric tons of, consumption ,was still used for this purpose. In the United States, the use of arsenic in
  5. Of hygienic, dietary,medicinal, religious,and recreational reasons. The, consumption ,of large doses of ethanol causes drunkenness (intoxication),which may lead
  6. The reallocation of resources during recessions would increase employment in, consumption ,sections. In addition, the initial booms also cause resource reallocation
  7. Fossil fuel: 100 % hydro: 0 % nuclear: 0 % other: 0 % (2001) Electricity -, consumption ,: 167.4 GWh (2006) country comparison to the world: 179 Electricity - exports:
  8. S law against sport hunting and branding. Limited hunting was permitted for, consumption ,reasons, but Ashoka also promoted the concept of vegetarianism. Ashoka also
  9. Or asymmetrical subproblems and collect the results back together. The resource, consumption ,in such algorithms is not only processor cycles on each processor but also the
  10. Oil - production: (2005 est. ) country comparison to the world: 208 Oil -, consumption ,: (2006 est. ) country comparison to the world: 100 Oil - exports: (2005)
  11. 5.544 GWh (2007) country comparison to the world: 108 Electricity -, consumption ,: 4.539 GWh (2006) country comparison to the world: 109 Electricity - exports:
  12. Subsistence agriculture in which farmers raised most of their crops for, consumption ,on farm, and there was only a small portion left over for the payment of taxes
  13. For example, dynamic programming was invented for optimization of resource, consumption ,in industry, but is now used in solving a broad range of problems in many
  14. Change from a slave-based society to one based on production for domestic, consumption ,and export. Meanwhile, with the independence of Brazil in 1822,the slave trade
  15. The availability of commercially farmed abalone has allowed more common, consumption ,of this once rare delicacy. In Japan, live and raw abalone are used in away
  16. Agriculture is dependent on fossil fuels in two fundamental ways: 1) direct, consumption ,on the farm and 2) indirect consumption to manufacture inputs used on the farm
  17. The fuel time limit for powered aircraft is fixed by the fuel load and rate of, consumption , For unpowered aircraft, the maximum flight time is limited by available
  18. Leading to excess capacity. Busts occur when resources reallocated back into, consumption ,sectors. Krugman argues that this theory does not explain unemployment. Since
  19. BTU) in 2002,or just over 1 percent of the nation's total energy. Indirect, consumption ,is mainly oil and natural gas used to manufacture fertilizers and pesticides
  20. Production: 0 cu m (2007) country comparison to the world: 208 Natural gas -, consumption ,: 0 cu m (2007) country comparison to the world: 207 Natural gas - exports: 0
  21. Minister of the island nation, Mike Man, is of Jewish descent. Average daily, consumption ,in is about 37,000 metric tons. Places of interest
  22. S intake is about 10–50 kg/day. Values about 1000 kg are not unusual following, consumption ,of fish or mushrooms. But there is little danger in eating fish because this
  23. Investment (gross fixed) – 21 % of GDP (2008 est. ); Household income or, consumption ,by percentage share –; Inflation rate (consumer prices) – 21.6 % (2008 est.
  24. Severe, and in larger doses can be deadly; the cyanide must be removed before, consumption , Culinary uses While the almond is often eaten on its own, raw or toasted, it
  25. 2010. Since private transfers from the Diaspora tend to be mostly injected into, consumption ,of imports and not in high value-added sectors, the transfers have not resulted
  26. Per capita in China are only a quarter of the global average, but water, consumption ,is more than five times this amount. As a result, supplies are declining and
  27. Are caused by a reallocation of resources from industrial production to, consumption , since the Austrian business cycle theory implies that net investment should be
  28. Environment Program published a report assessing the environmental impacts of, consumption ,and production. The study found that agriculture and food consumption are two
  29. Successful endeavors to commercially farm abalone for the purpose of, consumption , Over-fishing and poaching have reduced wild populations to such an extent that
  30. Reduced. Epidemiological studies have suggested a correlation between chronic, consumption ,of drinking water contaminated with arsenic and the incidence of all leading
  31. Oil - production: (2007 est. ) country comparison to the world: 209 Oil -, consumption ,: (604 m³/d),2006 country comparison to the world: 170 Oil - exports: (2005
  32. 175 Population below poverty line: NA % (2002 est. ) Household income or, consumption ,by percentage share: lowest 10 %: NA % highest 10 %: NA % Inflation rate (
  33. Are too many industrial workers laid-off to be immediately accepted into the, consumption ,sectors of the economy. Hummel notes that this explanation makes peculiar
  34. Economic and political organization, law and conflict resolution, patterns of, consumption ,and exchange, material culture, technology,infrastructure, gender relations
  35. 0 m³ (2007 est. ) country comparison to the world: 207 Natural gas -, consumption ,: 2.05 billion m³ (2007 est. ) country comparison to the world: 81 Natural gas
  36. And is translated as such in some Bible versions such as the NIV. In India, consumption ,of almonds is believed to be good for the brain, while the Chinese consider it
  37. Provide more significant exposure levels. Studies have shown that, consumption ,of acidic foods or liquids with aluminum significantly increases aluminum
  38. In two fundamental ways: 1) direct consumption on the farm and 2) indirect, consumption ,to manufacture inputs used on the farm. Direct consumption includes the use of
  39. Complexion and possibly a lower risk of cancer. Preliminary research associates, consumption ,of almonds with elevating blood levels of high density lipoproteins and
  40. Potassium sulfate (Al (K) (SO4)2) (H2O)12 is used similarly. The, consumption ,of both alums is declining. Chlorides Aluminum chloride (AlCl3) is used in
  41. A fraction of the Alaskan economy. Agricultural production is primarily for, consumption ,within the state and includes nursery stock, dairy products, vegetables,and
  42. US and some other countries, because of legal and tax restrictions on alcohol, consumption , ethanol destined for other uses often contains additives that make it
  43. And realistic ladle brings the ineffable moment to ground with a thump. The, consumption ,of ambrosia was typically reserved for divine beings. Upon his assumption into
  44. For the psychological wellbeing of all concerned in the food production and, consumption ,system. Economic, environmental,and social aspects of agriculture sciences are
  45. Society is industrial and based on mass production, mass distribution, mass, consumption , mass education, mass media, mass recreation, mass entertainment, and weapons
  46. State at high doses). Exposure to high levels of methyl mercury, through, consumption , of fish with high mercury concentrations, is also a known cause of ataxia and
  47. As its effects wear off. Depending upon the dose and the regularity of its, consumption , ethanol can cause acute respiratory failure or death. Because ethanol impairs
  48. And 2) indirect consumption to manufacture inputs used on the farm. Direct, consumption ,includes the use of lubricants and fuels to operate farm vehicles and machinery
  49. Viable economically and/or ecologically. The worldwide average specific energy, consumption ,is approximately 15±0.5 kilowatt-hours per kilogram of aluminum produced (52
  50. Below poverty line: :26.5 % (2006 est. ) Inflation: 4.4 % Household income or, consumption ,by percentage share: lowest 10 %: 1.6 % highest 10 %: 41.3 % (2004)

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