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  1. Ability of amino acids has been used in fertilizers for agriculture to, facilitate ,the delivery of minerals to plants in order to correct mineral deficiencies
  2. Treatment of the abdomen. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas to, facilitate ,visualization and, often,a small video camera is used to show the procedure on
  3. 2016 Summer Olympics, the ISAF proposed an abbreviated competition designed to, facilitate ,the participation of top players, but the effort failed. Major League Baseball
  4. The Cordillera Sabbatical is quite discontinuous, offering many passes that, facilitate ,transportation, but the Penibético forms a strong barrier between the
  5. Right- and left-hand manuals, respectively. Each side has grilles in order to, facilitate ,the transmission of air in and out of the instrument, and to allow the sound to
  6. Kg or 550 lb). Prices were fixed across the country and recorded in lists to, facilitate ,trading; for example a shirt cost five copper Eben, while a cow cost 140 Eben
  7. Systems. Maurice Kavanaugh, in 1953,developed the Kavanaugh map as a tool to, facilitate ,management of Boolean algebraic expressions. In 1954,The first modern solar
  8. Doctrines. Luther for his part did not stop at the suggestion, but in order to, facilitate ,the change made special efforts to spread his teaching among the Prussians
  9. Present in some dinosaurs not currently considered to be true birds). They, facilitate ,flight, provide insulation that aids in thermoregulation, and are used in
  10. Be controlled very closely, and temperature ramps between the individual stages, facilitate ,separation of sample components. Tubes may be heated transversely or
  11. And provides support for AA’s own emphasis on increasing spiritual practices to, facilitate ,recovery from alcohol use disorder. As attendance of AA meetings increase, so
  12. Of pentanes plus used for blending with heavy crude oil and bitumen to, facilitate ,its transportation through pipelines. * Alberta exports over of oil to US
  13. Standards bodies and corporations developed many variations of ASCII to, facilitate ,the expression of non-English languages that used Roman-based alphabets. One
  14. Canadian passports” for himself and five others, in order to, facilitate ,their travel into the United States to“ possibly bomb several cities. ” In
  15. For hunting would use a narrow tip (" broad head" ) that widens further, to, facilitate , both penetration and a large wound. Hunting Using archery to take game animals
  16. These are structures (not present in all prokaryotes) made of proteins that, facilitate ,movement and communication between cells; * Enclosing the cell is the cell
  17. Before Stanford University invited him to stay in the United States to ", facilitate ,your work, and to accommodate you and your family. " He stayed on the 11th
  18. Lactic acid. Other important components include: * Blood-clotting factors (to, facilitate ,coagulation) * Various electrolytes (mainly sodium and chloride) The term
  19. In 1996,the Bahamian Parliament passed" The Local Government Act" to, facilitate ,the establishment of Family Island Administrators, Local Government Districts
  20. The accident, the spacecraft was removed and taken to Kennedy Space Center to, facilitate ,the review board's disassembly in order to investigate the cause of the fire.
  21. Football Council's primary role was to govern the game at national level to, facilitate ,interstate representative and club competition. The AFC ran the Championship
  22. Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established on 22 August 1966 to, facilitate ,economic development of countries in Asia. The bank admits the members of the
  23. Uncle, Sigismund I the Old, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, would, facilitate , a settlement of the disputes over eastern Prussia, which had been held by the
  24. Manual for beginners (see Gains (jurist) ). Antoninus passed measures to, facilitate ,the enfranchisement of slaves. In criminal law, Antoninus introduced the
  25. Instructions. Many sophisticated assemblers offer additional mechanisms to, facilitate ,program development, control the assembly process, and aid debugging. In
  26. About the chemicals to which they were allegedly exposed, hoping this would, facilitate ,the medical treatment of survivors. Congressman Lee H. Hamilton, former
  27. Term came to an end on 13 November 2010. UN involvement The UN has attempted to, facilitate ,dialogue between the junta and Sub FYI. On 6 May 2002,following secret
  28. That produced the report, Xiaorui Zhang, stated that the report was designed to, facilitate ,research on acupuncture, not recommend treatment for specific diseases. The
  29. Compaq, ASUS,Alienware, Acer,Eve sham Technology, Dell and several others to, facilitate ,processor distribution and sales. On May 18, 2006,Dell announced that it would
  30. Or by object type and hybrids of these. Out should be structured primarily to, facilitate ,administrative delegation, and secondarily, to facilitate group policy
  31. One of which circulates with the second copy archived for preservation. To, facilitate ,circulation, Barnard zines are cataloged in CLIO (the Columbia/Barnard OPAC)
  32. Primarily to facilitate administrative delegation, and secondarily, to, facilitate , group policy application. Although Out form an administrative boundary, the
  33. Slope, but Los still transmit voice calls to approaching pilots by radio. To, facilitate ,working on the flight deck of a U. S. aircraft carrier, the sailors wear
  34. Distance from their national land boundaries. Furthermore, aircraft carriers, facilitate ,quicker projections of military power into local and regional conflicts. Types
  35. In 1745,a year after his death, the scale was reversed by Carl Linnaeus to, facilitate ,more practical measurement. Celsius originally called his scale centigrade
  36. AKIN. Services include: Policy Development Services Policy Development Services, facilitate ,the development of policy for the technical coordination and management of
  37. Benin plans to attract more foreign investment, place more emphasis on tourism, facilitate ,the development of new food processing systems and agricultural products, and
  38. Birds have a body plan that shows many unusual adaptations, mostly to, facilitate ,flight. The skeleton consists of very lightweight bones. They have large
  39. Were located along the Colorado River, in what is now western Milan County, to, facilitate , exploration. Early in the 19th century, Spanish forts were established in what
  40. Such as earthquakes. Analytic instruments such as the Spectrum analyzer, facilitate ,visualization and measurement of acoustic signals and their properties. The
  41. On transfer traffic, and was one of the first to introduce the hub-system to, facilitate ,easy connections. France began an air mail service to Morocco in 1919 that was
  42. All Jews. Originally published in modern Hebrew, with a running commentary to, facilitate ,learning, his Stanza edition of the Talmud has also been translated into
  43. City of Adelaide. In 2006,the Ministry for the City of Adelaide was created to, facilitate ,the state government's collaboration with the Adelaide City Council and the
  44. Padua bridge project) and national highways are also being constructed to, facilitate ,trade and regional development. Demographics The population of Bangladesh at
  45. Or set of predictors) and the dependent variable. Effect-size estimates, facilitate ,the comparison of findings in studies and across disciplines. Common effect
  46. S labor minister, Mark Parent, appointed a mediator, on November 1,to, facilitate ,an agreement. Academics Profile As a primary undergraduate institution, the
  47. That portray 3D beaded objects. However, there are resources available that, facilitate ,this process by offering free instructions on how to draw a 3D beading diagram
  48. West Berlin, electricity was supplied chiefly by thermal power stations. To, facilitate ,buffering during load peaks, accumulators were installed during the 1980s at
  49. Tariff and a 50 % VAT refund for wind farm developers intended to, facilitate ,the construction of 100 Gigawatts of wind power and 15 Gigawatts of solar power
  50. A global culture, rather than regional cultures. Characteristics Art tends to, facilitate ,intuitive rather than rational understanding, and is usually consciously

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