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  1. The examination of alchemical theory, and could be considered to be alchemists, themselves , except that these two did little in the way of experimentation. The first true
  2. And for waterproofing of various types of pools and baths, with these latter, themselves ,proliferating in the 19th century. On the London stock market, there were
  3. Wrote detailed studies of the customs of peoples considered" different" from, themselves ,in terms of geography. John of Plano Carping reported of his stay among the
  4. To confer the power of passing navigation laws to Congress, or that the States, themselves ,pass retaliatory acts against Great Britain. Congress had already requested and
  5. Know through fragments of text. After 400 CE, Greek alchemical writers occupied, themselves ,solely in commenting on the works of these predecessors. By the middle of the
  6. Inuit of the North Slope and of the Northwest Arctic seldom think of, themselves ,as one. Aleutian Islands More than 300 small, volcanic islands make up this
  7. And discourse initiated by Feminists in the academy, although they excused, themselves ,from commenting specifically on those pioneering critics. Nevertheless, key
  8. The fundamental thoughts which I have to enunciate, though those deductions, themselves ,are by no means to be found there. He summarized the influence of the
  9. Different alkanes are, for example, miscible in all proportions among, themselves , The density of the alkanes usually increases with increasing number of carbon
  10. Educators from 70 different nations. Like any hobby, most people who think of, themselves ,as amateur astronomers may devote a few hours a month to stargazing and reading
  11. Orbit another celestial body. They had survived a mission that even the crew, themselves ,had rated as only having a fifty-fifty chance of fully succeeding. The effect
  12. The game. In some rounds, the game resulted in the volunteers winning money for, themselves , and in others it resulted in money being donated to a charity of the volunteer
  13. It requires someone to intentionally knock the dominoes over as they cannot fall, themselves , Aristotle marked two modes of causation: proper (prior) causation and
  14. And turn taking, and do not have the ability to use simple movements to express, themselves , such as the deficiency to point at things. Most autistic children display
  15. Nomads who conquered states in China, India,and the Middle East often found, themselves ,adapting to the local, more affluent societies. The Islamic Caliphate took over
  16. For the animals; the pigs impose more control while reserving privileges for, themselves , The pigs rewrite history, villainising Snowball and glorifying Napoleon.
  17. Other organisms similar to it, or the asteroids in general. As amoebas, themselves ,are polyphyletic and subject to some imprecision in definition, the term "
  18. Aggregate and form a multicellular fruiting body in which some cells sacrifice, themselves ,to promote the survival of other cells in the fruiting body. Social behavior
  19. The struggle of the German Romantics, in the words of Leon Polio, to free, themselves ,from Judeo-Christian fetters ". In contradistinction to Godwin's claim that
  20. Or trade unionism). Latest and Monte were in particular disagreement, themselves ,on this issue, as the latter thought that syndicalism was revolutionary and
  21. In the film, there are no male actors and the four leading actresses dubbed, themselves ,in the Castilian version. Synopsis In order to prepare the role of an important
  22. On a smaller scale, too. People who wear dark clothes in the summer put, themselves ,at a greater risk of heatstroke than those who wear lighter-color clothes.
  23. And its ability to create" images in such a way that they mean nothing beyond, themselves , " In 1972,Tchaikovsky told film historian Leonid Koziol his ten favorite films.
  24. Assistive Technology may attempt to improve the ergonomics of the devices, themselves ,: * Ergonomic keyboards reduce the discomfort and strain of typing. * Corded
  25. Claimed that the world is fundamentally what humans recognize in, themselves ,as their will. His analysis of will led him to the conclusion that emotional
  26. Texas followed. Six of these states then adopted a constitution and declared, themselves ,to be a sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America. The upper South
  27. And writing; food is plentiful, and the farm runs smoothly. The pigs elevate, themselves ,to positions of leadership and set aside special food items, ostensibly for
  28. The needs of their own families, others in their society were freed to devote, themselves ,to projects other than food acquisition. Historians and anthropologists have
  29. Be used as a pedagogical trick, to force students to reproduce the deduction by, themselves , Some textbooks give the same name to the function and to its Fourier transform
  30. Various factor levels are sampled from a larger population. Because the levels, themselves ,are random variables, some assumptions and the method of contrasting the
  31. Which had decided not to get involved with the LPF). They allied, themselves ,with the federalist socialist sections of the International, who advocated the
  32. Lived there. In the 19th century they slowly and hesitantly began to establish, themselves ,in the interior. Angola as a Portuguese colony was not established before the
  33. For the superabundance of happiness and wealth of certain people who should rid, themselves ,of it. This is the ancient morality of the gift, which has become a principle
  34. Techniques to make a series of blackboard drawings appear to move and reshape, themselves , 'Humorous Phases of Funny Faces' is regularly cited as the first true
  35. To quote Sir Donald Francis Today (1935,p. 195),“ Theorists are apt to vex, themselves ,with vain efforts to remove uncertainty just where it has a high aesthetic
  36. No one buried the Niobium until the ninth day after their death, when the gods, themselves ,entombed them. Consorts and children Love affairs ascribed to Apollo are a late
  37. Of some Aristotelian principles for the sciences and the arts to free, themselves ,for the discovery of modern scientific laws and empirical methods. The medieval
  38. Several tribes. The two main branches were the Both and Barnes tribes, who were, themselves ,divided into tribes, and again into subtribes. Each region of the Maghreb
  39. However, as soon as 1887,important figures in the anarchist movement distanced, themselves ,from such individual acts. Peter Kropotkin thus wrote that year in Le Revolt
  40. To a judge or appellate court by a lawyer (or parties when representing, themselves ,) of the legal reasons why they should prevail *Closing argument, in law, the
  41. The security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding, themselves , to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them
  42. Shifted away from Lincoln-the-emancipator to an argument that blacks had freed, themselves ,from slavery, or at least were responsible for pressuring the government on
  43. S Constitutional Convention would soon follow. Statehood supporters also found, themselves ,fighting major battles against political foes, mostly in the U. S. Congress but
  44. British and North American universities),anthropologists have also found, themselves ,institutionally linked with scholars of folklore, museum studies, human
  45. Holds a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. However, counties can declare, themselves ," dry "; the state does not sell alcohol in those areas. *List of counties in
  46. The original Egyptian uniliterals were not a system and were never used by, themselves ,to encode Egyptian speech. Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central
  47. Bushmen and other groups considerably less technologically advanced than, themselves , whom they easily dominated with their superior knowledge of metal-working
  48. Will, then humans and animals are fundamentally the same and can recognize, themselves ,in each other. For this reason, he claimed that a good person would have
  49. Adults may seek diagnoses to help them or their friends and family understand, themselves , to help their employers make adjustments, or in some locations to claim
  50. Valleys of this island; this is how Jove rewarded the men who had distinguished, themselves ,through their virtues, because through virtue they had acquired everlasting

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