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  1. With a life dominated by monks and priests and theological disputes. The town, council ,or senate gave way to the bishop as the main local figurehead. During the
  2. And Brahmins (Vedic monks). Ashoka also helped to organize the Third Buddhist, council ,(c. 250 BC) at Pataliputra (today's Patna). It was conducted by the monk
  3. Council was created by a 1968 Lambert Conference resolution, and meets. The, council ,consists of representative bishops, clergy,and laity chosen by the
  4. In this study as being“ completely unacceptable. ” The head of a local Islamic, council ,joined Jewish leaders and Halloween in denouncing such antisemitism. Sweden
  5. Iglesias Episcopal de Cuba (Episcopal Church of Cuba) (under a metropolitan, council ,) * The Parish of the Falkland Islands (extraprovincial to the Archbishop of
  6. Are overall 2980 villages/communities () in all Albania. Each district has its, council ,which is composed of a number of municipalities. The municipalities are the
  7. Years, with attendant concerns over a lack of housing. In response, the city, council ,has already initiated a large range of building projects to house some 100,000
  8. Consent of the bishop, were,as we have seen, permitted by the second Nicene, council , AD 787,to confer the tonsure and admit to the order of reader; but gradually
  9. Council. After elections have determined the members of the city council ,the, council ,elects a mayor,2 deputy mayors and 5 council men. The current Mayor of Aarhus
  10. Is Colin Mackenzie and the elected Head of the Council is Anne Robertson. The, council ,has devolved power to six area committees: Ban ff and Buchanan, Buchan, Formartine
  11. The other two districts becoming autonomous council areas. Demographics The, council ,area has a population of 236,260,representing 4.6 % of Scotland's total, a
  12. In the following representation: The overall political composition of the, council ,was as follows: The Council's net expenditure is £750.1m a year (2008/09).
  13. Initially reluctant to attend, fearing that the meeting would declare itself a, council ,with power to legislate for the church; but it agreed to pass only advisory
  14. Lambert Conference resolution, and usually meets at three-year intervals. The, council ,consists of representative bishops, clergy,and laity chosen by the
  15. Of Jutland in the geographical center of Denmark. Aarhus is the seat of the, council ,of Aarhus municipality with 311,235 inhabitants and 249,709 (1 January 2011)
  16. Council areas in Scotland and a lieutenancy area. The present day Aberdeen shire, council ,area does not include the City of Aberdeen, now a separate council area, from
  17. Discarding and Dee side district were merged to form the present Aberdeen shire, council ,area, with the other two districts becoming autonomous council areas.
  18. Excavations, which are aimed at finding information rather than treasure. The, council ,also supervises museums and monument reconstruction programs designed to
  19. Now a separate council area, from which its name derives. Together, the modern, council ,area and the city formed historic Aberdeen shire - one of the counties of
  20. Is the language and customs, and the Fa'Amati the protocols of the" photo" (, council ,) and the chiefly system. The Fa'Amati and the Fond take place at all levels
  21. Aberdeen shire council area, with the other two districts becoming autonomous, council ,areas. Demographics The council area has a population of 236,260,representing
  22. Guests and strangers. This permission opening the door to luxurious living,the, council ,of Aachen, AD 817,decreed that the abbot should dine in the refectory, and be
  23. The abuse was rife in the 8th century, as may be gathered from the acts of the, council ,of Clove shoe. These lay agencies were not merely a question of over lordship
  24. Important track ways are the Cause Month and Sick Month. The present, council ,area is named after the historic county of Aberdeen, which had different
  25. And he eventually decided to retire from the university. In 1913 the, council ,of Saint Petersburg elected nine scientists honorary members of the university.
  26. Of Babelsberg enjoyed a level of autonomy above their lord. They elected a city, council , although only a few rich families were eligible for election. In
  27. Of Amsterdam, had very few residents, and was governed by the central municipal, council , Local decisions are made at borough level, and only affairs pertaining to the
  28. The name of the municipality's main city Aalborg and the site of its municipal, council , as well as the name of a seaport. The municipality and the town have chosen to
  29. Municipalities, Amsterdam is governed by a mayor, aldermen,and the municipal, council , However, unlike most other Dutch municipalities, Amsterdam is subdivided into
  30. Council is headquartered at Woodhull House, in Aberdeen; the only Scottish, council ,whose headquarters are based outwith its area's border. Aberdeen shire borders
  31. Etc.),in the choir and as cantors, as ushers and greeters and on the church, council ,(called the" vestry" in some countries) which is the governing body of a
  32. To vote and residing in Aarhus municipality can run for a seat on the city, council , After elections have determined the members of the city council , the council
  33. On the city council . After elections have determined the members of the city, council , the council elects a mayor,2 deputy mayors and 5 council men. The current
  34. University with approximately 5,000 new students per year. Politics The city, council ,consists of 31 members elected for 4-year terms. Anybody eligible to vote and
  35. Proved unsuccessful and in 314 Ankara was the center of an important, council ,of the early church; which considered ecclesiastical policy for the
  36. Council area does not include the City of Aberdeen, now a separate, council ,area, from which its name derives. Together, the modern council area and the
  37. Of Singidunum, confident of numbers, prevailed upon Gratin to call a general, council ,from all parts of the empire. This request appeared so equitable that he
  38. Practices in China had worsened. Aberdeen shire (, ) is one of the 32 unitary, council ,areas in Scotland and a lieutenancy area. The present day Aberdeen shire council
  39. Of an abbot from episcopal control is that of Faustus, abbot of Series, at the, council ,of Axles, AD 456; but the exorbitant claims and exactions of bishops, to which
  40. And Ottoman fleets. *1624 – The president of Louis XIII of France's royal, council ,is arrested, leaving Cardinal Richelieu in the role of the King's principal
  41. City had initially been divided into 15 stadsdelen. 14 of those had their own, council , chosen by a popular election. The 15th,Westport, covers the harbor of
  42. Reform of 1948 Aarhus changed name to Århus. In 2010,a majority of the city, council ,voted for a name change from Århus back to Aarhus, and the renaming came into
  43. Spread throughout the town. Government The city of Ames operates with a city, council ,and manager system of government. Education; Public high school in Ames: Ames
  44. Which had to be specially but ineffectually guarded against by the Lateran, council , AD 1123. In the East abbots, if in priests' orders and with the consent of
  45. To describe the city is" City of Smiles" – a slogan first coined by the city, council ,in the 1930s as an advertising slogan, and which subsequently is used widely in
  46. City, such as major infrastructure projects, are handled by the central city, council , National government Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands in a technical
  47. Widespread electoral fraud. The vote, along with elections for 420 provincial, council ,seats, took place in August 2009,but remained unresolved during a lengthy
  48. Law, and rhetoric. Praetor Animus Probes first gave him a place in the, council ,and then in about 372 made him consular prefect or" Governor" of Liguria and
  49. Employment-driven in-migration in recent decades. Governance and politics The, council ,has 68 council lors, elected in 19 multi-member wards by Single Transferable
  50. Consequences and prevailed upon the emperor to have the matter determined by a, council ,of the Western bishops. Accordingly, a synod composed of thirty-two bishops was

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