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  1. S position on the complex ethical, moral,philosophical, biological,and, legal ,issues is often related to his or her value system. Opinions of abortion may be
  2. There is no corresponding right to a writ in any pure or continental civil law, legal ,systems, though some mixed systems such as Quebec recognize these prerogative
  3. However, Boumédienne relied much more heavily on the army, and reduced the sole, legal ,party to a merely symbolic role. Agriculture was collectivized, and a massive
  4. Is based on the Dutch model. Instead of juries or grand juries, in Aruba, legal ,jurisdiction lies with a Each in Verse Analog (Court of First Instance)
  5. Administration, there have been efforts to give" America the Beautiful ", legal ,status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place
  6. Begin an appeal. The form is completed by the appellant or by the appellant's, legal ,representative. The nature of this form can vary greatly from country to
  7. Money incomes of population, development of trust in bank system, improving the, legal ,bases of protection of interests of creditors and depositors, in particular
  8. Mandate is distinguished from the appeal court's opinion, which sets out the, legal ,reasoning for its decision. In some U. S. jurisdictions the mandate is known as
  9. That hears cases on appeal from another court. Depending on the particular, legal ,rules that apply to each circumstance, a party to a court case who is unhappy
  10. City government," which was Alaska's first city government, but not in a, legal ,sense. Legislation allowing Alaskan communities to legal ly incorporate as
  11. Any obligation in the deed to the property. It reveals no break sin the chain of, legal ,ownership. After the records of the property have been traced and the title has
  12. Of government structure and delineates the rights and duties of citizens. The, legal ,system is based on Portuguese and customary law but is weak and fragmented, and
  13. Stronghold, and acceptance of the post would have effectively ended his, legal ,and political career in Illinois, so he declined and resumed his law practice.
  14. S arrest. During this arraignment the defendant is informed of the pending, legal ,charges and is informed of his or her right to retain counsel. The presiding
  15. The whole state, and thus the entire North American continent, within the same, legal ,day. However, because some of these islands fall in the Eastern Hemisphere
  16. The most important points of a long legal document or of several related, legal ,papers. Abstract of title The Abstract of Title, used in real estate
  17. World there is prominent and divisive public controversy over the ethical and, legal ,issues of abortion. Abortion and abortion-related issues feature prominently in
  18. Accumulated views of many successive generations of Roman lawyers, a body of, legal ,opinion which gradually became authoritative. In
  19. Be a radical left-wing ideology, and much of anarchist economics and anarchist, legal ,philosophy reflect anti-statist interpretations of communism, collectivism
  20. To country and from court to court within a country. The specific rules of the, legal ,system will dictate exactly how the appeal is officially begun. For example
  21. Outlines of government structure and the rights and duties of citizens. The, legal ,system was based on Portuguese and customary law but was weak and fragmented.
  22. Trial. If unchallenged, these decisions have the power to settle more minor, legal ,disputes once and for all. If a party is dissatisfied with the finding of such
  23. If it might have been overturned on appeal. United States The United States, legal ,system generally recognizes two types of appeals: a trial de Nova or an appeal
  24. Favor. The appealed is required to respond to the petition, oral arguments, and, legal , briefs of the appellant. In general, the appealed takes the procedural posture
  25. By groups advocating one of these two positions. Those in favor of greater, legal ,restrictions on, or even complete prohibition of abortion, most often describe
  26. Actions that can possibly be imagined …. " Should capital punishment be, legal , " For safeguarding the lives of citizens," he asserted," capital punishment
  27. Of the Interior must approve all parties. To date, Algeria has had more than 40, legal , political parties. According to the constitution, no political association may
  28. Of abortion, most often describe themselves as pro-life while those against, legal ,restrictions on abortion describe themselves as pro-choice. Generally, the
  29. To sell Todd's Oscar statuette to a movie prop collector, the Academy won the, legal ,battle by getting a permanent injunction. Although Oscar sales transactions
  30. Right is one that is guaranteed by statute or some underlying constitutional or, legal ,principle. The appellate court cannot refuse to listen to the appeal. An appeal
  31. Pregnancies sometimes resort to unsafe methods, particularly when access to, legal ,abortion is restricted. About one in eight pregnancy-related deaths worldwide
  32. Chief Justice Abdul Salem Aims, a former university professor who had been a, legal ,advisor to the president. The current court is seen as more moderate and led by
  33. 1995,although the process can begin again after a referendum. Law The Aruba, legal ,system is based on the Dutch model. Instead of juries or grand juries, in Aruba
  34. It. Therefore, if a lower court has ruled in an improper manner, or against, legal ,precedent, that judgment will stand if not appealed - even if it might have
  35. Which possession of one ounce or less of marijuana in one's home is completely, legal ,under state law, though the federal law remains in force. The state has an
  36. And fragile X testing. As new genetic tests are developed several ethical, legal , and social issues will emerge. Commercial availability of tests may precede
  37. Some access to the Portuguese language. #In the same late colonial period,the, legal ,discrimination of the black population was abolished, and the state apparatus
  38. Currency, the euro. Coins and notes of both the franc and the peseta remained, legal ,tender in Andorra until 31 December 2002. Andorra is negotiating to issue its
  39. Arts such as epic literature and monumental architecture, as well as codified, legal ,systems. When farmers became capable of producing food beyond the needs of
  40. Their appellate lawyers, if represented, or pro see if the party has not engaged, legal ,representation. Those arguments are presented in written briefs and sometimes
  41. 1854–1860 Slavery and a" House Divided" By the 1850s,slavery was still, legal ,in the southern United States but had been generally outlawed in the northern
  42. No defect, it " affirms" the judgment. If the appellate court does find a, legal ,defect in the decision" below" ( i.e., in the lower court),it may" modify
  43. Facts (such as whether the act found by the court to have occurred fits a, legal ,definition at issue). If the appellate court finds no defect, it " affirms "
  44. 1866-1941),British founder of the Austin Motor Company *John Austin (, legal ,philosopher) (1790-1859),English jurist *John Austin (born 1980)
  45. Or absence of laws controlling abortion. In jurisdictions where abortion is, legal , certain requirements must often be met before an abortion may be obtained.
  46. Of law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the wrong, legal ,standard. In some rare cases, an appellant may successfully argue that the law
  47. Appellate court by a lawyer (or parties when representing themselves) of the, legal ,reasons why they should prevail *Closing argument, in law, the concluding
  48. Are usually restricted to examining whether the court below made the correct, legal ,determinations, rather than hearing direct evidence and determining what the
  49. Abstract is a brief statement that contains the most important points of a long, legal ,document or of several related legal papers. Abstract of title The Abstract of
  50. Scholars in the fields of history and politics ranked Lincoln number one, while, legal , scholars placed him second after Washington. President Lincoln's assassination

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