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  1. The very common cloudy amber and opaque amber. Opaque amber contains numerous, minute ,bubbles. This kind of amber is known as" bony amber ". Although all Dominican
  2. Of one degree. In turn, a second of arc or arc second is one sixtieth () of one, minute ,of arc. These are accepted for use with calculations involving SI units.
  3. To the time a user was connected to the service and round up to the next whole, minute ,(thus, a person who used the service for 11 minute s and 46 seconds would be
  4. Their nine-day mission on January 31, 1971 at 4:04:02 pm local time after a 40, minute , 2-second delay due to launch site weather restrictions, the first such delay
  5. Earth's atmosphere (or any other matter in the solar system) produce, minute ,quantities of antiparticles in the resulting particle jets, which are
  6. Result of these developments in method,Ford's cars came off the line in three, minute ,intervals. This was much faster than previous methods, increasing production by
  7. Sound files, which means that they can be large—around 10 MB per, minute , Wave files can also contain data encoded with a variety of (lossy) codecs to
  8. And is especially easy to construct with ruler and compasses. The degree, minute ,of arc and second of arc are sexagesimal subunits of the Babylonian unit. 1
  9. Silence with the same number of bits per unit of time. Encoding an uncompressed, minute ,of absolute silence produces a file of the same size as encoding an
  10. g. 3° 5.72′ 3 + 5.72/60 degrees. A nautical mile was historically defined as a, minute ,of arc along a great circle of the Earth. * The second of arc (or arc second
  11. Reducer ", as it also has the effect of reducing the number of rounds fired per, minute ,during automatic fire. It was also roughly one-third lighter than the previous
  12. Of the Earth. * The second of arc (or arc second, or just second) is 1/60 of a, minute ,of arc and 1/3600 of a degree. It is denoted by a double prime (″). For
  13. A neoclassical hall covering one of the city's famous fountains. It is just a, minute ,away from the cathedral. Just a few steps in south-eastern direction lies the
  14. Intelligence, important plans of the protests are often not made until the last, minute , One common tactic of the protests is to split up based on willingness to break
  15. Absolute silence produces a file of the same size as encoding an uncompressed, minute ,of tasteful death metal. In a lossless compressed format, however,the music
  16. And materialization. Micro-AP on the other hand covers data that show, minute ,differences that require statistical analysis to rule out expected data that
  17. Such as the relative position of stars),the sexagesimal subunits are called, minute ,of time and second of time. Note that these are distinct from, and 15 times
  18. Streamed the original mission audio on its website in real time 40 years to the, minute ,after the events occurred. In addition, it is in the process of restoring the
  19. Normal decimal notation (e.g. 3.5° for three and a half degrees),but the ", minute ," and" second" sexagesimal subunits of the" degree- minute -second" system
  20. Passes from the colonies of Greece to settle at Athens. By the theory of, minute ,constituents of things, and his emphasis on mechanical processes in the
  21. Milliradian being approximately 0.05729578 degrees (3.43775 minute s). * The, minute ,of arc (or MOA, arc minute , or just minute ) is 1/60 of a degree 1/3600 turn.
  22. Inch at 800 yards. Calculating the physical equivalent group size equal to one, minute ,of arc can be done using the equation: equivalent group size tan () × distance
  23. Concerning the accuracy of rifles, though the industry tends to refer to it as, minute ,of angle. It is popular because 1 MOA subtends approximately one inch at 100
  24. And determination Ammonia and ammonium salts can be readily detected, in very, minute ,traces, by the addition of Nessler's solution, which gives a distinct yellow
  25. Psychologically revealing physiognomy in a sober but immediate naturalism, and, minute , attention to costume and draperies, such as in the busts of Audio Bacchic
  26. Liquid. After it is sealed, the container is shaken vigorously for at least one, minute , It is then allowed to sit on a flat surface for a day or so until the soil has
  27. The preference usually being for degrees, minute s and decimals of a, minute , written for example as 42° 25′.32 or 42° 25′.322. This notation has been
  28. To Earth, at 3:27 PM EST, Ron Evans successfully conducted a one hour and seven, minute ,spacewalk to retrieve exposed film from the instrument bay on the exterior of
  29. To the back of the cabin and that the hijackers were unaware of her call. A, minute ,into the conversation, the call was cut off. Theodore Olson contacted the
  30. Our American Cousin on April 14. Grant along with his wife chose at the last, minute ,to travel to Philadelphia instead of attending the play. Lincoln's bodyguard
  31. Fully operational, their facilities are capable of producing antiprotons per, minute , Assuming a 100 % conversion of antiprotons to antihydrogen, it would take 100
  32. One degree is defined as one three hundred and sixtieth () of a circle,1, minute , of arc is of the same. It is used in those fields which require a unit for the
  33. Memory, the (ideal) digital computer may also solve real number problems. A, minute ,of arc; arc minute ; or minute of angle (MOA),is a unit of angular measurement
  34. Or rev or rot depending on the application, but just r in rpm (revolutions per, minute ,). 1 turn 360° 2π rad 400 grad 4 right angles. *The quadrant is 1/4 of a turn
  35. Big-serving Benjamin Becker of Germany in four sets. Agassi received an eight, minute ,standing ovation from the crowd after the match and delivered a memorable
  36. Of operas is the deus ex machina, in which the protagonist is saved at the last, minute ,by divine intervention. This is a useful technique to quickly wrap up a story
  37. The campaign was also aired in Japan. Five commercials, each approximately one, minute ,long, were produced, each using the" National Song" sung by ABBA, which used
  38. Computer may also solve real number problems. A minute of arc; arc minute ; or, minute ,of angle (MOA),is a unit of angular measurement, equal to one sixtieth ()
  39. Four-hour 2006 movie by RIC Burns. *Andy Warhol: Double Denied is a 52, minute , movie by LAN Mentor about the difficulties in authenticating Warhol's work.
  40. Who stood above all others, but who carried a monstrous burden and who every, minute ,had to fear for his life and the lives of those closest to him. In later years
  41. Is the ability to resolve a spatial pattern separated by a visual angle of one, minute ,of arc. A 20/20 letter subtends 5 minute s of arc total. For raster graphics
  42. Reiki and herbal remedies. " The Australian comedian Tim Min chin, in his nine, minute ,beat poem" Storm ", states that alternative medicine is that which" has
  43. Showed the mission's best video images of the earth, in a short four, minute ,broadcast. After two uneventful days the crew prepared for re-entry. The
  44. To mere humans. Shortly before its final" flowering ", the changes in a single, minute ,of the Blight's life are said to exceed those of 10,000 years of human
  45. Preface was supplied and all the page numbers needed to be redone at the last, minute , Years later, in 1972,Ian Angus found the original typescript titled" The
  46. Black amber is only a kind of jet. Bony amber owes its cloudy opacity to, minute ,bubbles in the interior of the resin. In darkly clouded and even opaque amber
  47. Of a MOA) are also used in cartography and navigation. At sea level, one, minute , of angle (around the equator or a meridian) equals about),approximately one
  48. Degrees (3.43775 minute s). * The minute of arc (or MOA, arc minute , or just, minute ,) is 1/60 of a degree 1/3600 turn. It is denoted by a single prime (′). For
  49. 19:9 to" the school of Tyrannous" and in 19:33 to" Alexander "; also the very, minute ,topography in 20:13–15. At any rate affairs in that region, including the
  50. A day after brushing. The wash is typically swished or gargled for about half a, minute ,and then spat out. In some brands, the expectorate is stained, so that one can

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