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  1. Another glimpse of what resort life was like in Alameda in the 1920s. A short, walk ,near Crab Cove will reveal many more historic gems. The vast majority of the
  2. Ball away from the batter in order to issue a base on balls. As with any other, walk , an intentional walk entitles the batter to first base without liability to be
  3. Centers::" May is 13,but she knows nothing, is unable to talk fluently, nor, walk , with ease due to for her bandy legs. Her father is dead and she has four elder
  4. One can take to get from place to place, but most of the locals choose to, walk ,to their destinations. However, an important mode of transportation is the
  5. To the arctic cold, less heat escapes the body. Its furry paws allow it to, walk ,on ice in search of food. The arctic fox has such keen hearing that it can
  6. Would lose a" good many friends ". Walters wondered that Speer did not now ", walk ,through life in a hair shirt, distributing his fortune among the victims of
  7. Example::" Consider a village near a lake. It is common for the villagers to, walk ,down to the lake to go fishing. In the early days of the community it's hard
  8. Hitler's inner circle; he was expected to call on Hitler in the morning for a, walk ,or chat, to provide consultation on architectural matters, and to discuss
  9. Appearing ready to take a pitch at the time the ball is thrown. An intentional, walk ,may be signaled at any time during the batter's turn at the plate; in these
  10. These risks are rarely more beneficial to the offensive team than allowing the, walk , In the Major Leagues, the most recent example of a swing at an intentional
  11. In order to issue a base on balls. As with any other walk , an intentional, walk ,entitles the batter to first base without liability to be put out, and entitles
  12. In film, literature and television who have been described as" the last man to, walk ,on the Moon," implying they were crew members on Apollo 17. One such character
  13. Stander). * Walking products to aid people with disabilities who are able to, walk ,or stand with assistance (canes, crutches, walk ers, gait trainers). *
  14. That the pigs have purchased more whiskey. Years pass, and the pigs learn to, walk ,upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are reduced to a
  15. Such as paraplegia or cerebral palsy, who would not at all able to, walk ,or stand (exoskeletons). * Wheeled mobility products that enable people with
  16. Any effort on their part, who could potentially score a run. An intentional, walk ,is signaled by the catcher standing and extending one arm to the side away from
  17. Case it remains the same. A hit by pitch is not counted statistically as a, walk , though the effect is mostly the same, with the batter receiving a free pass to
  18. Vacate their base to allow the batter to take first base. If a batter draws a, walk ,with the bases loaded, all preceding runners are forced to advance, including
  19. For morning ablutions. After roll call, the Commando, or work details, would, walk , to their place of work, five abreast, wearing striped camp fatigues, no
  20. In Paris. He stated that Damrosch's sluggish, dragging tempo caused him to, walk ,out of the hall during a matinée performance of this work. The audience
  21. Context because it is considered a faux pas for a professional player to, walk ,to first base (as opposed to physically running),and also to distinguish
  22. Trump, and magic. *Pattern: A character who has walk ed the pattern can, walk ,in shadow to any possible universe, and while there can manipulate probability.
  23. Added five pavilions, known as the Radar, between the garden and the lake. A, walk ,through the radar and chapati gives wonderful overlooking view of NASCAR
  24. Shower and undergo delousing. The victims would undress in an outer chamber and, walk ,into the gas chamber, which was disguised as a shower facility, complete with
  25. In 6.08 (a). It is called a" walk " because the batter is then entitled to, walk ,to first base, or more specifically (as defined in the rules of baseball) he
  26. And rocky bluff separating Aberdour's two bays. From here is it a short, walk ,to the Silver Sands,Aberdour's busiest and most popular beach. On the west
  27. 73 % drive alone,10 % carpool,6 % work from home,5 % take the bus,2 %, walk , and 1 % bicycle. Highways Central Austin is essentially bracketed by two major
  28. Rates remained generally lower than expected for both astronauts throughout the, walk , Mission Control granted the astronauts a 15-minute extension. Lunar ascent and
  29. Of the novel, one of the Seven Commandments is changed after the pigs learn to, walk ,on two legs and their shout changes to" four legs good, two legs better ".
  30. Through successive births. Their placement on the walls required the devotee to, walk ,through the aisles and 'read' the narratives depicted in various episodes. The
  31. The musical wings. The performers yell rather than talk and run rather than, walk , The dancing is the cream. " Alcopop is a colloquial term describing certain
  32. It appears, however,from the inscriptions on the plan itself, that the north, walk ,of the cloisters served for the purposes of a chapter-house, and was fitted up
  33. Moon walk were complete, Scott and Irwin became the seventh and eighth humans to, walk ,on the Moon, respectively. After unloading the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV)
  34. Is simulated by rowdy noises made off-stage (alarms or alarms) while actors, walk ,on-stage, deliver their lines, and exit. To build anticipation for the duel
  35. Weigh bridge – Westminster Arcade – West work – Whispering gallery – Widow's, walk ,– William Blackburn – Wimp erg – Windbreak – Window covering – Window screen –
  36. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. # Even though I, walk ,through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with
  37. On second base, Baltimore pitcher Todd Williams was signaled to intentionally, walk ,the Marlins' Miguel Cabrera. Noticing that the intentional ball came in too
  38. The holiest place in the world to Jews (observant Jews will not actually, walk ,inside the enclosure, but they pray at the outside wall) and the third holiest
  39. And Aldrin landed in the Sea of Tranquility and became the first humans to, walk ,on the Moon on July 21. Their Lunar Module, Eagle,spent 21 hours 31 minutes on
  40. Of the base on balls, an intentional base on balls (IBB) or intentional, walk ,is when the pitcher deliberately pitches the ball away from the batter in order
  41. All the life to God" and" the mind which was in Christ, enabling us to, walk ,as Christ walk ed. " It is" loving God with all our heart, and our neighbor as
  42. Even perhaps easier than the simulations ... It's absolutely no trouble to, walk ,around ". Apollo 11 was an engineering test of the Apollo system; therefore
  43. Receives four pitches that the umpire calls balls. It is better known as a, walk , The base on balls is defined in Section 2.00 of baseball's Official Rules
  44. Ramidus had a more primitive walk ing ability than later hominids, and could not, walk ,or run for long distances. The teeth suggest omnivory, and are more generalized
  45. Buildings, theatre, palace of the Governor, casino ... to form an elegant, walk ,bordered by arcades which is the boulevard today Che Guevara (ex-boulevard of
  46. S Official Rules, and further detail is given in 6.08 (a). It is called a ", walk ," because the batter is then entitled to walk to first base, or more
  47. The prison yard. Measuring the path's distance carefully, Speer set out to, walk ,the distance from Berlin to Heidelberg. He then expanded his idea into a
  48. Sauropod dinosaurs. The family includes some of the longest creatures ever to, walk ,the earth, including Diplodocus, Supersaurus, Suuwassea, and Apatosaurus. Within
  49. Him in Down Hill — for one night in May 1692,the Rev. Kirk went out for a, walk ,to the hill, in his nightshirt. Some accounts claim that he simply vanished
  50. And trading. During the excursion his horse broke and ran, forcing Pike to, walk ,the remaining 500 miles to Tao's. After this he joined a trapping expedition to

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