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  1. Of Flight exhibition hall in front of the Jefferson Drive entrance, sharing the, main ,hall with other pioneering flight vehicles such as the Wright Flyer, the Spirit
  2. The current president, was chosen by the army. Post-war By 2002,the, main ,guerrilla groups had either been destroyed or surrendered, taking advantage of
  3. Attested in Berber (dammed),Semitic (Etymological bibliography Some, main ,sources for Afroasiatic etymologies include: * Cohen, Marcel. 1947. Essie
  4. Set is said, by some, to have the head of an aardvark, or part aardvark. The, main ,antagonist (Cyril Sneer) and one of the protagonists (Cedric Sneer) winning
  5. Military, and economic apparatuses, and of a pervasive corruption. The, main ,beneficiary of this situation is a social segment constituted since 1975,but
  6. Consequence, both countries share cultural aspects: language (Portuguese) and, main ,religion (Roman Catholic Christianity). Of course, the " substrate" of
  7. Which rejects the use of violence in the struggle for social change. Its, main ,proponents included Leo Tolstoy, Dorothy Day, Ammon Tenancy, and Jacques Elul.
  8. Johnson, Secretary of State William H. Seward and General Grant. Without his, main ,bodyguard, Ward Hill Lemon, Lincoln left to attend the play Our American Cousin
  9. Throughout the Middle Ages. The Berbers were made up of several tribes. The two, main ,branches were the Both and Barnes tribes, who were themselves divided into
  10. And Spanish – which use Catalan, French and Spanish, respectively,as the, main ,language of instruction. Parents may choose which system their children attend.
  11. Environmental issues, with an important precedent in anarcho-naturism and whose, main ,contemporary currents are anarcho-primitivism and social ecology.
  12. 1950s and 1960s,a by-product of the potassium production called Altar was a, main ,source for rubidium. Altar contained 21 % rubidium while the rest was
  13. The cabin, Aldrin accidentally broke the circuit breaker that would arm the, main ,engine for lift off from the Moon. There was concern this would prevent firing
  14. Staying in Algeria. Algerian culture has been strongly influenced by Islam,the, main ,religion. The works of the Saudi family in pre-colonial times, and of Emir
  15. Tamanghasset. Algiers, Oran,Constantine, Tizi Ouzo and Anna are Algeria's, main ,cities. Algeria is the biggest country in Africa, followed by Democratic
  16. To be $21,800 in 2004; among the highest in the Caribbean and the Americas. Its, main ,trading partners are Venezuela, the United States and the Netherlands. Deficit
  17. v. d. Scatter Olivier. The island's economy has been dominated by five, main ,industries: gold mining, phosphate mining (The Aruba Phosphate Maatschappij)
  18. Turmoil and uncertainty due to the April 1974 revolution,Angola's three, main ,guerrilla groups agreed to establish a transitional government in January 1975.
  19. Together with Curaçao, the then world-class exporting oil refineries were the, main ,suppliers of refined products to the Allies. Aruba became a British
  20. Produced by WGBH, shown in more than 180 countries, is an aardvark. One of the, main ,characters of the 1969-1971 animated cartoon The Ant and the Aardvark is a blue
  21. And in some countries for electricity generation. Methane and ethane are the, main ,components of natural gas; they are normally stored as gases under pressure. It
  22. Including the Hurricane–Hittite literature, the first Greek Polish and the two, main ,schools of Ancient Greek philosophy seem to originate in this region. A lot of
  23. Indonesia, Iraq,Mongolia, Philippines,Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Asia has four, main ,financial centers: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Call centers and
  24. Of Peter the Great and starred Natalya Bondarchuk and Anatolia Japan in the, main ,roles. To get the project approved by Gosling, Tarkovsky submitted a script
  25. Overlap with those of common blindness syndromes or blind isms. Management The, main ,goals when treating children with autism are to lessen associated deficits and
  26. Elegant structure abounds with paintings and statues of Achilles both in the, main ,hall and in the lavish gardens depicting the heroic and tragic scenes of the
  27. Are dissected by three narrow valleys in a Y shape that combine into one as the, main ,stream, the Gran Va lira river, leaves the country for Spain (at Andorra's
  28. Order rather than" standard" alphabetical order (collating sequence). The, main ,deviations in ASCII order are: * All uppercase come before lowercase letters
  29. Lincoln was a master politician, bringing together—and holding together—all the, main ,factions of the Republican Party, and bringing in War Democrats such as Edwin
  30. With funding from the European Union, and is comparable to many European, main ,routes. Progress to complete the road infrastructure is likely to take some
  31. Principles of anarchism without adjectives. In the 1920s this form found as its, main ,proponents Violin and Sebastien Fare. The veteran Italian anarchist, Luigi
  32. Culminate in a loose ABA format. Gershwin's first A episode introduces the two, main ," walking" themes in the" Allegretto grains" and develops a third theme in
  33. Which would be glad to eat up our whole nation without it. " That Swift’s, main ,target in A Modest Proposal was not the conditions in Ireland, but rather the
  34. Continued, and were even strengthened, under the rule of the MPA which has its, main ,social roots exactly in those social segments where the mastery of Portuguese
  35. Of thought Anarchist schools of thought had been generally grouped in two, main ,historical traditions, individualist anarchism and social anarchism, which have
  36. Time humans could view the whole Earth at once. Lunar trajectory Jim Lovell's, main ,job as Command Module Pilot was as navigator. Although Mission Control
  37. To a swath but neither Lincoln nor his commanders saw destruction as the, main ,goal, but rather defeat of the Confederate armies. As Newly (2004) concludes
  38. 13,20 and other cycles meant cycles. The Nepohualtzintzin was divided in two, main ,parts separated by a bar or intermediate cord. In the left part there were four
  39. Or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete. Its other, main ,uses are for bituminous waterproofing products, including production of roofing
  40. In Montgomery and runs east-northeast to the Georgia border, providing a, main ,thoroughfare to Atlanta; and I-10 traverses the southernmost portion of the
  41. Sneer) winning animated television series The Raccoons were aardvarks. The, main ,character of Arthur, an animated television series for children produced by
  42. He directed Hamlet, his only stage play, at the Lennon Theatre in Moscow. The, main ,role was played by Anatomy Solzhenitsyn, who also acted in several of Tchaikovsky
  43. Then 80 % of the state's revenues derived from petroleum extraction. Alaska's, main ,export product (excluding oil and natural gas) is seafood, primarily salmon
  44. Species. Life-cycle Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Heterokontophyta, the three, main ,algal Phyla, have life-cycles which show tremendous variation with considerable
  45. Permission to reside on the island by the Dutch royalty. Maduro founded the, main ,shipping company, Maduro & Sons. The Jewish cemetery, which began to be used
  46. Be estimated. " Traditional African" religions exist only residual, in the, main ,confined to some remote rural areas. In a study assessing nations' levels of
  47. Sophocles also wrote The Lovers of Achilles, a play with Achilles as the, main ,character. Only a few fragments survive. Achilles in Greek philosophy The
  48. Previously, they were called the Group IA elements, with " A" representing the, main ,group elements and Roman numeral" I" representing the first group within the
  49. 1896 and 1 January 1897,and was revived, briefly,in 1901. In Europe the, main ,propagandist of free love within individualist anarchism was Emile Armand. He
  50. And Hecuba's five legitimate sons. Despite his youth, he was one of the, main ,Trojan war leaders. Prophecies linked Troilus' fate to that of Troy and so he

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