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  1. Of travel). The Apollo 8 crew and Mission Control medical personnel held a, conference ,using an unoccupied second floor control room (there were two identical
  2. Providing land grants as compensation for some of their losses. At the peace, conference ,following the war, the British ceded lands which they did not really control
  3. Of all party members, in others by panels or committees elected by the state, conference , in still others by a combination of these two. Labor candidates are required
  4. By the Labor members of the national Parliament (the Caucus),not by the, conference , Until recently the national conference elected the party's National President
  5. One of the first recordings of music ever made, is played during a press, conference ,introducing Thomas Edison's phonograph in London. *1893 – France becomes the
  6. 1960 – At Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, Ella Baker leads a, conference ,that results in the creation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  7. And assisted the injured. Rumsfeld then returned to his office, and went to a, conference ,room in the Executive Support Center where he joined a secure
  8. Norway, Italy,Portugal and Germany. The keystone events will be a three-day, conference ,in Manchester, UK in June examining Turing's mathematical and code-breaking
  9. Abbey. He spent most of 1984 preparing the film The Sacrifice. At a press, conference ,in Milan on July 10, 1984,he announced that he would never return to the
  10. And oversaw Australia's initial transition to a peacetime economy. At the, conference ,of the New South Wales Labor Party in June 1949,Chile sought to define the
  11. The oldest known recording of an audible human voice. *1852 – At a general, conference ,of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young explains
  12. The objective of the Australian Labor Party. The phrase was coined in a 1949, conference , speech by then Prime Minister Ben Chile. The party was created by, and has
  13. The good ideas have not been universally implemented. Lectures at OOPS LA 1997, conference , and his ACM Turing Award talk, entitled " The Computer Revolution Hasn't
  14. Is one of the two conference s of the National Football League (NFL). This, conference ,and its counterpart, the National Football Conference (NFC),currently
  15. Headline" Agnetha's bottom tops dull show ". When asked about this at a news, conference , she replied:" Don't they have bottoms in Australia? " In December 1977,ABBA
  16. Secrecy. In 1993,he presented his proof to the public for the first time at a, conference ,in Cambridge. In August 1993,however, it turned out that the proof contained a
  17. Based on a roughly formulated question of Panama at the 1955 Nikki, conference , His attitude towards conjectures was that one should not dignify a guess as a
  18. Which are AK-47s. Mikhail Kalashnikov addressed the United Nations in 2006 at a, conference ,aimed at solving the problem of illicit weapons, saying that he appreciated the
  19. Of media coverage including mainstream news organizations, Apple held a press, conference ,where they offered buyers a free rubber 'bumper' case, which had been proven
  20. By the British or significant loss of men and material. After a failed peace, conference ,on September 11,Howe resumed the attack. On September 15,Howe landed about
  21. Of Lake Constance in southern Germany. As the delegates made their way to the, conference ,by train, Germany was invading Belgium. Despite its inauspicious beginning, the
  22. Parliament (the Caucus),not by the conference . Until recently the national, conference ,elected the party's National President, a largely honorary position, but since
  23. The second and third floor, only one of which was used during a mission). The, conference ,participants decided that there was little to worry about and that Borman's
  24. And sub-symbolically. In 1956,at the original Dartmouth AI summer, conference , Ray Solomon off wrote a report on unsupervised probabilistic machine learning:
  25. Reach a lasting agreement. Massed, like most people in Afghanistan, saw this, conference ,as a small hope for democracy and for free elections. His favorite for
  26. As time went by, for the German economy itself. According to the minutes of a, conference ,at Wehrmacht High Command in March 1942," It is only Speer's word that counts
  27. Modaliteiten en mogelijkheden; been rapport in verse analog ". At the, conference ,in The Hague in 1981,Aruba's independence was set for the year 1991. In March
  28. Were to be made. After mentioning the statuette during their post-flight press, conference , the National Air and Space Museum contacted the crew asking for a replica made
  29. One billion downloads. On June 8,2009,at Apple's annual worldwide developers, conference , the iPhone 3GS was announced, providing an incremental update to the device
  30. The scene comes together every March at RISE Austin, an annual week-long, conference ,around the city. However, part of Austin charm has been the unique enterprises
  31. Can only go so far with this economic model," Nazi Okonjo-Iweala told a news, conference ,in Yerevan. " Armenia is a lower middle-income country. If it wants to become a
  32. Under the Hawks government occurred only after holding a special national, conference ,to debate changing the Platform. Early ideology The Labor Party is commonly
  33. Southern generals, rather than slavery. In Virginia during the fall of 2010,a, conference ,took place that addressed the slavery issue. During November 2010,black Civil
  34. Conferences have been held roughly every 10 years since 1878 (the second such, conference ,) and remain the most visible coming-together of the whole Communion.
  35. Profile, bigger screen and many new features. Apple TV At the 2007 Mac world, conference , Jobs demonstrated the Apple TV, ( previously known as the ITV),a set-top
  36. Quadrilateral One of the enduringly influential early resolutions of the, conference ,was the so-called Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1888. Its intent was to
  37. Arbor Day was celebrated on 2004-10-08. Netherlands Since, conference ,and of the Food and Agriculture Organization's publication World Festival of
  38. The Third Reich, he erred in reporting an incident that happened at another, conference ,at Pose a year later, as happening in 1943. In 2005,British newspaper The
  39. Room for social intercourse, the chapter-house for religious and disciplinary, conference , These essential elements of monastic life are ranged about a cloister court
  40. For relations between Aruba and the rest of the Kingdom. In 1972,at a, conference ,in Suriname, Betico Cross (MEP) proposed a" sui generis" Dutch Commonwealth
  41. Have full-time assistant secretaries and organizers. In the past the ratio of, conference ,delegates coming from the branches and affiliated unions has varied from state
  42. End to war forever. For its inaugural international event, the CPU sponsored a, conference ,to be held on August 1,1914,on the shores of Lake Constance in southern
  43. The kind of attention you wish me to give. " Later, on 28 March at a press, conference ,for the International Indian Film Academy, when asked what his take was on the
  44. Functioned to draw smoke out of the NMCC and bring in fresh air. During a press, conference ,held inside the Pentagon at 18:42,Rumsfeld announced" The Pentagon's
  45. Amyotrophique (SLA). To avoid confusion, the annual scientific research, conference ,dedicated to the study of MND is called the International ALS/MND Symposium.
  46. Director and former producer of the ceremony, expressed this sentiment at a, conference ,in New York in 2009,describing it as" the greatest promotion scheme that any
  47. Before the Golden article, Speer recalled that in the evening after the, conference , many Nazi officials were so drunk that they needed help boarding the special
  48. Process with the goal of national consolidation and democratic elections. A, conference ,in three parts was arranged by Massed. He united political and cultural
  49. Would be laid off. The reduction in force was so large that virtually every, conference ,room within the Dulles complex was reserved for the day as a" Special Purpose
  50. Harsh comments by then-Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the OSCE security, conference ,during spring 2007 in Munich. Other European ministers commented that any

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