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  1. Green Clemson dies, bequeathing his estate to the State of South Carolina to, establish ,Clemson Agricultural College. *1893 – Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus
  2. Once the family was settled in, both Bell and his father made plans to, establish ,a teaching practice and in 1871,he accompanied his father to Montreal, where
  3. Into the area covertly, ideally under the cover of darkness. The patrol will, establish ,secure and covert positions overlooking the killing zone. Usually, two or more
  4. Us when we move outside the English-speaking market for recorded music is to, establish ,whether the discrete musical genres we know from that market are fully
  5. Back in March 1515 they were met by Albuquerque at Hormuz, where he went to, establish ,his rule. Fueled by the offers of the shah, Albuquerque had decided to
  6. That lived there. In the 19th century they slowly and hesitantly began to, establish ,themselves in the interior. Angola as a Portuguese colony was not establish ed
  7. Union team. In 2005 the President of the SRU said it was hoped eventually to, establish ,a professional team in Aberdeen. In November 2008 the city hosted a rugby
  8. In July 1993. The U. S. and other Western governments have discussed efforts to, establish ,effective nuclear export control systems with Armenia and expressed
  9. Another important early settlement they founded and ruled. The Portuguese would, establish ,several settlements, forts and trading posts along the coastal strip of
  10. Of his kingdom against the Humans. However, the Teutonic Knights began to, establish ,a country independent of the King of Hungary. In 1211,Andrew provided military
  11. At Jamestown, Virginia,in 1607. By the 18th century, missionaries worked to, establish ,Anglican churches in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The great Church of
  12. Died, and after his victory against Unsound Albion married Rosamond, to, establish , a bond with the remaining Genius. The war also marked a watershed in the
  13. Leaders, owing no tribute to the pharaoh, used their newfound independence to, establish ,a thriving culture in the provinces. Once in control of their own resources
  14. Walter Raleigh departs England for Roanoke Island (now in North Carolina) to, establish ,the Roanoke Colony. *1609 – Eighty Years' War: Spain and the Dutch Republic
  15. To Lyell. Although Lyell could not agree, he urged Darwin to publish to, establish ,priority. Darwin demurred at first, then began writing up a species sketch of
  16. Term Allah in addressing both pagan Arabs and Jews or Christians in order to, establish ,a common ground for the understanding of the name for God, a claim Gerhard
  17. Elements, and helped to reform chemical nomenclature. He was also the first to, establish ,that sulfur was an element (1777) rather than a compound. He discovered that
  18. May conceal or reveal, or operate somewhere in between like a mask that can, establish ,identity. For example, Jim Morrison used an anagram of his name in the Doors
  19. Stadium for robot competitions. The country's new Robotics Ethics Charter will, establish ,ground rules and laws for human interaction with robots in the future, setting
  20. Junction and the quantum Hall effect, respectively. At present, techniques to, establish ,the realization of an ampere have a relative uncertainty of approximately a few
  21. The democratic ideals of the Occupation, sought to make films that would, establish ,a new respect towards the individual and the self. The first such film, No
  22. His arrival at Williamsburg in June, received orders from General Clinton to, establish ,a fortified naval base in Virginia. Following these orders, he fortified
  23. Return, the King gave them permission to build a Portuguese fort at Cochin and, establish ,trade relations with Newton (Could, Kollam). This laid the foundation of
  24. To our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom ", thus helping to, establish ,the Australian-American alliance (later formalized as ANZUS by the Menzies
  25. To obtain an end to the Peloponnesian War; Pisthetairus in Birds sets off to, establish ,his own colony and becomes instead the ruler of the bird kingdom and a rival to
  26. Tom Deface and Ron Franz took over scripting and penciling. Deface helped, establish ,the maturation in Parker and Watson's relationship, laying the foundation for
  27. Doth read for example of life and instruction of manners," though not to, establish ,doctrine. (making most of the presently accepted canon, both Jewish and
  28. Of the 17th century transposed their discoveries into Latin anagrams, to, establish , their priority. In this way they laid claim to new discoveries, before their
  29. Medical Center. Carnegie Mellon became the first American university to, establish ,a campus in Australia when it establish ed two postgraduate campuses in the
  30. Big 12 Conference. In 1856,the Iowa General Assembly enacted legislation to, establish ,the State Agricultural College and Model Farm. Story County was chosen as the
  31. Ginsberg donated money, materials,and his reputation to help the Swami, establish ,the first temple, and toured with him to promote his cause. February 1967) (
  32. Was empirical, skeptical of overgeneralizations, and eschewed attempts to, establish ,universal laws. For example, Boas studied immigrant children to demonstrate
  33. Process. Kroemer and Sapir's focus on Native American languages helped, establish ,linguistics as a truly general science and free it from its historical focus on
  34. Of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion sought to, establish ,new vehicles of unity. The first major expression of this were the Lambert
  35. Was introduced in France by king Philip Augustus (1165–1180–1223),maybe to, establish ,a new style in the provinces reconquered over England. However, it never spread
  36. Council Resolution 1401 to help the nation recover from decades of war and, establish ,a normal functioning government. Today, more than 22 NATO nations deploy about
  37. Of the Knights of St. John, completing their conquest of Rhodes. The knights, establish ,their headquarters on the island and rename themselves the Knights of Rhodes.
  38. In Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin. Orthography and spelling Each language may, establish ,rules that govern the association between letters and phonemes, but,depending on
  39. 132 of the Vancouver Lodge of O. T. O., and in 1930 granted him permission to, establish ,Agape Lodge in Southern California. During the same trip in 1915,Crowley
  40. The Catholic Church strived for freedom of education (that is, the right to, establish ,Catholic schools); the Church found in Cauchy a staunch and illustrious ally
  41. And pedagogy of deafness. In partnership with Gardiner Hubbard, Bell helped, establish ,the publication Science during the early 1880s. In 1888,Bell was one of the
  42. In 1719 the cathedral choirs of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester combined to, establish ,the annual Three Choirs Festival, the precursor for the multitude of summer
  43. Signed his last will and testament and set aside the bulk of his estate to, establish ,the Nobel Prizes, to be awarded annually without distinction of nationality. He
  44. A white bull abducted and carried to Crete. Ananias states that the first to, establish ,a cult of Aphrodite were the Assyrians, after the Assyrians the Mafias of
  45. As axiom) and thus showing that AFC is consistent. Together these results, establish ,that the axiom of choice is logically independent of ZF. The assumption that ZF
  46. To prove many important facts about number theory, and they allowed Gödel to, establish ,his famous second incompleteness theorem. We have a language \Mather_ = \\
  47. And later, after further education, for civilization, his grandest goal was to, establish ,democracy as the dominant form of government for the world and this spurred his
  48. Was ready to equip a small hospital. In Spring 1913 he and his wife set off to, establish ,a hospital near an already existing mission post. The site was nearly 200 miles
  49. Alien managed to reduce the country's unemployment, rein in criminal groups, establish ,the fundamental institutions of independent statehood, and brought stability
  50. To the April 1974 revolution,Angola's three main guerrilla groups agreed to, establish ,a transitional government in January 1975. Within two months, however,the FNMA

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