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  1. To this could include a politician whose" weasel words" and obfuscation are, necessary ,to gain support from multiple constituents with mutually exclusive conflicting
  2. The British with" major problems of strategic choice" since while it was, necessary ,to widely disperse troops in order to defend Loyalist areas, it was also
  3. That Buddhism was the tradition that he felt fulfilled the criteria he thought, necessary ,for a spiritual path adapted to the twentieth century. Non-scientific legacy
  4. Medical authorities certify that the abortion is either medically or socially, necessary , Other jurisdictions ban abortion almost entirely. However, many,but not all
  5. 1960s and 1970s was to create art that could not be bought and sold. It is ", necessary ,to present something more than mere objects" said the major post-war German
  6. For normal) where a non-linear isomer exists. Although this is not strictly, necessary , the usage is still common in cases where there is an important difference in
  7. Case distinctions in mind, and the proper cases added after the fact, when, necessary , (Because most case endings are noted using final short vowels, which are
  8. A monogeneric family, Maundiaceae, but the authors noted that more study was, necessary ,before Maundiaceae could be recognized. As understood, the order contains about
  9. For Congress to collect money from state treasuries. Unanimous approval was, necessary ,to make the alterations, however,and Congress failed to reach a consensus. The
  10. The" moves" of" the computer" ( machine or human, equipped with the, necessary ,internally contained information and capabilities) to find, decode,and then
  11. To occupy a fortified position that could be resupplied (and evacuated, if, necessary , ) by sea, had settled in Yorktown, on the York River, which was navigable by
  12. Hydroxide. Weak acid/weak base equilibrium In order to lose a proton, it is, necessary ,that the pH of the system rise above the PKA of the pronated acid. The
  13. In terms of how a lenient sentence will be sufficient, but not greater than, necessary , to comply with the statutory directives set forth in. Australia In Australia
  14. 49 % of the vote to Jonas Savimbi's 40 %, so that a runoff would have been, necessary , but never took place. The renewal of civil war immediately after the elections
  15. Lives of citizens," he asserted," capital punishment is therefore absolutely, necessary , "" The murderer," wrote Schopenhauer," who is condemned to death according
  16. And written language, and can supplement or replace speech and writing as, necessary , AAC can be a permanent addition to a person's communication or a temporary
  17. It published an announcement that the new Constitution had been ratified by the, necessary ,nine states, set the first Wednesday in February 1789 for the presidential
  18. Practice of recycling nutrients with crop rotation and animal manure less, necessary , Synthetic nitrogen, along with mined rock phosphate, pesticides and
  19. Although all crew members were trained in all aspects of the mission, it was, necessary ,to specialize. Borman, as commander, was given training on controlling the
  20. Assurance that individual states would agree to a treaty. Adams stated it was, necessary ,for the States to confer the power of passing navigation laws to Congress, or
  21. Characters providing room to avoid most of the ambiguity that had been, necessary ,in 7-bit codes. For example, IBM developed 8-bit code pages, such as code page
  22. Unsafe abortion as being" a procedure ... carried out by persons lacking the, necessary ,skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards
  23. Off vanity, and giving creatures faculties only to such a degree as they are, necessary , Noting that ruminants had multiple stomachs and weak teeth, he supposed the
  24. They are often considered to be weeds in gardens, this viewpoint is not always, necessary , as most of them die when the soil temperature warms up again in early to late
  25. Speech. That demonstrated to Bell that only one reed or armature was, necessary , not multiple reeds. This led to the" gallows" sound-powered telephone, which
  26. Private thoughts on why, from a divine standpoint, the severity of the war was, necessary , He wrote at this time that God" could have either saved or destroyed the
  27. For him) and Mizoguchi. Tchaikovsky absorbed the idea of the auteur as a, necessary ,condition for creativity. Tarkovsky's teacher and mentor was Mikhail Room, who
  28. The moral code of the looters is one of death: they recognize what is good and, necessary ,for life, but wish to destroy it anyway. She is a typical Radian heroine
  29. The variance is constant for all treatments. Therefore, by contraposition,a, necessary ,condition for unit-treatment additivity is that the variance is constant. The
  30. And high-altitude aircraft use jet engines. Use of a turbine is not absolutely, necessary ,: Other designs include the pulse jet and ramjet. These mechanically simple
  31. Mission Control performed all the actual navigation calculation, it was, necessary ,to have a crew member serving as navigator so that the crew could successfully
  32. Are also available for use when a visible representation of a space is, necessary , Code 0x7F corresponds to the non-printable" Delete" ( DEL) control
  33. Of the detached statements which constitute the Upanishads, may be deduced as a, necessary ,result from the fundamental thoughts which I have to enunciate, though those
  34. End of the wire, heard the overtones of the reed; overtones that would be, necessary ,for transmitting speech. That demonstrated to Bell that only one reed or
  35. With public authorities. After this is accomplished, no abstract of title is, necessary , Patent law In the context of patent law and specifically in prior art searches
  36. Fur ball. Most are calm and docile but should be handled carefully. Grooming is, necessary ,to prevent the fiber from matting and felting on the rabbit. A condition called
  37. Star chart, many others are so faint or inconspicuous that technical means are, necessary ,to locate them. Many methods are used in amateur astronomy, but most are
  38. Design-based) analysis of randomized experiments, where it is a, necessary ,consequence of the randomized design and the assumption of unit treatment
  39. Proclamation with his cabinet. In it, he stated that" as a fit and, necessary ,military measure, on January 1,1863,all persons held as a slave in the
  40. Punishment According to Schopenhauer, whenever we make a choice," we assume as, necessary ,that that decision was preceded by something from which it ensued, and which we
  41. Basis opposed revolutionary action and saw a minimal state as a present ", necessary ,evil" that would become increasingly irrelevant and powerless by the gradual
  42. To the intuitive notion, remains a challenging problem. Why algorithms are, necessary ,: an informal definition: For a detailed presentation of the various points of
  43. Motive, of the resultant action. " Choices are not made freely. Our actions are, necessary ,and determined because" every human being, even every animal, after the motive
  44. Of changing its face. At first, the creators decided the positions of the, necessary ,points to express the outline, eyes,nose, and so on of a certain person. The
  45. While serving as Washington's top aide that a strong central government was, necessary ,to avoid foreign intervention and allay the frustrations due to an ineffectual
  46. The existence of a minimal state as unfortunate, and usually temporary,", necessary ,evil" but argue that citizens do not have a moral obligation to obey the state
  47. Had" the germ of a great invention ". When Bell said that he did not have the, necessary ,knowledge, Henry replied," Get it! " That declaration greatly encouraged Bell
  48. And Zorn's lemma to be too complex for any intuition. " The Axiom of Choice is, necessary ,to select a set from an infinite number of socks, but not an infinite number of
  49. How early in pregnancy they can be used, and whether cervical dilation is, necessary , MVA, also known as" mini-suction" and" menstrual extraction ", can be used
  50. Relax the mind and body even under the stress of dangerous situations. This is, necessary ,to enable the practitioner to perform the bold enter-and-blend movements that

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