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  1. Should result in a solution with pH 7.0,which is only the case with, similar ,acid and base strengths during a reaction. Neutralization with a base weaker
  2. The large Ka1 for the first dissociation makes sulfuric a strong acid. In a, similar ,manner, the weak unstable carbonic acid (H2CO3) can lose one proton to form
  3. S_ + S_\, \! So, the number of degrees of freedom f can be partitioned in a, similar ,way and specifies the chi-squared distribution which describes the associated
  4. Animation often abbreviated as claymation, uses figures made of clay or a, similar ,malleable material to create stop-motion animation. The figures may have an
  5. Cyclopropane, butane and cyclobutane, etc. Substituted cycloalkanes are named, similar ,to substituted alkanes — the cycloalkane ring is stated, and the substituent
  6. Organelles called chloroplasts. Chloroplasts contain circular DNA and are, similar ,in structure to Cyanobacteria, presumably representing reduced cyanobacterial
  7. Of the Urals) of highly distinct, pre-industrial,often non-literate peoples, similar ,to the situation in the Americas. On the other hand, Russia also participated
  8. Bond and 1.54×10−10 m for a C – C bond. The spatial arrangement of the bonds is, similar ,to that of the four SP³-orbitals—they are tetrahedral arranged, with an angle
  9. Order of 10−11 seconds. The case of higher alkanes is more complex but based on, similar ,principles, with the antiperiplanar conformation always being the most favored
  10. Century, one established chemist, Baron Carl Reichenbach, worked on concepts, similar ,to the old alchemy, such as the Odin force, but his research did not enter the
  11. Asphalt is sometimes specified by the term" crude Bitumen "; its viscosity is, similar ,to that of cold molasses. Whilst the material obtained from the fractional
  12. Their contemporary Zeno of Cilium, the founder of Stoicism, also introduced, similar ,topics. The term" anarchist" first entered the English language in 1642
  13. The lining of cisterns, and in England, some use of it had been made of it for, similar ,purposes ". Its rise in Europe was" a sudden phenomenon ", after natural
  14. Like pentane (C5H12),but they are joined up in a five-membered ring. In a, similar ,manner, propane and cyclopropane, butane and cyclobutane, etc. Substituted
  15. Of Animals, he claimed that human males have more teeth than females. In a, similar ,vein, John Philoponus, and later Galileo, showed by simple experiments that
  16. To these, it is also featured in Schoolhouse Rock's" Elbow Room ". A term, similar ,to this is the Canadian motto A Mari Use Ad Mare (" From sea to sea. ")
  17. And Cox. Kempthorne's use of unit treatment additivity and randomization is, similar ,to the design-based inference that is standard in finite-population survey
  18. Those practicing i'their as abiding by the highest degree of nobility. This is, similar ,to the notion of chivalry, but unlike the European concept there is a focus on
  19. Were Mary Anne Atwood, and Ethan Allen Hitchcock who independently published, similar ,works regarding spiritual alchemy. Both forwarded a completely esoteric view of
  20. Therefore, they differ significantly from the Algae despite occupying, similar ,ecological niches. By modern definitions Algae are Eukaryotes and conduct
  21. Of sandstone impregnated with bitumen. The oil sands of Alberta, Canada are a, similar ,material. Bitumen is sometimes incorrectly called" tar" ( tar is a black
  22. Name amoeba is variously used to describe its close relatives, other organisms, similar ,to it, or the asteroids in general. As amoebas themselves are polyphyletic and
  23. Similar elements. And its complete meaning was taken as: counting with small, similar ,elements by somebody. Its use was taught in the" Kalmyk" to the "
  24. Diffusionism, stating that there are three ways that different groups can have, similar ,cultural forms or technologies:" independent invention, inheritance from
  25. Of their experiments. The texts of Ayurvedic Medicine and Science have aspects, similar ,to alchemy: concepts of cures for all known diseases, and treatments that focus
  26. But he is also the bringer of the diseases and of death with his arrows, in a, similar ,way with the function of the Vedic terrible god of diseases Audra. He sends a
  27. Ne - personal -; portal or phalli - the account -; and Tintin - small, similar ,elements. And its complete meaning was taken as: counting with small similar
  28. Often seen as a healing and sun god. He was often equated with Celtic gods of, similar ,character. *Apollo Atepomarus (" the great horseman" or" possessing a great
  29. Is cotton, which accounts for 63 % of US cotton acreage. Some believe that, similar ,or better pest-resistance traits can be acquired through traditional breeding
  30. Predating Androids' intervention list an Aristotelian corpus quite, similar ,to the one we currently possess. Lord sees a number of post-Aristotelian
  31. Anarchist member of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Alex Comfort or the, similar ,activism of the American catholic anarcho-pacifist Amman Tenancy.
  32. Assumption of unit treatment additivity to produce a derived linear model, very, similar , to the textbook model discussed previously. The test statistics of this derived
  33. Large external gills that gradually disappear and the larvae of newts are quite, similar ,to the adult form from early age on. Frogs and toads however have a tadpole
  34. Of the criticism for her first nonfiction book, For the New Intellectual, was, similar , to that for Atlas Shrugged, with philosopher Sidney Hook likening her certainty
  35. Teaching the numeral system and arithmetic. In Western countries, a bead frame, similar ,to the Russian abacus but with straight wires and a vertical frame has been
  36. For life, but wish to destroy it anyway. She is a typical Radian heroine, similar ,to Dominique Franco (The Fountainhead) or Kira Argounova (We the Living).
  37. For the latter, with Nature trying to preserve a type of balance. In a, similar ,fashion, Aristotle believed that creatures were arranged in a graded scale of
  38. Background Asphalt or bitumen can sometimes be confused with tar, which is a, similar ,black thermoplastic material produced by the destructive distillation of coal.
  39. United States. He invents Rear den Metal, an alloy stronger than steel (with, similar ,properties to stainless steel). He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Lillian
  40. The first major groups of amphibians developed in the Devonian Period from fish, similar ,to the modern coelacanth and lungfish, which had evolved multijointed leg-like
  41. Variable. " Nevertheless, the topic of Huxley’s eyesight continues to endure, similar , significant controversy, regardless of how trivial a subject it might
  42. Animation. The figures may have an armature or wire frame inside them, similar ,to the related puppet animation (below),that can be manipulated in order to
  43. France, Germany and England. And numerous patents were granted in France, with, similar , numbers of patent applications being denied in England due to their similar ity
  44. The four divisions of the AFC),and moving the stars inside the letter, similar ,to the NFC logo. Notes Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell
  45. As Napoleon's right-hand pig and minister of propaganda, holding a position, similar ,to that of Molotov. Benjamin is a very dedicated friend to Boxer, and does
  46. Species. Many amphibians lay their eggs in water. Amphibians are superficially, similar ,to reptiles, but reptiles are amniotic, along with mammals and birds. The study
  47. Sent to a caregiver or contact center who can respond appropriately. Technology, similar ,to PEERS can also be used to act within a person's home rather than just to
  48. In numerous ways, forming different structural isomers. An isomer, in part, similar ,to a chemical anagram but unlike an anagram, may contain varying number of
  49. And physician named ABU RayBan Brunei reported that they" have a science, similar ,to alchemy which is quite peculiar to them, which in Sanskrit is called
  50. With the Confederate Secret Service. In 1864,Booth formulated a plan (very, similar ,to one of Thomas N. Conrad previously authorized by the Confederacy) to kidnap

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