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  1. Communism and capitalism. Anarchists may be motivated by humanism, divine, authority , enlightened self-interest, veganism or any number of alternative ethical
  2. Of corporations there are large groups of entrepreneurs related by trade, not, authority , Each sells not his time, but what his time produces. " Others, such as
  3. As with any Canadian province, the Alberta Legislature has (almost) exclusive, authority ,to make laws respecting education. Since 1905 the Legislature has used this
  4. John Jay of New York and Thomas Burke of North Carolina believed that" the, authority ,of the congress rested on the prior acts of the several states, to which the
  5. The dissolution of the Iberian Union in 1640,Portugal would reestablish its, authority ,over the lost territories of the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese started to
  6. Precursors of the anarcho-syndicalists, seeking to" replace the privilege and, authority ,of the State" with the" free and spontaneous organization of labor. " In 1886
  7. Churches. There is no single" Anglican Church" with universal juridical, authority ,as each national or regional church has full autonomy. As the name suggests
  8. Necessarily be a redistributive organization of some sort which would have the, authority ,to, in essence, exact a tax and re-allocate the resulting resources to a larger
  9. Among followers of Francis Bacon. These lampoons include appealing to the, authority ,of" a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London" and" the famous
  10. No official legal existence nor any governing structure which might exercise, authority ,over the member churches. There is an Anglican Communion Office in London
  11. Of allegiance come into conflict, those of the United States have the paramount, authority ,in American law; likewise, those of the foreign land have paramount authority
  12. Authority in American law; likewise, those of the foreign land have paramount, authority ,in their legal system. In such a situation, it may be incumbent on the
  13. Appeals from the Court of Federal Claims on the other. Authority to review The, authority ,of appellate courts to review decisions of lower courts varies widely from one
  14. And until those obligations were fulfilled, neither nullification of the, authority ,of congress, exercising its due powers, nor secession from the compact itself
  15. Branch, usually called the County Commission, which usually also has executive, authority ,in the county. Because of the restraints placed in the Alabama Constitution
  16. Will exist under an anarcho-capitalist system, they will have no real, authority ,except over their own property: a worker existing within such a 'hierarchy' (
  17. That the first European boat to reach Alaska was« St. Gabriel» under the, authority ,of the surveyor M. S. Golden and assistant navigator I. Fyodor on August 21
  18. Of writing as a social act, and an effort to create a balance wherein the, authority ,over the text is negotiated among all the positions in the industry, so that
  19. And King Glacial of the Atlantic were in open revolt against Macedonian, authority , Marching west into Elyria, Alexander defeated each in turn, forcing Claus
  20. Artificial society, liberty vs. authority , society of contract vs. society of, authority , and industrial society vs. militant society, just to name a few. According to
  21. Attempted abduction of the Prime Minister. Readers were told that the British, authority ,learned about Poirot's keen investigative ability from certain Belgian royals.
  22. Ferret believed in" freedom in education ", education free from the, authority ,of church and state. Murray Book chin wrote:" This period 1890s was the heyday
  23. Were converted into penitence and remorse" and they would beg to return to his, authority , The plan meant destruction for the Loyalists and loyal Native Americans, an
  24. Unaffected: indeed the right claimed by all states to follow with their, authority ,their subjects so emigrating is one of the usual and recognized means of
  25. Of certitude in systems of meaning which are supported by tradition and, authority ," even though such" undoubted certitude is not built on the rock of reality ".
  26. Has to deal with other groups (" international relations" ) but has no inside, authority , and may be violently removed if he attempts to abuse this position. The most
  27. For the Battle of New Orleans — he demonstrated the United States' de facto, authority ,over the region, effectively ending Spanish governance (though not its claim)
  28. Expressed in various ways: natural society vs. artificial society, liberty vs., authority , society of contract vs. society of authority , and industrial society vs.
  29. Of the three ways in which men think that they acquire knowledge of things:, authority , reasoning, and experience; only the last is effective and able to bring peace
  30. General" scientific consultant" to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee was considered an, authority ,on the works of Roger Bacon, and was interested enough in alchemy to write a
  31. An unprecedented level of political, diplomatic,military, and economic, authority , It adopted trade restrictions, established and maintained an army, issued fiat
  32. Leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ". Since there is no binding, authority ,in the Communion, these international bodies are a vehicle for consultation and
  33. By the Austrian dictionary (Österreichisches Wörterbuch),published under the, authority ,of the ministry of education, art and culture. German As German is a
  34. See Apostolic Curve. Controversies One effect of the Communion's dispersed, authority ,has been that conflict and controversy regularly arise over the effect
  35. Of Canterbury, religious head of the Church of England, has no formal, authority ,outside that jurisdiction, but is recognized as symbolic head of the worldwide
  36. Proposed spontaneous order, whereby organization emerges without central, authority , a" positive anarchy" where order arises when everybody does" what he wishes
  37. Philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, or alternatively as opposing, authority ,in the conduct of human relations. Proponents of anarchism (known as "
  38. Set by the provincial government, the money is collected by the local municipal, authority ,and remitted to the provincial government. The relevant legislation requires
  39. To extend slavery to free states. Douglas said that Lincoln was defying the, authority ,of the U. S. Supreme Court and the Died Scott decision. Though the Republican
  40. Is simply the natural situation that would result from people being free from, authority , and entails the establishment of all voluntary associations in society:
  41. Added attesting that the affine personally appeared before the authenticating, authority , United States In American jurisprudence, under the rules for hearsay
  42. Are six extraprovincial churches, five of which are under the metro political, authority ,of the Archbishop of Canterbury. * The Anglican Church of Bermuda (
  43. Prior to 1994 public and separate school boards in Alberta had the legislative, authority ,to levy a local tax on property, as supplementary support for local education.
  44. Army. He succeeded in being awarded the generalship of Greece and, with his, authority ,firmly established, launched the military plans for expansion left by his
  45. That a command economy destroys the information function of prices, and that, authority ,over the economy leads to totalitarianism. Another very influential Austrian
  46. National Archives),and that delegates should inform the secretary of their, authority ,for ratification. On July 9,1778,the prepared copy was ready. They dated it
  47. Their identityand there is much at stake personally over the negotiation of, authority ,over that identity. However, it is the editor who has“ the power to impose the
  48. Period Following the death of Ra messes XI in 1078 BC, Smendes assumed, authority ,over the northern part of Egypt, ruling from the city of Tanks. The south was
  49. 1990s authors such as George Marcus and James Clifford pondered ethnographic, authority , in particular how and why anthropological knowledge was possible and
  50. Evolved than societies with states, but chose to conjure the institution of, authority ,as a separate function from society. The leader is only a spokesperson for the

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