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  1. But required the user to buy a stronger power supply from some third party, supplier ,; with the 1764 this was included. Creative Micro Designs also produced a 2 MB
  2. Was taken over by the General Post Office. In 1912,it became the primary, supplier ,of telecommunications services, after the Post Office took over the private
  3. And labor and was slow to upgrade technology, but the country was a major, supplier ,of high-quality machinery, instruments,electronics, aircraft,airplane engines
  4. S illegal coca crop, to the point that Bolivia became a relatively small, supplier ,of coca for cocaine. Those left unemployed by coca eradication streamed into
  5. Group (Maersk — conglomerate: shipping, oil,retail) * Smith (global, supplier ,of equipment and services to the cement and minerals industries) Transport in
  6. Simply using the equipment. The equipment is usually purchased from an American, supplier ,(although some merchants have attempted to set up shop in Canada) and the
  7. Later, it was announced that Apple had become the third-largest mobile handset, supplier ,in the world due to the popularity of the iPhone. On December 16, 2008,Apple
  8. These numbers are of course only approximate and will vary from supplier to, supplier , and from book to book depending on its characteristics. Digital printing has
  9. In the 19th century, the area's population began to grow as it became a major, supplier ,of wool to the booming textile industry in Britain and shipping traffic
  10. More than 170 countries. Through its BT Global Services division it is a major, supplier ,of telecoms services to corporate and government customers worldwide. Its BT
  11. A complete Disk Operating System was produced for the Dragon by a third party, supplier , Premier Microsystems located near Croydon, South London. The system was sold
  12. Company in 2003 *Bullfrog Power (Low carbon domestic & business electricity, supplier ,) C *Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (Government-owned bank account
  13. The world's first health resorts (for Herod the Great),and it has been the, supplier ,of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to potash
  14. Market for 35 of 50 U. S. states, and is the United States' largest foreign, supplier ,of energy. Bilateral trade increased by 52 % between 1989,when the U. S.
  15. Models * Atlas Press (tool company) of Kalamazoo, Michigan,the largest, supplier ,of machine tools to the hobbyist market in the middle of the 20th century *
  16. Complex located in Freeport, Texas and owned by DSM. The other major, supplier ,BASF also uses a chemical process to produce β-carotene. Together these
  17. With if the fuel is supplied and reprocessed by an internationally approved, supplier , The main advantage of heavy water moderator over light water is reduced
  18. Below 250. These numbers are of course only approximate and will vary from, supplier ,to supplier , and from book to book depending on its characteristics. Digital
  19. Organization, avoiding a direct conflict with Rep co, their Formula One engine, supplier , Formula Three The first Formula Three Graham, the BT9,won only four major
  20. The ABF also acquired two ex-Soviet Mi-4 transport helicopters from an unknown, supplier , followed by an additional two Mi-4s. The Mi-4s were operated by the ABF until
  21. Systems such as e–commerce, e–government, e–telecom, and e–finance, or, supplier , relationship management (SRM) became integrated later, when the Internet
  22. Parts and was sold to Hispano-Suiza (another automaker turned aircraft, supplier ,) in 1963. SNECMA took over in 1968,later acquiring Messier. The two were
  23. Suppliers of graphics processing units. It also owns 8.6 % of Scansion,a, supplier ,of non-volatile flash memory. Corporate history Advanced Micro Devices was
  24. Corporation is a personal computer company founded in 1982. Once the largest, supplier ,of personal computing systems in the world, Compaq existed as an independent
  25. Computers, and embedded systems applications. AMD is the second-largest global, supplier ,of microprocessors based on the x86 architecture and also one of the largest
  26. From Angola has increased so significantly that Angola now is China's biggest, supplier ,of oil. Before independence in 1975,Angola was a breadbasket of southern
  27. Reached the market seven months later, but by that time Compaq was the 386, supplier , of choice and IBM had lost its image of technical leadership. For the first
  28. Order entry, purchasing,product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier ,scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, commissions; Project
  29. Synonymous with" outsourcing ", which means" to subcontract from an outside, supplier ,or source ", such as when a business outsources its bookkeeping to an
  30. By Stuttgart-based TSYS Print Solutions in October 2005. Fuel, a nationwide, supplier ,of aviation fuels and services, is also headquartered in Ann Arbor. Many
  31. From landlocked Bolivia via Petrobras' large (and expensive) pipelines,the, supplier ,and customer are strongly linked. Petrobras has announced plans to produce
  32. Made possible through partners such as Microsoft Corporation. Columbia is a top, supplier ,of young engineering entrepreneurs for New York City. Over the past 20 years
  33. And other consumable items. In the 1960s and 1970s,France became a leading, supplier ,and delivered AMX-13 tanks and various aircraft. Ecuador purchased also Type
  34. That shares a strategic alliance with Israel. Today, Israel is a major arm, supplier ,to the country. (See Azerbaijan-Israel relations). Azerbaijan also maintains
  35. Arms sales to Africa and during the 1998–2005 period, France was the leading, supplier ,of arms to the continent. Components and units Air Force The Air Force is
  36. 2007. In February 2006,Angola surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the number one, supplier ,of oil to China. http://codrinarsene.com/2008/10/angola-china-relations/
  37. Calculators. However, in 1975,Texas Instruments, the main, supplier ,of calculator parts, entered the market directly and put out a line of machines
  38. Angola's oil goes to the United States, in 2006,making it the eighth largest, supplier ,of oil to the United States, and to the People's Republic of China, in 2006.
  39. Narcotics & Terrorism By the 1990s,Colombia had become the world's leading, supplier ,of refined cocaine and a growing source for heroin. More than 90 % of the
  40. Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix. Unable to locate a suitable engine, supplier , the team missed the FIA deadline for entry into the 1988 world championship
  41. To be the world's the largest processor of coca derivatives into cocaine; a, supplier ,of cocaine to the US and other international drug markets, and an important
  42. Of cocaine to the US and other international drug markets, and an important, supplier ,of heroin to the US market. *In 1998,cultivation of opium in remained steady
  43. Produces radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine. The center serves as the sole, supplier ,of the active ingredients in two U. S. Food and Drug Administration-approved
  44. Of the Diocese of Ripen, but also in recognition of its long-standing role as a, supplier ,of spurs to royalty. In the United Kingdom, when people talk about cities, they
  45. States, and Canada is the United States' largest trading partner, and chief, supplier ,of oil. While there are disputed issues between the two nations, relations are
  46. Constructor championship: 0 (Runner-up 2002,2003,2007) BMW was an engine, supplier ,to Williams, Benetton,Graham, and Arrows. Notable drivers who have started
  47. Goods, and household appliances. The United States was the third-largest, supplier ,of imports to Brunei in 1998. Brunei's substantial foreign reserves are
  48. The marketing interests of the Hoffman Electronics division of ITT, a principal, supplier ,of VOR/DME systems, that Decca might have been poised to usurp. This situation
  49. And government customers worldwide. Its BT Retail division is a leading, supplier ,of telephony, broadband and subscription television services in the UK, with
  50. Natural gas, and electricity. Canada is the United States' largest oil, supplier ,and the fifth-largest energy producing country in the world. Canada provides

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