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  1. Motorways are equipped with enclosed service areas with gas stations and, parking , Many areas have restaurants and children's playgrounds. Expressways The term
  2. Days, many residents rent out their yards and driveways to people looking for, parking ,spots. Bleacher Bums The" Bleacher Bums" is a name given to fans, many of
  3. Landscape (with parking mainly underground and the rest centralized in a, parking ,structure). There will be additional buildings such as an auditorium, RD
  4. Environmental issues, as well as the rising costs of owning, operating and, parking ,automobiles. Characteristics Most commuter (or suburban) trains are built to
  5. Oil, heavy metals, trash and other pollutants from sidewalks, roadways and, parking ,lots. Without attenuation, the impervious cover in a typical urban area limits
  6. Layabout who joins a lawn bowls club in order to be allowed to use a free, parking ,spot but is forced to play lawn bowls with the much older crowd when the club
  7. Disabled fans or accommodate the needs for disabled restrooms, concessions and, parking , Additionally, the distribution of the accessible seating was at issue, with
  8. Structure to accommodate patrons of the theater and avoid excessive impact on, parking ,in the Park Street area. Following some setbacks during construction the public
  9. Walkways or from the trail leading below the larger south bridge from the, parking ,lot on the Whitney Island side. Boats can be seen waiting on either side of the
  10. Fields and eight minor league practice fields, two practice infields and, parking ,to accommodate 5,000 vehicles. Rivalries and fan base Crosstown Classic The
  11. Of Ghanaian and Nigerian immigrants have established African churches, often in, parking ,garages in the Wilmer area, where many have settled. In addition, a broad
  12. Silver sand Park, home to Aberdeen Shiny Club, en route to the much better, parking ,area on Hawkcraig. This was formerly a sandstone quarry and then used as the
  13. Avenue. It sports specially designed waiting areas above the bus stopping and, parking ,area. The Zagreb bus terminal is close to the central train station, Glavni
  14. The beaches are a delight to explore. West Beach is the most popular, with a, parking ,lot for over 200 cars perched right on the shoulder of the beach. North Beach
  15. Boulevard and Moreland Avenue. Blind Willie frequently played for tips in the, parking ,a lot of this location, which later became the Krispy Kreme. He was also known to
  16. For 3,000 sitting people integrated) surrounded by extensive landscape (with, parking ,mainly underground and the rest centralized in a parking structure). There
  17. Fuels, no air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier, parking , greater maneuverability, and access to both roads and paths. The advantages
  18. Larger ones also with bicycle repair shops, and cycling is so popular that the, parking ,capacity is sometimes exceeded. In Trondheim in Norway, the Tramp bicycle lift
  19. Alewife Station, the current terminus of the Red Line, has a large multi-story, parking ,garage (at a rate of $7 per day). The Harvard Bus Tunnel, under Harvard
  20. England. * height of land: a drainage divide. Originally American. * Parade: a, parking ,garage, especially in the West. The general term for what is normally named
  21. Run by City CarS hare, U Car Share, and Zip car. Rather than owning (and, parking ,) their own cars, members share a group of cars parked nearby. Web-and
  22. Indicate behavior occurred, but the actor is not present (e.g., litter in a, parking ,lot or readings on an electric meter). Behavioral observations involve the
  23. Some bus lines which connect the airport to the central area of Brasília. The, parking ,lot accommodates 1,200 cars. In addition to domestic and regional services (
  24. Burns were made to deploy the first Automated Transfer Vehicle into a circular, parking ,orbit. Fairing The payload and all upper stages are covered at launch by a
  25. David Cameron has embraced a green agenda:, including a tax on workplace car, parking ,spaces, a halt to airport growth, a tax on 'gas-guzzling' 4x4s and
  26. Local planning and zoning laws, such as required setbacks, height limitations, parking ,requirements, transparency requirements (windows),and land use. Some
  27. On somebody ". Debris from the Pentagon were taken to the Pentagon's north, parking ,lot for more detailed search for remains and evidence. Investigators eventually
  28. Project included a multiplex to make the project financially feasible and a, parking ,structure to accommodate patrons of the theater and avoid excessive impact on
  29. Around it. Brasília today has traffic signals, and there is a scarcity of, parking ,places, and traffic jams are usual at peak hours, particularly in some busier
  30. Saltwater ramps for launching boats, moorage docks for overnight use, and ample, parking , Crabbing and fishing are popular here as well. Bowman Bay has an interpretive
  31. Burn for approximately two and a half minutes and shut down when a low-Earth, parking ,orbit was achieved. After approximately two orbits to confirm the spacecraft
  32. Dirt roads and back roads to freeways and parkways) to road infrastructure (, parking ,lot, overpass,rest area),and from automotive terminology to public transit (
  33. The Minuteman Bike way at Alewife with the Somerville Community Path. Bike, parking ,is common and there are bike lanes on many streets, although concerns have been
  34. Transportation is encouraged. Berkeley has had recurring problems with, parking ,meter vandalism. In 1999,over 2,400 Berkeley meters were jammed, smashed,or
  35. Lead-up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Other renovations include several large new, parking ,garages, a revamped domestic departure terminal, a new Bus Rapid Transit system
  36. Show ending early, costing much money for the show's organizers, as people and, parking ,cars have difficulty moving about and turn the land into a morass, and the
  37. Of cars into the city by commuting UC faculty, staff and students, making, parking , for more than a few hours an expensive proposition. Berkeley has one of the
  38. In enforcing laws against minor crimes (usually with a fixed penalty such as, parking ,and routine traffic violations),but more laxly in enforcing laws against
  39. In Aden, Yemen. The first target was the Maverick Hotel and the second was the, parking ,a lot of the Glamour Hotel. The bombings were an attempt to eliminate American
  40. In The Netherlands, all train stations are equipped with provisions for bicycle, parking ,for a small fee and the larger ones also with bicycle repair shops, and cycling
  41. In 1998. In 2002,the building was demolished, and its former site is now a, parking ,lot. Alameda also had one other operating movie theater, Central Cinema. The
  42. Are exceptions to this rule. The first floor often contains the lobby and, parking ,area for the tenants, while the numbered floors begin one level above and
  43. Architectural structures, foundations,motorways/roads, bridges/overpasses, parking ,structures, brick/block walls, footings for gates, fences and poles and even
  44. And the Harbor. For many this area is the highlight of any visit to Aberdeen;, parking ,at the foot of Shore Road is usually at a premium. Another road leads
  45. This shuttle usage can be as transport between locations, or to and from, parking ,lots. High specification luxury coaches are often chartered by companies for
  46. And with telemetry restored, the launch continued successfully. Once in earth, parking ,orbit, the crew carefully checked out their spacecraft before re-igniting the
  47. A number of large houses, one of which contains the American consulate. A, parking ,garage can be found underneath the square, as well as a supermarket. He
  48. Arch is located at the end of a moderately strenuous, hiking trail from the, parking ,area at Wolfe Ranch. Taking thirty to forty-five minutes each way, the round
  49. 4,951 kg * Earth orbits: 3 before leaving for Moon, about one on return Earth, parking ,orbit LM-CSM docking Evans Planning and training The crew for Apollo 15 had
  50. These, though,tend to run around midnight) and some Park and Ride lines from, parking ,lots on the periphery to the town center. A short-lived tram system

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