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  1. City. The main street of this Jewish neighborhood was the Jodenbreestraat. The, neighborhood ,comprised the Waterlooplein and the Bookmarks. Buildings in this neighborhood
  2. Americans were watching on their TV sets was happening live—right in his own, neighborhood , Campus radicals and“ hippies” inevitably became one of Camp’s favorite
  3. Were those achieved by Dr. G. Botti, late director of the museum, in the, neighborhood ,of“ Pompey's Pillar ”, where there is a good deal of open ground. Here
  4. One of Alexandria's the most affluent subdivisions *Tennyson Oaks – an upper class, neighborhood ,being developed next to Landmark adjacent to Bayou Roberts Southern Alexandria
  5. The Local Bubble, a region of highly ionized gas, so the density in the solar, neighborhood ,is only about 103 atoms/m3. Name science259_5093_327/> Stars form from
  6. Concerned about Pakistan's Taliban strategy and the Islamic militancy in its, neighborhood ,; it provided US$70 million in aid including two Mi-17 helicopters, three
  7. West, and north of Nazi. Metaxourgeio is frequently described as a transition, neighborhood , After a long period of abandonment in the late 20th century, the area is
  8. Tends towards and in many dialects. The definition of both" emphatic" and ", neighborhood ," vary in ways that echo (to some extent) corresponding variations in the
  9. Many shotgun-style homes *Sam town – largely African-American impoverished, neighborhood ,*Acadian Village - large community of middle class African Americans
  10. Compensate for the failure of the state: private arbitration, security guards, neighborhood ,watch groups, and so on. These private courts and police are sometimes referred
  11. Restaurants and cafés.1 Moreover, local efforts to beautify and invigorate the, neighborhood ,have reinforced a budding sense of community and artistic expression. Anonymous
  12. Result the original plans for large-scale reconstruction were abandoned and the, neighborhood ,was rebuilt with smaller-scale residence buildings on the basis of its original
  13. And Planets with Habitable Conditions, are being evaluated for the sun's, neighborhood , The problem of the formula is that it is not usable to emit hypothesis because
  14. 10,500 ash trees. The city contains 157 municipal parks ranging from small, neighborhood ,green spots to large recreation areas. Several large city parks and a
  15. In both English and Ancient Greek have begun springing up throughout the, neighborhood , containing statements such as" Art for art’s sake" ( Τεχνη τεχνης χαριν).
  16. 12 November 2001: American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into the Belle Harbor, neighborhood ,of Queens, NY shortly after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  17. Her as a gold-digging spendthrift. Her actual settlement was said to be in the, neighborhood ,of $80,000. Alan Jay Lerner's pattern of financial mismanagement continued
  18. Of and, which tend towards fronted, or in most situations, but a back in the, neighborhood ,of emphatic consonants. (Some accents and dialects, such as those of Hijab
  19. The Fernsehturm. Berliners often call it simply Alex, referring to a larger, neighborhood ,stretching from Mollstraße in the northeast to Spandauer Straße and the City
  20. The figure. And the focal lengths are made equal for the lines C and F. In the, neighborhood ,of 550 nm the tangent to the curve is parallel to the axis of wave-lengths; and
  21. Has been that of the environmental movement, which spawned the parallel, neighborhood ,movement, then the more recent conservationist movement (as typified by the
  22. 20th century, the area is acquiring a reputation as an artistic and fashionable, neighborhood ,due to the opening of many art galleries, museums,and trendy restaurants and
  23. An unincorporated community in eastern Carteret County * Atlantic, Seattle,a, neighborhood ,in Washington state In transportation * Atlantic (1921 automobile),an
  24. Focal length varies least over a fairly large range of color, therefore in this, neighborhood ,the color union is at its best. Moreover, this region of the spectrum is that
  25. Infinity. If the complex-valued function f (z) can be expanded in the, neighborhood ,of a singularity an as: f (z) = \phi (z) + \franc + \franc + \dots + \franc
  26. Atlas District, an arts and entertainment district in the Near Northeast, neighborhood ,of Washington’D. C., USA * Atlas, California,an unincorporated community in
  27. For its high proper motion, larger than any first magnitude star in the stellar, neighborhood ,other than α Centauri. It is moving rapidly () relative to the solar system
  28. Bordered by Lincoln Way on the north. Campus town is a high-density mixed-use, neighborhood ,that is home to many student apartments, nightlife venues, restaurants,and
  29. Neighborhood comprised the Waterlooplein and the Bookmarks. Buildings in this, neighborhood ,fell into disrepair after the Second World War, and a large section of the
  30. Development built in late 1970s and early 1980s *Cherokee Village – tree-shaded, neighborhood ,of large older homes *West Point eon the Bayou – large upper-middle class
  31. Middle and upper class African Americans *Sonia Quarters – large working class, neighborhood ,containing many shotgun-style homes *Sam town – largely African-American
  32. Family lived at 55 Been Street and later at 3252 Dawson Street in the Oakland, neighborhood ,of Pittsburgh. The family was Byzantine Catholic and attended St. John
  33. District. The 19th century buildings and streets cape of the Old West Side, neighborhood ,have been preserved virtually intact; in 1972,the district was listed on the
  34. Part of the old medieval heart of the city. The main street of this Jewish, neighborhood ,was the Jodenbreestraat. The neighborhood comprised the Waterlooplein and the
  35. Contains many large historical homes and brick roads. Many of the homes in this, neighborhood ,have been renovated and come in many architectural styles. Houses range from
  36. Of large older homes *West Point eon the Bayou – large upper-middle class, neighborhood ,under development since the early 1990s,adjacent to Bayou Roberts *Landmark –
  37. And south of the Red River. *Kelly land - largely African-American impoverished, neighborhood ,*Grundy Cooper – older middle class subdivision behind the Rapids Parish
  38. Hanging out of the window) which may allow installation in areas with stricter, neighborhood ,ordinances/association rules, and are generally easier to install (the window
  39. Group of ruffians," the Clary's Grove boys ". Some in his family, and in the, neighborhood , considered him to be lazy. Lincoln avoided hunting and fishing out of an
  40. In Greece Alaric struck first at the eastern empire. He marched to the, neighborhood ,of Constantinople but, finding himself unable to undertake a siege, retraced
  41. Evidence points strongly to the Roman province of Asia, particularly the, neighborhood ,of Ephesus. Note the confident local allusion in 19:9 to" the school of
  42. Is not much for antiquarians to see in Alexandria outside the museum and the, neighborhood ,of“ Pompey's Pillar ”. Modern city Districts Modern Alexandria is divided
  43. Of the Euro 2004 and the Euro basket 2005 tournaments. * Metaxourgeio () is a, neighborhood ,of Athens, Greece. The neighborhood is located south of the historical center
  44. West St. Clair Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania *The St. Clair, neighborhood ,in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania In Ohio: Other States: Ajaccio (;, ;;, ),is a
  45. Country house called Harvard House or Mundane de Dalt House, and was next to a, neighborhood ,of upper class houses called La Salt (The Health). The intention was to
  46. Many to have come. The ethnic names of Frisians and Marines are attested in the, neighborhood ,names of this Saxon or Swabian lands. A second possible solution is that these
  47. Valley, Stone Brooke, Sunset Ridge, and West Ames. Campustown is the, neighborhood ,directly south of Iowa State University Central Campus bordered by Lincoln Way
  48. The conglomeration of commercial and most open source software consumes in the, neighborhood ,of several hundreds of millions of lines of code these days. We wonder: how
  49. POW prison camp in Georgia holding Union POWs * Andersonville, Chicago,a, neighborhood ,in the U. S. city of Chicago **Andersonville Commercial Historic District, an
  50. 2005 tournaments. * Metaxourgeio () is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece. The, neighborhood ,is located south of the historical center of Athens, between Colons to the

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